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The What Not to Do List

by fuzzy_wuzzy210


When getting a pet for the first time, you often venture into the Rainbow Pool. There you realize that the perfect paint brush for your cute, smart or tempered pet would have to be the baby, royal, or Halloween paint brush! What’s more- most of you, fellow Neopians, overlook one problem. The price!

Yes, the price in neopoints! Baby Paint Brushes cost six hundred thousand neopoints, and royal paint brushes cost way over a million! Whether you’re a newbie or a wanna-be millionaire- these paint brushes don’t come cheap. Saving up for one of these splendid paint brushes could take you weeks, months, or maybe even a year! How do you get that many neopoints in such little time?

Well, I don’t have the answer sadly- but I do have the ‘What Not To Do’ list!

‘The What Not To Do List!’

1. Do not beg! Begging gets you nowhere and all that happens is you get looked down upon! Believe me, you will probably end up with no neopoints what so ever. Wouldn’t you rather earn the money you receive? Begging is not earning! I doubt you will ever be able to get a Maraquan paint brush on begging if you had all your life!

2. Don’t follow the ‘50k a Day’ scenario. Even if it says that, it’s just to drag you over! Maybe that person can because she plays those games and gets those scores, but no two people are good at exactly the same stuff. Venture into the Game Room and test yourself until you figure out what you’re good at. All I got to say is play those games every day or so and you’ll pile up your neopoints!

3. Don’t have a Shopping Spree every day! Doing this will result in all the neopoints you won or received in Random Events going right down the drain. Half the items you buy you realize are nothing that you wanted at all. Maybe you should plan first and think it over. This petpet is this price, and I think it would be worth it! It’ll make my pet happier and look even better with this petpet! Try finding a petpet for life instead of doing this! A good tip here is to have a Bank Account and deposit a fair number of neopoints in it each day, and collect interest before withdrawing or depositing!

4. Don’t fill your shop with overpriced items. Not a single person will buy from it- there is something called the Shop Wizard these days! Your ‘overpriced items’ or merely ‘junk’ will rot. Nobody in their right mind would pay for it when they could get it for thousands cheaper! If you must have that something in there Shop Wizard the item first to find a proper amount to place it as.

5. Don’t make a Guild about you! Who would want to join a guild called, “Donate to me so I could get a Paint Brush!” It’s like you want them to pity you all over again! Believe me, this is horrible. I’ve seen it with my own two eyes- I can’t bear it and would rather have none of this!

6. Spend your money wisely. Just as I said in #3, think things over. Do you really need to buy a luxurious sofa if you don’t even have a neohome yet? Maybe that neopoints could go in a better place- like a fund or bank account! You wouldn’t believe all the wrong choices you could make in an hour. Do you know what else you could think over while you want a paint brush? Maybe a cheaper one, or if that is the one you really desire.

7. Don’t hang out at the auctions. To spend free time think elsewhere! It’ll lure you into buying more things! What I found to be very rewarding and not a waste of time is to go and look at the Rainbow Pool to see your awesome dream pet image again or check out the trading post. Warning: when going to the trading post do NOT look at newest 20 trades! Instead search the paint brush to see how much the price is at or how must it increased in a certain amount of time. If you would rather do something else and not play games (that is what you’re taking a break from, right?) go and read articles in the Neopian Times or explore Neopia and try new things.

8. Don‘t put all of your neopoints into the bank! Doing that will trick your mind in some weird way to not go with your plan. You still need to spend a little bit, but manage that daily income. Think to yourself: if I gain an income of fifteen thousand neopoints a day, why don’t I put ten thousand into the bank and use five thousand to spend! Buy a codestone or dubloon coin to train your pet! If you think I’m sending you mixed signals, I’m not. It’s actually very logical why you should spend neopoints every now and then. You should still get into the habit of buying, but not become an addict!

9. Don’t not do dailies! Always go to Underwater Fishing, Tombola, Coltzan’s Shrine, and the Fruit Machine! You gain neopoints from all of these if you are lucky! Underwater Fishing: the best thing that could happen to you is that you get a ‘bag of broken neopoints’. Just take it to the top of the Terror Mountain and a man will repair it for you with a small fee. Odds are he’ll repair your broken neopoints and you’ll get more than what you started with! Hooray! The Tombola, if you win it, will give you over one hundred neopoints, but less than two hundred. At least it’s a start. Coltzan’s Shrine will do many different things, or nothing at all! He could make you slightly richer or increase your pet’s level. It's very lucky for this to happen! The Fruit Machine spins its wheel, and if you won matching fruit cards, you get some neopoints and/or that fruit. Who wouldn’t want their pet to have exotic food? Which brings us to the next point!

10. Don’t spend all your money on expensive foods! Really, pets don’t care whether you give them food from KELP or milkshakes! They’re just hungry and would like to be fed. Now, knowing this, would you rather spend twenty-six thousand neopoints on one meal or three hundred? Think if you can afford it- over half of Neopia can’t feed their pet that much every day!

I explained many situations you might consider, hear, or get yourself into. Hopefully you take what I say and not do it. What I think is that you should set yourself a limit to how much cash you should have on you at all times. At the end of each day you should deposit all the extra neopoints into the bank so you’re just left with your limit! This is the reasoning I chose, and it has been rewarding. I have and will get the paint brushes I want, just by following these tips and stragies. I hope this is handy!

If you’ve been reading this article for the past few minutes that means I made it! It’s so exciting!

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