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Rise Of The Petpets

by shonla200


Recent reports have found that during this year's Halloween, the petpets will rise from their graves. Many neopets have seen petpets lurking around in the Neopia's Loved Graveyard. Due to the increase in sightings, scientists have concluded that this year, October 31st, the petpets will rise from their graves.

You may be wondering what we can do to stop our beloved petpets from rising. Scientists believe that if we “whack” the lurking petpets when we catch them around Neopia, maybe they will stop rising. We are still hoping there is a much safer way to protecting Neopia and not hurt our loved, deceased ones.

Misuki, the Aisha who owns the Defence Magic Shop in Neopia Central, has begun selling petpet shields for people who do not want to be around the lurking dead. “Many people have come to my shop in search of a shield of some sort to protect them from the lurking petpets. I do not see any harm from the petpet creatures that have risen, but I guess some people are just allergic to the living dead!” Misuki tells our reporters.

We asked people who live around the petpets' resting place, if they thought anything weird about the petpets who were lurking around. “I think it’s cool that the petpets have risen from their graves. Maybe they have come to visit their old neopets,” Tom the Mynci says. On the other hand, his neighbor has a different point of view. “I believe it's weird the petpets have risen. Maybe they came back to hunt us! Oh no! Oh no! I need to head down to Defence Magic Shop for that brand new shield,” said Chi Chi the Chia. Apparently he had some petpet allergies!

We interviewed the others that lived down the street, but no one had ever said anything about helping the petpets or protecting Neopia. Most were self centered. Others didn’t think about why the petpets are roaming around.

We decided to head down to Neopia’s Loved Graveyard to see if these petpets were hungry for blood or if they just wanted to meet their owners. We searched to see if any petpets had risen today, but we had no luck. I decided to go check if anyone who worked at the graveyard had seen any ghost petpets.

If you have been to Neopia’s Loved, you would know that in the center of the graveyard there is a small building where the security and staff watch over the graveyard. There are usually two Gelert guards and some staff workers who make sure everything is in order. When I entered the building, it was filled with petpets lurking around. The staff was taking care of the petpets. The security was, well you know, securing.

Mike the Xweetok was feeding one of the petpets and Jessica was playing with one of the baby petpets. These weren’t regular petpets, though; they were different. They seemed to have a green glow and aura. These must have been the petpets that were lurking around! They acted just like REAL petpets. Mike said the petpets had a weird headache and he and Jessica were just trying to make them feel better.

“We aren’t like the other neopets who don’t ask what’s wrong with the petpets. We thought the petpets were mad when we first saw them rising. But when we really asked what was wrong, we wanted to help them,” Mike said to me. “We are trying to think of every way to make them feel better. But it’s very hard to understand what they are saying. We could just understand they were rubbing their heads,” Jessica said.

Since I had taken some petpet comprehension classes, I decided to help Jessica and Mike with their problem. I went to one of the baby petpets and asked them what he wanted to play. He rubbed his head at first. Then he threw a ball up and it hit him on the head. Then he slowly sank into the ground.

It seemed like he had a headache, but then I thought about what the scientists said about “whacking” the petpets. I thought it would be harsh if we whacked the petpets on the head, but now I think they like it! I grabbed the ball the baby had used and threw it at another petpet. She laughed and slowly sank into the ground like the previous petpet.

Soon Mike, Jessica, and I were throwing everything we could find at the petpets. They all giggled and sank into the ground.

The next day, Mike and Jessica installed a system into the graveyard facility. There were nine headstones. They all seemed to be controlled by a small device with buttons. The buttons were labeled one to nine. Each button controlled a different headstone. Whenever you pushed a button it would knock down the headstone that the button lined up with. Of course the headstone came back up, though! It would be great for whenever the petpets raised from one of the graves. Sometimes the controls would rotate so be careful! If you’re lucky you may even find a treasure chest or some neopoints nearby!

Jessica and Mike are making the system public so more people can help the petpets! “If we keep knocking them down, maybe they won’t ALL come up for Halloween. There was already enough lurking around!” says Jessica. Some petpets come visit Neopia sometimes and even visit their old neopets! Some petpets even found a new home with loving, non allergic neopets. These neopets don’t care if they came from the graveyard; they're just glad they have a great new friend.

A few weeks later, Jessica’s and Mike’s system became a worldwide game. People from all over Neopia came to play this worldwide phenomenon! For kids, they even created an arcade game. It was named Whack-A-Ghost. It wasn’t a very proper name for it, but the kids seem to love playing it.

If you are reading this story, please go visit Neopia’s Loved and help the petpets. It may seem like a dumb and worthless game, but you are really helping these petpets. Help make a difference!

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