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Things to Think About Before Abandoning Your Pet

by good_good_smile


If you're a creator wondering if you should abandon your pet or not, then this is the article for you!

It seems to me that far too many Neopets are in the pound. Why are we putting our poor Neopets in the pound? And for what? I've written problems you may be experiencing with your Neopet and possible solutions here. So please, make sure you read (and maybe re-read) this article before making your final decision about keeping or leaving your poor, defenseless Neopet.

The Reasons -- of course, most people have reasons they abandon their Neopets:

1) Wrong Personality

When first creating their pet, many owners accidentally skip that part about "What they like to do and what their personality is like." I can understand your frustration if your Neopet likes bullying others, but rather than abandon him or her, try training your pet. For example, when you see him or her mocking another Neopet, remind him or her of the golden rule: treat others the way you want to be treated. Saying, "How would you like it if he made fun of your shoes?" usually makes them stop and think. Soon, although their petpage won't show it, they'll show courtesy and kindness.

There are other ways to change personalities. Maybe your Neopet runs away when they meet someone? First try having practice conversations with them. Pretend that you are a different Neopet, and that you have lost your toy. Then start dressing up and come up with other real-life situations that will require social skills. Then invite other Neopets over to practice in the play. In no time at all, your usually shy Neopet will transform into a social, friendly one!

2) Wrong Colour

I've heard some owners report, "My Neopet is red when he's supposed to be yellow!" or "I accidentally made my Neopet yellow when he was supposed to be green!" and once even, "My pet was painted with the Ghost paintbrush and I've decided he doesn't look cute anymore!" Here are two keys for two different issues:

A. My Neopet was created as one colour when I wanted another!

Did you order your Newbie Pack yet? Did you know it comes with 2 paintbrushes that can paint your pet? Yeah, it does. So maybe, if it comes with a colour you'd prefer, just go to the Rainbow Pool and paint your Neopet. Or if your Newbie Pack doesn't have it, then save up your Neopoints for a paintbrush. This may take a while, but in the meantime, try to know your Neopet for who he or she is, not because of his or her appearance.

B. I painted my Neopet with the wong paintbrush!

Again, save up your Neopoints for a different paintbrush, and again, this may take a while. Do what I'm doing; my Aisha was painted with the Ghost paintbrush, and it's not exactly my dream come true, but I'm saving up to paint him with another paintbrush. If you're confused on how to earn Neopoints, then just read an article that'll help you. There are a lot of good, useful ones. :)

3) Wrong Gender

Aah, you've accidentally made your Neopet a girl when you wanted a boy? Or vice versa? This one is quite common. You can change its gender using the lab ray, but it's expensive. I can see how you're disappointed, but look at it this way: all Neopets can be a good friend if you raise them properly. I have 2 male Neopets, and they're awesome to be around. So maybe if you got a Neopet with the wrong gender; just look past it and try to make friends anyway. If you don't judge him or her by simple gender, it'll all work out in the end.

4) Wrong Species

I have absolutely no idea how this happens, but it has happened before. Maybe you got a Moehog when you wanted a Jubjub? The solutions are pretty simple.

Well, first there are magical toys. All you have to do is buy 'em, make your Neopet play with 'em, and--Alakazam!--he or she has become the Neopet of your dreams! But make sure that you don't rub it in your Neopet's face. For example, don't go around bragging, "Now, finally, I've got the Poogle I've always wanted, not that old Neopet you used to be!" It'll make your Neopet feel bad. He or she will probably think that you only love them because of their looks, and that'll hurt -- A LOT.

Second, there are Transmogrification potions. Just make your Neopet drink one, and your Neopet shall be transformed! But like I said before, no gloating, 'kay?

5) When Your Neopet Doesn't Eat the Food You Offer

Well, hey, if someone gave YOU eyeball sushi, would you eat it? I've had this a lot. Some of my Neopets don't eat some of the yucky food I offer them, but then again, put yourself in their shoes. Eyeball wrap? I think not!

There are many other foods to try. Did you know you can give your Neopet free omelette once a day? Omelette can last 3 meals, too, so your Neopet won't starve. Plus, omelette comes in lots of yummy flavours. How can your Neopet say no to such tempting delights?

6) Always Losing in the Battledome

This isn't all that common, but in some cases, it's the reason Neopets have been in the pound. There are simple solutions. Do you know what the Training Schools are? They're fantastic schools where you can raise your Neopet's level, strength, defense, etc... All you need are Codestones and Dubloons. You can use these at the Training Schools. Sure, maybe it'll cost a little more than you'd like to spare, but, hey, Neopets come before Neopoints, don't they?

Well, I hope this guide has helped you figure out your pet problems, and I hope even more that you've decided to keep your Neopet. Remember, your Neopet loves you, and all Neopets deserve a home and owner, don't they?

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