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I've Got a Golden Ticket

by shadowchamber


It’s that time of the year again. You run to the letter box of your neohome and... Darn it! STILL no invite this year! What does it take to get invited to that darn Chocolate Ball anyway? Well... worry no more, worry no more. I’m here to make it easy for you and list the top ten most possible ways to get you that oozing, melting chocolate invite.

10. Annoying the chocolate Kiko.

Has it ever occurred to you that you may get that invite by simply... running into the Chocolate Factory, poking the Kiko, turning the air conditioning up to about 100 degrees and run out while shouting behind you’re back:

“Ha! I came in, and I’m gonna get out too! And now you can’t sell chocolate by the truckload cos it’s all melted!!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Ok. Maybe not.

9. Let’s play dress up.

Now, it’s also likely that dedication will get you in. Go to your nearest costume hiring shop and rent a... what else? A chocolate bar costume, of course! Got that costume? Now parade around the Main Shops in it. And the Bazaar. Oh and of course, don’t forget the Market Place. That’s one of the most important places, where some secret Chocolate Ball agent is likely to be hiding behind a bush, on the look out for those worthy Neopians.

8. Get with TNT.

Once again it's dedication. How bad do you want to go to that ball?! Well, you march right into TNT’s office and demand there be a chocolate paint brush. Demand that every single pet should have chocolate as a colour. Demand that there be Chocolate Day for every single month. Oh and seeing as you got them to create that chocolate paint brush, why not demand that every single user gets one? Who knows, a member of the neo crew could just be your secret Chocolate Ball detective, looking for that true pet that has a commitment to chocolate. Not looking at anyone in particular, though. *shifty eyes*

7. Down with Neolodge.

Planning on sending your pets to the Fleapit Motel because you don’t have the time to feed them? Well, stop right there. Getting to that Ball could mean that you feed your pets every kind of chocolate covered pet cookie there is. Chocolate covered chias, chocolate covered lupes, white chocolate covered aishas, chocolate covered grundos, white chocolate covered kacheek heads, etc, etc.

6. Explore Neopia.

Now those people have to let you in if you discover... CHOCOLATE WORLD!!! Go on an expedition around the world of Neopia; I mean, if they say there could be a Jelly World (goodness, though, which nutter would say that?) out there somewhere, why not Chocolate World? Oh and there could be a GIANT CHOCOLATE!! Where everyone gets free chocolate every day, just like the Giant Omelette! And... when you discover Chocolate World, not only will you get an invite, but you’ll be famous around Neopia just like Brucey B! Only you wouldn’t have to share your fame with some dirty old coin.

5. Collector’s items, anyone?

Some people like bottles of sand. Others piles of sludge. And there are even those who collect snowballs. Well, why not stand out from the crowd and collect chocolate? Think of all the possibilities: regular chocolate bars, chocolate coated pears, chocolate coated candy canes, chocolate covered cauliflower, chocolate covered apples, chocolate dipped strawberries, nutty chocolate, caramel chocolate, candy chocolate... the list just goes on and on. So get creative and build up your chocolate collection. I mean, it’s more worthwhile than collecting fifty by fifty pictures to use on the boards, isn’t it?

4. Get that avatar!

Ok so, collecting chocolate isn’t really your thing, so you’ve decided to go back to those trusty avatars. Visit a chocolate Scorchio and try your luck. Or refresh at the Kiko’s chocolate shop at 11:59 pm NST. (If he lets you in after melting all his chocolate, that is.) However, maybe you have to try and come up with a kind of chocolate with the cooking Pot. There are so many ideas that could get you a chocolate avatar, and maybe to get to that ball you must meet a certain requirement. Just like that blasted, I mean, the nice pretty Winter Sidebar. So keep trying and who knows.

3. Defend the Chias.

Be a defender of Neopia, but don’t do it for the trophy. Do it for the chocolate Chias. Those poor little guys have to run away from the nasty Lupes, and if they’re not careful, they end up under the Money Tree! Help out the poor little chocolate guys and one could send you an invite.

2. What comes around goes around.

Ever heard of that phrase? Well, it’s true. Do a good deed for someone in need, and you may find yourself with the most rewarding of rewards. And what could be more rewarding than going to the Chocolate Ball? Help out around the Neopian Shops, answer questions on the Help boards, and don’t submit questions to TNT that are similar to:

“How do you submit a question to the editorial?”

“I DEMAND you give me Darigan paint brush NOW!!!! If you don’t, I’m going to quit, and I’m going to tell all my friends to quit as well!”

Well, you get the idea. Be a nice helpful Neopian and you could be rewarded; a big heart might just get you in!

1. Do everything you find necessary on this list.

Well, the title's pretty self explanatory. If doing just one of those things can give you a chance of getting to the Ball, why not increase your chances by doing more than one? It's genius, isn’t it?!?!? And sooner or later, one day, you might, just might get there.

Well, that’s it. I’m out of ideas. So, keep doing one thing after another, show dedication, commitment, and... anything else you find necessary. Just keep trying and one day you will find that golden ticket.

So... good luck with that Chocolate Ball invite! Plus remember, there’s always next year!

Disclaimer: Please note that doing above does not guarantee a Chocolate Ball invite.

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