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by jinnie77park


I was walking down the streets of Faerieland, looking for the secret tower. I found it quite quickly (after all, I've been there, like, a million times) and went in. Fyora greeted me as always. "One Baby paintbrush and a Dung Catapult, please." Fyora didn't even flinch. The first time I came here, asking for one of those, she gagged on the Hot Chocolate she was drinking and spit it on the floor dangerously close to my feet. I giggled under my breath and took my stuff. I looked around me once outside. Faerieland really was a wonderful place, you know. That is, until somebody grabbed me from behind and everything blacked out.

     * * *

     I woke up in a very small, cramped room. Its windows were REALLY high up and there wasn't even a door!!!! I looked up and realized there was a small trapdoor there. Wow, the ceiling was high up! There were a bunch of boxes around the room, but I was pretty short and weak, so there was no way I could lift them into a stack and get out.

     There was a big bookshelf behind me, filled to the top with books. Wow, imagine that. My kidnapper liked BOOKS. Then the horrible truth sank in. I was kidnapped. No way! That stuff only happened in books! My owner Shelly must be worried sick! Even though we were rich, she didn't act snobby like some other rich people did. I really liked her. And what would happen to Snuffy, my Doglefox? I sighed. I might as well keep looking around.

     Suddenly the trapdoor opened. Before I had a chance to react, the hand dropped a bag it was holding and shut the door quickly. Instantly I ran away and yelped in surprise. What was in the bag? I relaxed and made my way to the bag. After all, why not? I looked in and there was a Hamburger and a Neocola. I ate hungrily and sighed. This place was boring. I remembered the bookshelf and turned around. Oooh! There was that book that I was reading this morning! I took it down and turned to my page.

     * * *

     Later that day, the trapdoor opened again. This time I got to see my kidnapper. It was horrible. He dropped down from the ceiling and faced me was... A NOOB!!!!!!!! As soon as he saw me, he shrieked, "I shall keep you until your owner hands over a Piece of Dung!!! Then I shall be one Piece of Dung closer to beating the record for collecting the most Pieces of Dung EVER!!! MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!"

     Wow. This kid was seriously weird. I was all like, “Look dude, like chill. My owner will definitely hand over one of those. Did you know that you can get one of those at one of the games in the Games Room?"

     "Uhh... really? Oh. Cool. But those games are soooo hard!! I never get past level 1!!! It's sooo unfair! This website is stupid!! In school, I get straight A’s and I'm the most popular kid in school. Here I'm a complete zero. I saw a geek in my school win a trophy for Spots for Pets or something like that!"

     "... Don't you mean Neopian Spotlight?"

     "Yeah, yeah, whatever."

     “Look dude, just return me to my home and my owner will, like, give you your dung or whatever."

     The kid brightened up. “Really?"

     I nodded and the kid dragged me to the trapdoor. I realized something missing, however. 'Uh, kid? Where's the ladder?"

      “Oops. I guess I forgot. Uh... hehe?”

     "What's your name?"

     "Why, its Tedd Ronshank."

     "I AM TOTALLY GOING TO KILL YOU, TEDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

     "Okay, what's your name?"

     I stared incredulously at him. I couldn't believe this kid. I might as well answer him. "It's Angel."

     Tedd said, “I like your Cloudy Kacheek tail!"

     I rolled my eyes. I couldn't believe I was stuck with this kid. I was going to die before we got out of this place.

     * * *

     It was the next day. I was still stuck in this tiny cell. I was starving. Then I remembered something. "Hey, Tedd, what did you do with the stuff I bought before you kidnapped me?

     "Huh? Oh, that old stuff? Oh, I sold it in my shop for 1k each. Why?"

     I didn't even bother to answer him. I asked him if he had any food. He said he only had 2 Loveberries and a Pea Omelette. I immediately took the food and devoured it. He didn't want any, he said, because he had eaten a huge dinner before dropping in to check on me. I couldn't believe he wasn't hungry.

     Now it was time to decide how to escape from this place. I remembered the boxes and I asked him if he could lift them into a giant stack. Apparently he understood, because he started stacking all the boxes into a sort of staircase. Right as we were finishing up, 5 hours later, the giant stack toppled over. I was crestfallen, but I found out from Tedd that he didn't have the key to the trapdoor anyway. Now we needed another plan, and quick, because I was getting hungry again.

     Then I thought of something. "Hey, Tedd, where is this place?"

     "It's my safety-deposit box! I know, it's huge, but-"

     "That's not the point, Tedd! In all these boxes, there is a bunch of stuff! We might find some food and supplies for getting out of here!"

     "Hey, wait a minute, Angel! I just remembered! One of my buddies is going to bring another neopet here in about a week! When he drops him off, we'll call up to him and get out of here!"

     "Okay, Tedd! Start looking around for some food!"

     We looked for hours, piling up all the useful items in a corner. There weren't many. Most of Tedd's stuff were Pieces of Dung. All we got from our hard work was a 2/3 of a Cheese Pizza, Faerie Toast, a Medium Blueberry Smoothie, and a Mint Chocolate Gelert. We survived that week, however, by reading books and drawing on an old Acara Notebook Tedd found. We tossed around a ball and I tried to teach Tedd how to turn a cartwheel. He was okay, I guess, and nice enough, but I still missed Shelly and Snuffy. He had changed a lot since I first met him. Before, he had seemed like a crazy noob who wanted nothing more than Pieces of Dung. Now, he was a regular Neopian, after I gave him 5 lessons of Neopia.

     Finally, the big day came. Ted and I were trying to do some origami, when the trapdoor suddenly opened. Tedd yelled, "Roderick! Get me out of here!"

     Apparently, Roderick was a bit of a scaredy-cat, because he dropped a purple Shoyru down the trapdoor and ran away screaming about a ghost. Tedd and I sighed. Our only hope went down the drain. We greeted the scared Shoyru and found out his name was Rick. He was quite startled, but when we introduced ourselves and explained our situation, he warmed up to us right away. I noticed that he seemed to like Tedd an awful lot. Rick told us that his owner had been thinking about dumping him in the Neopian Pound anyway, so his owner wasn't going to pay up. Tedd told him that even if we did get out, he didn't have to pay. Rick relaxed a bit after that.

     I realized that Rick was the type of neopet that was perfect for Tedd. They seemed to like each other. I was suddenly jerked out of my thoughts by Tedd's cry. "Angel! A white Weewoo! It can bring us help! Get that notebook and write a note! Hurry!"

     I didn't even pause; Ted and I had been preparing for this moment for days, and I wasn't about to let that opportunity get away. I scribbled a quick note bearing the words, 'We are in Tedd Ronshank's safety-deposit box and we can't get out. Help!!' Right as I got to Tedd, Rick swooped up, grabbed the note, and flew up to the small window. There was a small Weewoo perched on the sill, head cocked to one side, curious. Rick told the Weewoo before it flew away, "Take this to Wendy, Will." The Weewoo took the note in its beak, gave a muffled cry, and flew away.

     Rick said, "That was my petpet Will, the Weewoo. He must have realized I was here and came to help."

     "That was cool," said Tedd, with a gleam of pride in his eyes. That night, as I drifted off to sleep, I heard Tedd say, "Hey, Rick, uh, you wouldn't want to stay with me..." and then I totally conked out.

     The next day, I woke up in my own bedroom, with Snuffy on top of me. Shelly came in and expressed her relief by hugging me until I thought my eyes were going to pop out. When she finally got off me, she said, "Those other guys, Tedd and Rick, wanted to see you as soon as you woke up. They're in the backyard. Oh yeah, and Tedd and I are already acquainted. I didn't put it against him that he kidnapped you; he was crazy at that time, he told me."

     I went out to the backyard and saw Rick playing with a cute Bearog. Tedd was eating a Hot Dog, looking the happiest I’d seen him in days. He looked up, and when he saw me, his face split into a wide grin. “Guess what, Angel? Rick and I are a family now! Your owner likes me! And I live next door to you now! I sold all my dung and the total came up to about 100k! Some crazy guy wanted to buy ALL of it. So now I’m not a noob OR poor.”

      He was crazy with happiness. I settled into a lawn chair, knowing that this was going to be the last time it would be peaceful at the two houses at the end of our block, mine and Ted’s.

The End

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