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A Wonderful Guide to a Wonderful Petpet

by fuzzy_wuzzy210


Many of you try your hardest to think of the best possible petpet for your own pet. There's a wide selection and so many to choose from, but mostly people like me end up going for looks and stumble upon the cute petpet Harris.

Once you get your Harris and give this shy, but loving petpet to your pet, you begin to imagine an even better suit. What better than a colored Harris? You venture on to the Rainbow Pool to get a better look, then find many colors to choose from. But wouldn't you rather just pick the personality to match your pet instead of the looks? Many, like myself, find themselves stuck with this decision. We even try to look for other articles in the Neopian Times for assistance, but find none! I'm here to change that statement, and to help all of you get the Harris that you and your pet desire.

Coloring 101: below I have a list of the Top Ten Harris personality colors and I hope these match-up personalities help you with your struggles.

#10: the Fire Harris: I describe this lucky harris to be the one with the fiery temper! They might be destructive but I can ensure you that this Harris is the best for the pet who desires a sidekick in crime. Maybe even Dr. Sloth himself would take this lucky Harris under his wing! If your pet matches a temper-attitude petpet, then go no further than this Harris! This color works perfectly with almost any pet- but beware ice colored pets or Maraquan pets!

#9: the Tyrannian Harris: for those pets who don't care about smarts, but care about strength. This Harris is the strongest and can stand by your pet's side and defend them when nobody else can. Despite its lack of brains, this Harris does know life skills- how to start a fire, defend itself, get its own food... it practically comes prepared for anything! If your pet needs a good looking after, then this Harris is the perfect suit. Any style of pet can get along with this, but perhaps a Tyrannian one itself would be best?

#8: the Sketch Harris: this Harris is for those who use their imaginations to explore the world of Neopia! Whether it's to draw what's in their minds or write a compelling story, this Harris will wander with them down the path they lead. I believe this Harris offers great dreams in which you can make them whatever you desire! If this sounds like the sort of pet you own, get this petpet paint brush at once!

#7: the Purple Harris: for those fun-loving clown pets out there! If you just want a creature who could entertain and make funny faces toward your pet, look no further! It's a done-deal with this Harris, a perfect clown or comedian! I ensure you this Harris offers a good time. If your pet needs cheering up, why not this one? They work excellent with Grey or Baby pets!

#6: the Rainbow Harris: offers Good Fortune and sharing. After all- isn't a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow?? They are also cute and adorable, and love just about any pet out there. This Harris brings luck into the whole midst- and works excellent with those Royal pets out there!

#5: the Ghost Harris: is especially for those who can harm others with a touch or who have a departed loved one. It's said to 'bring back the dead' for a quick moment and to always offer kindness. Though its appearance may scare or cause sorrow, this Harris is about the most sympathetic out there. Maybe this pet is for those feared or armed, or even the grey!

#4: the Pirate Harris: is definitely without a doubt for those adventurous pets! Don't expect this one to say "Arr" or "Yowley" all the time; it is silent and shy as a bell. It can always offer activity, but also trouble. Hugs may hurt a little bit with its hook instead of a hand. It is also perfect for bargains in stores you visit! Does your pet need to get out of the neohome every now and then? This is perfect for the job!

#3: the Grey Harris: is for those who are sympathetic and enjoy cheering those up. Warning: Grey petpets always bring the bad side into all decisions! Even if they sure make cute companions even when sad. Your pet will have a companion to life with this one! Try to match it up with a rainbow, ghost, or even disco pet! Don't feel sorry for this petpet or think it's upset all the time; it is actually quite happy and can't be any happier. It's just its looks that make it so full of grief, but it has the heart of an angel!

#2: the Faerie Harris: is a symbol of kindness and beauty. They are delicate but also to be known as "Faerie Godmothers" who grant wishes! Though they may be expensive, I can assure you that they are worth every neopoint. I cannot offer any more advice for this species; all I can say is that they're adorable and I'm sure your pet will love one! This Harris is the most compatible to other faerie pets, grey pets, speckled pets, or even purple pets!

#1: the original Harris: says, "Love me for what I am, not what I could be!" They offer all any painted harris could, but endless hugs and a calm nature. This Harris is pure love and warmth, and is compatible with any pet! Though still silent, they embark on an epic tale of desity and woe. Enjoy every second your pet is together with this little guy- he's the perfect fit!

Now that you read all the choices, some may still be unanswered. I tried my best and that's all I have to say. If you are reading this it means that my article made it- and I hope it changes your outlook on the petpet Harris like it did for me!

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