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Guide to Wicked Wocky Wobble: Junk or Treasure

by night_angel302


They say that one pet's junk may be another pet's treasure. In the case of Wallace the Wocky, they are right. This game was first released to Neopia on the 3rd day of Hiding in Year 9 of Neopets. In this guide I will help you achieve a higher score for Wicked Wocky Wobble and possibly help you achieve a high enough score to make it onto the high score board.

Object Of The Game

The object of the game is to help Wallace the Wocky catch as many of the falling items from the tree as possible using your mouse to control him. You must be careful, though; if you move too quickly it can be game over for you.

Point System

The point system is all based on what item you catch. Although I may not have the proper names for each of the items below, I will describe them so you understand what item I am talking about.

Green Fruit = 11 points

Orange Fruit = 11 points

Book with hearts = 22 points

Golden Shell = 22 points

Spotted Jetsam Plushie = 35 points

Mutant JubJub Plushie = 35 points

Garlic JubJub Plushie = 35 Points

Taelia the Snow Faerie Plushie = 50 points

Illusen the Earth Faerie Plushie = 50 points

Grey book with Ixi = 50 points

Sun Tan Lotion 50 = 80 Points

Illusen the Earth Faerie Snowglobe = 80 points

Golden Sun Book = 80 points

Flaming Coconut Head = 111 points

Orange and Blue Flashing Fruit = 111 points

When you first load the game there are pictures of all these items including a codestone, a red codestone, and a potion bottle containing a green and yellow mixture. At this time no one I have spoken with has ever caught or seen one of these during game play. Besides the items, Warf, and Wallace on the main screen, you will also notice a little Buzzer. I will come back to this little cute guy in the next section of the guide and what his purpose is within the game.

Playing The Game

Before starting to even play the game it is best to think up a strategy. Be relaxed and make sure you have the time to wait out higher point items. The first two items you want to catch are two books with hearts, two golden shells, or one golden shell and one book with hearts. Always avoid the orange fruit and the green fruit as they are only worth 11 points each. This gives you a good start of 44 points. The third item you want to catch is a spotted jetsam plushie, a mutant jubjub plushie, or a garlic jubjub plushie. This will give you a total of 79 points. Again, avoid catching orange fruit, green fruit, golden shells, and books with hearts.

If you hit either side of the screen or get to close to one of the petpets in the game, this can cause you to drop your pile of items. The two petpets found in the game are a Warf and a Drackonack. The Warf will come from the left side of the screen and the Drackonack will come out from the right where you see the tree trunk. Don’t panic when you see them or you will lose your balance. Their purpose is to create less space for you to move in when you are trying to balance your pile of items. They will also try to distract you from keeping your items steady. They will not appear until you have caught your third item. It is best to stay in the center of the screen just for the simple fact that it will make it easier to move around when the Warf or Drackonack try to block you into a corner where you have little room to move.

As you catch more items, you will then have a chance to catch higher point items. Whenever possible, avoid the low point items. Once in a while you notice some flashing items falling from the tree; this is a good hint that those items are always worth more points.

Now back to the Buzzer and how he plays an important part of the game. Each game you are allowed to activate this little Buzzer once to help you. What he does is he falls from the sky with a number one in his hands. If you catch him, then he will freeze your pile of items that you are holding for a few seconds. To activate him, you simply type “wocky” into your keyboard without the quotation marks. The best time he can help you is after you have caught four items. If you try sooner, he just flies away once he is half an inch above you. I would suggest waiting as long as you can before using him because the more items you catch the less balanced you are and you will definitely need him later rather than sooner. Before you even catch one item I would suggest typing in the “wock” part of the word with your finger just positioned above the “y” key so that you will be able to activate the Buzzer as soon as you need him and as quickly as possible.

World Challenge

Another fun way to earn neopoints for this game is to compete in the World Challenge with other players all across the world. This is a way you can win map pieces that you can sell, trade or even add to your own picture gallery. You will find Wicked Wocky Wobble in the Meridell section of games.


The biggest tip I can give you is practice, practice, practice. You can never score higher if you don’t try, trust me. The more you play, the more you may like it and the more likely it will become one of your favorite games to play every day.

This concludes my guide to Guide to Wicked Wocky Wobble: Junk or Treasure and I hope that it has helped you as much as it has helped me. I hope to see you on the high score board or in the world challenge one day. Who knows, one day The Neopets Team may even create an avatar for this game. If you have any questions about this guide, please feel free to neomail me anytime.

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