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Mutant Pets... Truly Evil? Or Misjudged?

by adopt_today01


We’ve all seen them, those so called hideous creatures we give as much berth as possible while shopping, and miss that oh-so-wanted-negg for after seeing who guards it. Yes that’s right: the Mutant Pet. My interest first sparked in them when my beloved Yin came home from his usual adventures around Shenkuu, doing who knows what, and said to me in a scared voice that he’d seen a horrible, hideous creature. Bald, drooling, and a few flies buzzing around. I assumed it to be one of his stories until he mentioned that it resembled a Gnorbu. Realizing that he didn’t know what it was, and being so disturbed, I had a sudden thought. After a bit of work and research I’m here to tell Neopia the truth about mutant pets.



Where They Come From

Ten Myths and Facts

Exclusive Interview with a Mutant’s Owner

Facing Your Fears


Where They Come From

There is an evil being lurking in Neopia. He goes be the name of Dr. Frank Sloth. He attempted turning all Neopets into mutants, so he could enslave the wonderful land of Neopia. Luckily he was defeated, but he left a few of his creations here on our land. Sloth is also known to give you a vile looking substance known as a transmogrification potion for you to turn your Neopet into a mutant. Now you are most likely thinking Oh NO! Get rid of all these terrible concoctions! But I personally find the mutant Ixi charming, the Gelert unique, and the Mynci... Well, actually they scare me. You can also get these if you have access to the Lab Ray. Although, if your dream is to own a mutant Neopet, you might want to simply buy a Transmogrification Potion instead of using the Lab Ray solely for that. It’s much less expensive and it might also take a while to turn your Neopet mutant with the Lab Ray. The evil Scorchio is also pretty freaky.

Ten Myths and Facts


1. Mutants are related to the snot pets because they both look disgusting.

2. The two heads of a mutant Hissi share one brain, making them extremely dumb.

3. Mutants are controlled by Dr. Sloth if they drink the transmogrification potion.

4. All mutants are much scarier than lawyerbot (Nothing is scarier than him).

5. Mutant pets are nocturnal.


1. Mutant pets are extremely loyal to the few people who are their friends.

2. The boil like bumps on the Shoyru’s head are NOT contagious.

3. The Grundo who serves food at the Space Station is mutant.

4. Most mutant Bruces are quite friendly.

5. The Quiggle is often mistaken for a hideous bean bag chair.

Exclusive Interview with a Mutant’s Owner

Now I’m assuming you still need some convincing, so I’ve tracked down a mutant’s owner to interview; she’s asked to go simply by the name Tessa and not reveal her identity. So as a journalist I will respect that, and the fact her mutant could eat me alive has nothing to do with it either... *shifty eyes*

So after sitting down in the coffee shop, Tessa sipping delicately on a cup of breakfast tea, and me practically slurping an Ice Blended Caramel Coffee, we got down to business.

Tessa: So what would you like to know about owning a mutant pet?

Well, first of all would you consider your Neopet evil in any way?

Tessa: Not at all; in fact, she’s a very generous Neopian.

Is it difficult sometimes, out in public, I mean, walking around with a mutant pet? After all, most don’t take kindly to them.

Tessa: It was very hard at first; I won’t lie to you. But after a while we both learned how to kind of block out the staring, mocking, and screams of terror. Blocking out the screams took a little while though.

I also understand you own a royal Uni. Would you consider it difficult for one to be labeled vain and the other a monster?

Tessa: Well, most would think so, but my Uni is more of a tom-boy than my mutant Ruki, Sun. In fact Julia’s been in trouble loads of times for getting too messy or splashing water on one of Sun’s books while he was reading.

You just mentioned Sun’s books. Although popularly disbelieved, you’re saying he has a normal intelligence?

Tessa: *looking slightly offended* Yes of course! Any Neopet, no matter what color, is as smart as the owner helps it to be.

Alright... err... sorry. Anyway, how did Sun feel when you turned him into a mutant?

Tessa: Well, honestly, he’s always been mutant. I actually found him wandering outside my home in Meridell. His owner apparently dumped him outside the pound, and not wanting to be stuck there, he ran off before Dr. Death could so much as blink.

Amazing... Well, I think I should probably get going. Thank you for meeting with me; anything you’d like to add?

Tessa: Yes, you’re very welcome, anything to help support the mutants. Just remember that a mutant is as good of a friend as you are to the mutant.

Facing Your Fears

Now that we’ve been this far, I hope all of you are starting to realize the true joy of a mutant pet. They’re not for everyone, as no color is. Although maybe we can learn to accept them for the neopets they truly are, and not just the hideous creatures people assume they are. But what people don’t seem to realize is that although color does add some characteristics to a Neopet, it doesn’t change it completely. We assume Darigan pets to be mean or royal to be pompous, but the color doesn’t make the Neopet; the Neopet makes the color. So next time you see a ‘scary’ mutant Buzz creeping around shyly, wave to them or give an encouraging smile to let them know people can see beyond their not so beautiful exterior.

I hope you’ve all learned something from this. Well, my mission is complete, and my journey over... for now. Bye!

If you're reading this, then expect more from me hopefully. Thanks, the_cutest_lil_1. I couldn't ask for a better friend. :)

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