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Rescue Mission: Princess Lunara!

by neowizard1287


It's a Shenkuu gaming frenzy! The Shenkuu game craze continues with the release of The Search for Princess Lunara: Mystery in the Mist! Now this game may not have fighting fuzzy creatures like Meepit vs. Feepit, or tons of space ships trying to thwart your crusade to destroy Dr. Sloth's mother ship, but it does have many aspects to it that make it a great game! Yes that's right, this game presents many intellectual conundrums that only the greatest of minds could crack!!!!! Yessssssssss! Brainwork! Yipeeeeeeeee!

Naturally I kid... partially... just bear with me and remember the shiny trophy you can get if you perfect your skills in said game! (Rescuing a princess is never enough nowadays.)

In this game you play an amateur sleuth who is trying to find the recently 'kidnapped' Princess Lunara. The emperor has ordered a search of all the bridges, but unfortunately they are heavily guarded. Depending on the subject you pick, you will be asked a question from one of these subjects: All About Neopia, Neopian Culture, and Notable Neopians. You must answer the question correctly or be imprisoned because obviously if you don't know random facts about Neopia you are a kidnapper! Yup... or you could bribe them and suddenly become a not-kidnapper... yeah... not-kidnapper... great word...


I don't even think I need to make a separate section for this... but for the sake of organization, I SHALL! Controls are so simple your cat could probably play this game. Just make sure you don't leave him/her on F5.

Mouse Control - Yes, you move the mouse and the cursor on the screen moves... simply genius. All you need to do for this game is move the mouse and click for questions and answers. Super Simple... yuppers. =D


Keyboard control - When the questions pop up you can hit the number that corresponds with your answer to answer the question.

Pick your topic and answer the question correctly! Also simple. Now the first question you answer will give you two choices. 50/50 shot! Hey, this seems pretty easy! Well, it is. For now. Second question you work your way up to three choices! Also easy! Then the third question you work your way up to four choices! UH-OH! Just kidding... it's actually pretty easy. After every three questions you will find a 'clue' which guides you to your next destination and three more questions. Pretty easy. =) Yup. Kinda.


The scoring works like this. Your score will be determined through 2 different scores that get added up; the Speed Score and the Questions Score are the two scores I am talking about.

All questions are worth 15 points.

1st set is worth 4 points maximum for speed.

2nd set is worth 8 max.

3rd is worth 12 max.

4th is worth 16 max.

Each set of questions, if you haven't guessed, gets harder as the speed bonus increases... so... watch out... lol?

Answer a question wrong and you will be forced to bribe the guard. The bribe amount increases by 10 each set of questions. Yeah. So if you get a question wrong, you don't gain the 15 points question bonus and speed bonus. On top of that, you lose 10 - 40 points based on how much you need to bribe the guard. So needless to say, if you get a question wrong, you aren't getting a high score. =(

Note: You will not be able to see your speed score until the end of the game; just be really quick and you'll be fine. (Maybe.)

That's pretty much the whole game! Naturally I have some tips for you all of course so read on, avid readers! =D

1. 12 Questions if you haven't guessed. Yeah, as much as we all would like 6 questions to be worth twice the amount of points... it just doesn't work that way. In order to score high, you need to answer 12 questions relatively fast. =)

2. In order to get a perfect speed bonus (4/4, 8/8, etc... ) you will need to answer these questions within the second they are given basically. How do you do this you ask? It's a matter of semi-intense memorization. You will need to memorize all of the answers for the questions. At the very most you will only have time to glimpse at the question so it's best just to skip that step and memorize the answers. The answers will always remain the same, but their positions will change. For each set of questions there are roughly 5 questions per set. So after you go through the game and figure out the answers to these questions, you can then memorize them so you can just click and go.

3. I suggest playing this game on the Lowest Quality, Smallest Screen you can. It really makes a difference in your score if you are playing competitively. The highest quality and regular screen will just add lag compared to the lower qualities so definitely give this a try. I gained 10 points speed wise from doing this! ^^

4. Mouse or Keyboard? I used mouse because I was kinda ignorant to the fact that you could use your keyboard till I actually looked at the instructions hahaha. I trained on the mouse so that’s what I’m good in. I tried keyboard and my problem with it was I knew the answer but I clicked the wrong keys, but I suppose if you get used to it the keyboard could be pretty nice. Whatever works for you; try them both out first, then pick the one you are best with.

5. All three topics are worth the same amount of points, so pick one and stick with it! Since you will need to be memorizing answers, unless you are one big brain, it’s best to just stick with the one topic you’re most interested in! That way you learn random facts about Neopia that you could impress of all of your friends with, and have less memorizing to do.

Multiplayer Mode

There is also a multiplayer mode to this game. In the multiplayer mode, you, being the amateur sleuth that you are, bring up to two companions with you to help find clues and answer questions. Multiplayer mode works like a game show, sorta. Not really, but you do have to “buzz in” using the key you are assigned; whoever buzzes in first gets to answer the question. Get it right and you get the points and everyone moves onto next question. Get it wrong and everybody is forced to split the bribe either 50:50 or 33:33:33, depending on how many players are left in the game. If you can’t pay the bribe, you're out of the game and the other person(s) continue on without you. So yeah, that’s about it.

I wish you all the best of luck on your quest to rescue Princess Lunara. I hope you all enjoyed this guide and/or found it helpful to you. If you have any questions, feel free to neomail me. So long for now, eager sleuths! =D

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