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The Top Five Coolest Colours for your Neopet

by jjquil


So, my fellow Neopian, you’ve tired of seeing Red, Green, Blue and Yellow on your user lookup. You’ve scraped and saved, and it’s time to start looking into paint brushes to spruce up your pets. You think you have enough Neopoints in that bank account to purchase something nice for your Neopets, but... Maybe you aren’t like the average user.

Are you sick of seeing floppy, huggable Plushie pets with their bright patchwork fabric...? How about those girly pink Faeries with sparkly purple wings...? I bet you’re not a huge fan of Royal, then, with their poofy dresses and snobbish attitudes... Or worst of all, those painfully adorable Baby paint jobs, complete with big eyes, pajamas, and pacifier...? Yes, you’re looking for something cooler, something darker - a transformation that will change more than just your pet’s colour. You want something spookier than just Shadow or Ghost - something to set your pets apart from the masses.

Look no further. This guide will show you the top five darkest, creepiest, and coolest Neopets that ever emerged from the Rainbow Pool! If these don’t capture your interest... Well, they will!

Number Five: The Tyrannian Bori

In your quest for coolness, you might find yourself overlooking the Tyrannian Paint Brush. Sure, some of those Neopets hanging around the Concert Hall look a little goofy with their scruffy beards, leopard print gear, and wooden clubs. But when a mild-mannered Bori receives this primeval treatment, they become something extraordinary.

The Tyrannian Bori sheds its shy, sweet nature for something truly feral. Their fur becomes rough and shaggy all over their rugged body, and they grow wicked talons and fangs. In fact, their tail gains some fearsome spikes, reminiscent of an anklosaurus! Stare into those wild and dangerous eyes, and then try to say that Tyrannian pets all look comical!

Other notable Tyrannian pets: Krawk, Blumaroo, Peophin, Eyrie

Number Four: The Halloween Uni

This fan-favourite was first introduced in the Qasalan plot, and then immortalized with its own avatar. The paint brush can be won through the Test-Your-Strength game. However, as popular as they are within the Neopian community, few are seen around the site. It’s an interesting case, because the fashion-oriented Uni species (and owners!) abhor such a dark and brooding appearance, while the more open-minded and eclectic users tend to dislike the prissy and feminine Uni. Once painted, however, their personality begins to change rather rapidly...

The Halloween Uni is a magnificent sight to behold. Its glowing red eyes pierce through the darkness, as it soars across the night sky... Up close, you can see that the Uni is actually partially mummified, with loose bandages draping across its skeletal wings. The original Halloween Uni, Nightsteed, had flames dancing about his hooves - other Uni are said to master that particular trick quickly, since it allows them to hover above the ground. They become very much the nocturnal Neopet, so it’s a good choice for those who explore after dark!

Other notable Halloween pets: Lupe, Zafara, Ruki, Kougra

Number Three: Darigan Lupe

The Darigan Paint Brush is coveted by all those who shun the light, preferring to tread in the cover of shadows. All Darigan Neopets, regardless of species, undergo a psychological transformation, twisting their previous nature into something more selfish and cruel. Those who follow the plots know that its creator, Darigan himself, as well as his successor, Lord Kass, were greatly feared during their respective attacks on the kingdom of Meridell, due to their merciless and relentless animosity. This brush can be purchased in the Hidden Tower, for an exorbitant price (over one million!).

The Darigan Lupe is a beautiful example of what this paint brush can do. A normal Lupe is courageous and loyal, brave and selfless. After a visit to the Rainbow Pool, after their eyes flash a sinister red, when their paws sprout vicious talons, when their fur becomes a dark shaggy violet... They are completely different. They sneer at those who cry for help, and often become the swaggering bullies they once fought so hard to drive away. Lupes of this colour even gain wings - magnificent dragon-style wings, easily capable of carrying them to the Darigan Citadel they so revere.

Other notable Darigan pets: Aisha, Grarrl, Wocky, Techo

Number Two: The Mutant Draik

Now we come to Dr. Frank Sloth’s pride and joy, the Mutant Transmogrification Potions. Unlike paint brushes, these ugly concoctions must be consumed by mouth - and then your pet will literally mutate into whatever that potion is set to be. This means that your pet can be any species beforehand, but will become a mutant of that potion’s specifications afterwards - which could be a blessing or a curse, depending on what you’re going for.

Out of all the Mutants, the Draik is unanimously the most popular and sought after. It is the dream pet of many a Neopian, and with the extravagant cost of its potion (several million Neopoints!), you’ll turn many heads with this pet. The Mutant Draik is nothing short of awe-inspiring, as it transforms into a real dragon. It gains a sleek scaly hide, massive wings, sharp claws and teeth, slit-pupiled eyes... It has a fierce, dangerous beauty about it, which must be why its avatar is entitled “Back Off”. The Draik has a short temper, cold predatory instincts, and quite possibly the best artwork design in all of Neopets.

Other notable Mutant pets: Gelert, Lenny, Kyrii, Hissi

Number One: The Malevolent Sentient Plushie Poogle

You knew you had to see this one somewhere on the list... After all, it doesn’t get much scarier than the infamous MSPP. They are extremely rare, due to the fact that their colour is only available through the Secret Lab Ray - meaning that even after you purchase those elusive map pieces, it could take months upon months of diligent lab zapping to unearth this spooky Poogle. It can help your odds a little to start off with a Poogle, but once they change species, you’re back to square one...

Ah, the MSPP. Small children have nightmares about those glowing crimson eyes, and the sharpest teeth you’ll ever find in a Neopet - let alone a Plushie one! Sure, it has the characteristic patchwork fabric, but don’t let that fool you. There is no Neopet in all of Neopia that’s more devious, malicious, or just plain evil! Giving your pet a hug may be the last thing you ever do... So take care if you’re aiming for this lofty goal! Make sure you’re prepared to handle a Neopet of this calibre before firing up the Lab Ray.

Other notable Lab pets: Robot Zafara (try removing their casing, to get those red eyes), Snot Buzz, Alien Aisha, Ice Hissi

And there you have it, my fellow Neopian! If you’re willing to go the extra mile, saving Neopoints for months and having the patience to wait for a good deal - you too could join the darker side of Neopia, those proud few who shun the cute and cuddly in favor of fangs and claws. You could find yourself one day strolling into the Gallery of Evil, proudly acknowledging a portrait of your own dear pet hanging in between Dr. Sloth and Lord Kass.

You and your newly painted pet would feel right at home in the Deserted Fairgrounds, the Darigan Citadel, or the dark caves of Tyrannia - no more cheerful Happy Valley, Faerieland, or Mystery Island for you two. I wish you the best of luck on your quest for greatness - just remember to keep an eye on your Neopet. A new paint job can mean a much more deep-rooted change... Sometimes it’s safest to stick with the basic colours! And really, there’s nothing wrong with Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green, anyway. ;)

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