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by kittykatluver4ever


Let’s say that you are about to devour your Chocolate Vanilla Cupcake, when a noise below you reaches your ears. Curious, you turn your gaze down, just to stare into the big eyes of a Shocket. By instinct, you might scream and scamper, leaving your poor cupcake to the Shocket’s possession, or you might poke it repeatedly until it gets terrified and zaps you. You might’ve merely stared into its huge eyes, wondering when it’ll blast off. This little petpet greatly resembles a rocket with enormous eyes and tiny feet, but how many people are willing to care for it?

Welcome, my fellow Neopians, to my long essay about the interesting petpet known as the Shocket...

There are many articles out there describing a particular petpet, but very few revolve around the Shockets. I have spent countless hours researching these strange robotic petpets, and using my stacks of papers containing information, I have managed to write out this article to help you understand the ways of the Shockets and how to care for them.

*stares around at the bored audience*

Okay, okay, let’s begin.

Pleasant Facts About Your Shocket:

1. Your Shocket is a loyal petpet. Yes, my fellow Neopians, you heard me right. Shockets will follow their owners anywhere and if they find it necessary, they will explode to blast whatever it was that tried to harm you. So touching, eh? Sadly, none of the Shockets in the history of Neopia have ever exploded to save their owners. Most of the time, it’s to hurt their owners. They can come back, though. Once they explode, you simply have to glue their pieces all together, and they’ll look new in a few weeks!

2. Their big eyes are quite useful. Those two bulging orbs look simply adorable, but they see everything. Yes, if they’re lurking anywhere near, they’ll know if you stole a cookie from the cookie jar.

3. If you’re desperately bored, you can just sit down and gaze at those huge eyes... those cute yet gigantic eyes... and before you know it, two hours have whizzed by!

4. Electrify, my Coconut Jubjub’s Shocket, once said, “MUST PROTECT NEOPET,” so they have kind hearts if you treat them the right way!

Well, um, those are the only pleasing facts about Shockets so far. Let’s move on to a more gruesome topic, shall we?

*half the audience scuttles out, mumbling something about chores*

Okay, that’s fine, too.

Unpleasant Facts About Your Shocket:

1. These little petpets are easily frightened. That alone should send you diving under your bed.

2. After you have scared your Shocket, which hopefully you haven’t done yet, it will utter a high-pitched scream. You don’t want to hear it. The best thing to avoid that dreadful, spine-tingling, bloodcurdling shriek is not to provoke them. You might think it’s easy? Just read on...

3. They can zap. Well, maybe they can’t zap like the Lab Ray, but they sure can send those electric shocks up the Neopet or human who touches them. I would say the shock is as horrifying as the screech before, but if you endure the small zaps every day for about a month, you might get used to it. By then, however, your sense of hearing might have faltered a little.

4. Shockets can explode. Their ability to explode could be a good thing, but most of the time, it’s a bad thing. If they just loathe you, they might choose to explode. A few Shockets have chosen this path, but you could always glue them back together.

5. You might find yourself playing with the Shocket, when suddenly, with a deafening roar, the Shocket blasts off! Not to worry, the Shocket only felt like taking a nice trip to the Virtupets Space Station. This only happens when Dr. Sloth is a few steps away from ruling Neopia. Give them a few days, and they’ll come back! If not... well, prepare to bow down to Sloth.

What? You say that they are too much trouble? Neopians, you must learn to give them a chance! No, I don’t want to hear your excuses, Your Royal Quiggle-ness. Sir, would you kindly stop trying to bite me, I’m not even done yet!

As I was saying, you must learn to give all petpets a chance!

Caring For Your Shocket:

1. Learn to love them, even while they’re screaming and zapping. You must give them your love for them to trust you!

2. Never leave them out in harsh weather. You should make them as comfortable as possible, lending them your Teddy Bear and your blanket. The thunder’s cry, the lightning’s flashes, and the wind’s howling will mean nothing to them if you make them comfortable.

3. Feed them three times a day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Er, they don’t actually have a mouth, but leave odd bits of light bulbs, wires, and screws out and they’ll eat it... somehow.

4. Shockets need exercise. They trot around on their stubby little legs, so take them into your backyard and play a game in which they have to jog around to catch you or something of the sort. But beware, if they lose, they might think that the world is about to end, resulting in a high-pitched squeal and zaps. So, no matter close you are to winning that game, let them win.

5. They need at least five hours to rest, so they could be energized and ready for tomorrow! If they get under four hours and fifty-nine minutes of sleep...*shudders*

6. Let them drink chocolate milk. Never let them drink water! It’s bad for their systems and they are afraid of water.

7. Shockets are scared of harsh weather, losing games played with their owners, falling, sharp objects, the dark, water, heights, Ghost Neopets, Mutant Neopets, Darigan Neopets, the Petpet Lab Ray, battling, the Great Turmaculus, the Brain Tree, the Snowager, Grarrls, Spyders, and certain games that involve capturing Robot Petpets. Remember, these are only a small amount of their fears that I have discovered!

8. Wash them with a cloth dipped in water. Washing time is the only time they will allow water near them. Wash them only once a week, or else...

9. Entertain them by allowing them to follow you around for at least two hours every day.

Really, dear Neopians, if you follow the steps above, your Shocket will be a great friend you can keep forever. CoconutJubbers, my Coconut Jubjub, has agreed to be interviewed about her Shocket, Electrify:

Me: Thank you so much for being here with us, CoconutJubbers!

CoconutJubbers: Oh, no problem!

Me: How do you think Electrify feels about you?

CoconutJubbers: Well, when I asked, Electrify began to whirr and smoke.

Me: I see... Does Electrify enjoy living with you?

CoconutJubbers: Electrify started to flash her lights as a reply.

Me: Excellent! One last question: When you told Electrify that you love her and that she is an awesome petpet, what did she do?

CoconutJubbers: She jumped into the air and started to hover! How cute! *bursts into tears*

Me: Thank you so much for answering my questions, CoconutJubbers!

Well, fellow Neopians, I sure hope all your questions regarding the petpet known as the Shocket have been answered! Now that you know enough about the Shockets, it’s time to buy one! They’re only worth around 4,000 to 6,000 Neopoints! Of course, we have only been talking about the unpainted Shocket; the Dung Shocket is another problem...

Remember, I am not responsible for your Shocket’s terrible behavior because I have warned you of the many fears these petpets have.

These rocket-like petpets are very sweet once you know their ways, but beware: they are very friendly towards Dr. Sloth...

Thank you for reading my guide and a very special thank you to Electrify, who allowed me to test out my theories about her fears, although I had to suffer the many shrieks and zaps!

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