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The Only Guide to Peophins You Will EVER Need!

by haahaa113


The Peophin -- a beautiful, mysterious, intelligent neopet, and also a forgotten one. Peophins are the unsung heroes of Neopia. They are magical, multi-talented and able to live on land and underwater with ease, yet they are overlooked for the more popular neopets such as Lupes and Kacheeks, left at number 24 in the popularity list, with only 3 million created.

Nobody knows where these creatures came from for sure, but rumour has it they came from the cool, crytal-clear waters of Mystery Island, arriving in their millions all of a sudden one day. Some were snapped up by people to be their neopets, yet a majority of them remained wild, and shoals of Peophins still exist to this day in the waters of Mystery Island.

What makes Peophins unique is their golden crowns that run from their foreheads down to their sleek, pointed muzzles. They are usually made of gold and each Peophin carries a beautiful, shining jewel between their eyes. Colours vary between each Peophin, but most jewels are red. Many rumours have been created about these mystical jewels. Some say they can grant wishes like a genie lamp or Uni's horn, others say they can heal injuries and lift curses. Some say they are purely for decoration, but I do not believe this is true.

Peophins have many things about them that set them apart from other species, and I will explain each one in turn. First, their ears. Peophins' ears are small and pointed, sitting atop their heads. They enable them to hear underwater and on land perfectly, hearing the beating of a lightmite's wings or the brushing of two strands of kelp rubbing together fifty metres away. Just below their ears are small fins. Some people say that they help them to swim; others say they help them to hear better, and further away. These fins are extremely fragile and should never be touched, as they can tear, and this is very painful for the Peophin.

Rather than hind legs, Peophins have large tail fins, which they use to swim. They have two front legs like that of a Uni, which they can use to hold onto things and pull themselves out of the water. On land, Peophins use their magical abilities to hover in the air, flapping their tail fins through the air to move, though this can be tiring and difficult for the Peophin, and some prefer to live underwater permanently or pull themselves along the ground, dragging their tail fins behind them like a Flotsam.

Peophins, contrary to popular beliefs, do not have scales. Instead, they have blubber to keep them warm like a whale, which is covered in a very thin layer of silky fur. They are practically indestructible, which is what made them so popular during the Maraquan war. Their fur is water resistant, as is their mane, and when a Peophin leaves the water they are completely dry instantly. Noone knows why this is; it is one of the many unsolved mysteries of the species.

Their manes are long and silky and the envy of many Unis. They reach down to their backs and tend to grow out the way rather than fall over their faces. The colour of their mane is never the same as their fur. In a Yellow Peophin the mane is blue, in a Blue Peophin the mane is red, in a Red Peophin the mane is green, and in a Green Peophin the mane is red. Their manes end in a tufty patch between their ears.

Peophin Facts

  • Peophins are very shy, and, though there are a few exceptions, they tend to stay on their own or with other Peophins.
  • You cannot remove a Peophin's crown -- no matter how hard you try.
  • You cannot remove a Peophin's jewel from their crown, either -- not even with a chisel.
  • Peophins have the best hearing of all the neopets.
  • When hovering in the air, Peophins can't go any higher than a foot or so, unless they have wings.
  • Peophins are naturally good eaters and tend to love cherries and kelp, particularly green kelp for some reason.
  • Every Peophin has a magical ability -- thousands just haven't figured theirs out yet.

Peophin Care

Peophins are generally not that high maintenance, but require special needs considering their circumstances. Here, I will give you the basics, and a few extra things you can do to keep your Peophin happy.


Peophins are not naturally finicky with food, and tend to have small, manageable appetites. Fish and kelp related items are usually favourites with most Peophins, as well as fruit and sweet things. Salt is required to keep their manes and silky coats soft, and, although they will get a good deal of this salt from water, it is recommended you give them some to eat. If your Peophin refuses to eat salt, try giving them crisps. The salt is disguised in crisps, and makes them taste good too. Krawk Brand Crisps are particularly high in salt.

As for drinks, milk is best. Peophin have small teeth which are not very strong, and so calcium is required to keep them in your Peophin's mouth. Milk is also tasty and so your Peophin will probably like it. Try to avoid fizzy things and sugary shakes; they will rot their teeth.


Unless you live in Maraqua, you may find housing your pet a problem. Don't worry, your Peo will live on land quite happily, as long as they have access to water whenever they want it. If you live near a beach or large river, make sure your Peophin can leave the house to have a swim whenever they feel like it. If not, it is crucial you have water in your home. A swimming pool is best, or a channel of water running though the rooms of your house so your Peo can swim from room to room. Paddling pools are not ideal -- they are far too small. Your Peophin needs a lot of space. If you don't have or cannot get any of these things, it is reccomended you do what's best for your Peophin -- set them free into the ocean. They can live in water permanently and this is better for them. Do not abandon them -- Peophins are sensitive creatures, and will not cope well with the stress of The Pound.


Grooming is very important for Peophins. It is best to use the Peophin brand of grooming items if you can afford them, because they contain salt and other nutrients to make your pet's skin lovely and smooth, and their manes flowy and tug-free. Rain Water Shampoo is also good for the smaller budgets, as it is organic and chemical free, and a lot of Peophins are sensitive to certain chemicals. You should urge your Peophins to wash themselves in a hot bath or shower every day at least once, and wash their hooves, faces and fins whenever they are dirty. Hoof Polish should be used to keep their hooves from cracking and teeth should be brushed after every meal. You should buy Peophin Seaweed Toothpaste; it encourages younger Peophins to brush because of the nice flavour and it contains no chemicals.


Peophins are intelligent neopets and need to keep their buzzing little minds busy; otherwise they will become grumpy and lose interest in the world around them. This catergory is split into a few smaller ones -- read each one, and try to carry out a few of the suggestions.


Because they are so intelligent, Peophins are talented musicians. Whether it's a Wooden Washboard, a Kazoo, or a Violin, Peophins love to play music. My Peophin plays the Piano and the Flute, and sings in the choir at her neoschool, often being picked to do the solos. There are instruments to suit very budget; buy one for your Peophin today and give them a happy and fulfilled life!


Peophins are quite athletic and very fit, and so most love sports. Your Peophin may love to race against her friends at the local swimming pool, beat up their opponents at training school or be the next Helmo Timm at yooyuball, but every Peophin has some sport they enjoy. Encourage it! Give your pet lessons and equipment so they don't have to hire that nasty stuff at the centre (Eeeeww), or perhaps even play with them. Most Peos love water sports, like swimming and surfing, when others prefer training, as Peophins are strong pets that can put up a good fight when they're provoked and like to battledome. Whatever your Peo's favourite sport is, encourage it.


There is no doubt, your Peophin will love to read books. Peophins crave knowledge almost as much as they crave water, and many Peophins lead careers as authors or poets. Even if it's just a book every month or so, you should give your Peophin a few books -- you won't regret it. They will love you for it; plus, it keeps them quiet!

Other Hobbies

Your Peophin will probably have so many things they enjoy doing they won't be able to fit it all in! Whether it's cooking, star gazing, drawing, Usuki collecting, even Plushie making, your Peo will love to do many things and it will be enjoyable for you and the Peophin. Once again, encourage these things. Your Peophin may have a million and one hobbies and just never done them before. Get out there and have some fun!

Views from other Peophin owners

I asked some Peophin owners and non-Peophin owners what they thought of these neopets. Here is what I got -

  • My Peophin just loves to swim with her friends in the sea, and she always wins! I have a whole cabinet of trophys from the awards she's won at swimming races. Peophins are lovely neopets. I think they should be number one in the popularity list!
  • Cute fins, I guess. Yeah, I might adopt one...
  • *grabs Peophin and hugs tightly* *waves Peophin around* *squeals maniacally* (I could not make out what this owner was saying)
  • Oh yes, I do have a Peophin. She's my only neopet, so I can devote all my time to her. We go swimming, hiking, we cook, we collect keyrings, we even paint and she trains at the Ninja Training School and... *trails off*
  • Eww! No, no no, no, NO! Peophins are all girly and sissy and -- you mean they can fight at the Battledome? Cool! *runs away to get a Peophin*
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