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The Ten Best Neopian Resorts

by tennisking217


Yay! My First NT Article! Thanks to all my Great Friends!

Top 10 Neopian Hotels

What’s the one thing that comes to mind when you first hear the word “summer”? The brutal heat? Just hanging out at the pool? Getting that long awaited break from Neoschool? (Oh, that’s right, they still don’t exist…)

Well anyways, definitely one of the highlights of my summer is the opportunity to explore those far off lands that I just never have the time to visit during the majority of the year. And one of the things that can make or break your trip is the place where you spend your nights on vacation (or, if you’re a really boring person, most of your days too). Seriously, are you going to have a fun time exploring the Altadorian Ruins if you just came off a night of no sleep on a mattress infested with scoaches? So, in this very handy Neopian Times Article, I’m going to make sure you choose the right hotel for your trip.

10. Astrovilla: Virtupets Space Station

Probably one of the more underrated of attractions, Virtupets Space Station still boasts the flagship property of the Astrovilla Hotel chain. This modern hotel just fits in perfectly with its surroundings, giving you the true Space Station Experience. Who hasn’t wanted to experience the feeling of no gravity? This hotel offers an exciting expedition into the unknown with its renowned Spaceship tours.

9. Hotel Meridell

This older hotel is all about comfort. From homemade cookies in your room upon arrival to around-the-clock service, this family-run hotel still knows how to give you a home away from home. Along with the many attractions of Meridell, this hotel also offers private stagecoaches to drive you to the nearby region of Brightvale, fully equipped with an armed driver for safety on the bandit-infested road, free of cost! Also, make sure to catch their tempting Sunday Buffet (it’s rumored that King Skarl himself satisfies his appetite here each week).

8. Globe (Neovia)

Although considered by many to be a spooky region of Neopia, Neovia now boasts one of the most posh hotels on the globe, Globe. Although just recently opened, Globe is rapidly gaining status as the place to “see and be seen”. As you walk into the lobby decked out with art deco furniture, it’s immediately obvious the owners didn’t do their shopping at the local antiques store. Make sure to hit the Neovian Street Fair, every Saturday night during the summer, so you can drool over old-fashioned pastries from The Crumpetmonger, while checking out the hottest new styles from Prigpants and Swolthy.

7. The Islander (Mystery Island)

No lifetime in Neopia is complete without a visit to the sandy beaches of Mystery Island. Although not as glamorous as its main competitor on the island, The Paradise House, The Islander is still considered as one of the premier hotels on the island where you can’t walk a street block without seeing a place where you can stay. Right on the Beach, the Island puts out umbrellas and beach chairs daily for its clients. Also, this hotel was the first to utilize the idea of splitting their stretch of sand into two sections, one for the younger, more rambunctious Neopians, and another for the older, more relaxed clientele. So whether you’re there to live up a beach party, or simply bask in the sun and let your worries melt away, your demands will be met.

6. The Triumph Hotel (Maraqua)

Maraqua, at one point even rivaling Mystery Island as the most popular vacation spot, has never quite been able to rebuild its reputation after it met its end in a whirlpool. However, with the addition of the world-renowned restaurant, Kelp, and The Triumph Hotel, King Kelpbeard and the Maraquan Tourism Agency have high hopes. The Triumph Hotel, named after Maraqua’s defeat of Captain Scarblade, documents the historic battle with large murals on the walls in every hallway. The Hotel also has premium status at the nearby restaurant Kelp, to make sure that its guests have the opportunity to eat at the unique restaurant.

5. Presidential Palace (Neopia Central)

The first of Neopia’s many luxury resorts, Presidential Palace continues to bring in hordes of clients through its famous platinum doors. Located in the heart of Neopia Central, this hotel has led the way in almost all of the recent advancements in hotel comfort. From saunas to burger bars to state-of-the-art fitness centers, if you can find it in a hotel, it was probably first featured here. Also, with its handy location right on the main boulevard it’s a guarantee you’ll find something that strikes your fancy in one of the many classic shops located here or even the recently opened NC Mall.

4. The Jewel Box (Faerieland)

The ultimate of finds, The Jewel Box offers only 10 rooms, making it one of the most prized of bookings. (Some people say they’ve reserved rooms 3 years in advance!) However, after all the trouble of getting that prized reservation here, you’ll see why all of the commotion is caused. With decorating help from Fyora herself, each room here is named (and decorated) after a specific gemstone. You’ll be sure stop dead when you walk into a room with walls made entirely of rubies! Also be sure to fork over a few extra neopoints to dine in the Fountain Dining Area; it’s definitely worth it!

3. Lunar Palace (Shenkuu)

One of the new additions to this year’s batch of luxury hotels, the Lunar Palace has become easily the most popular home base to explore the new land. Based off of the architecture of the Lunar Temple, the Lunar Palace tries to simulate a calming effect in all of its rooms by implementing the use of a mysterious gemstone (found only in Shenkuu) in its ceiling, that resembles the soft light of a full moon. Be sure to catch the Afternoon Tea in the elegant Blossom Room.

2. The Paradise House (Mystery Island)

Although finally kicked off of its seven year run as the best hotel in Neopia, The Paradise House on Mystery Island will still give you the vacation of a lifetime. Located on a private island, this hotel offers just about every recreational activity possible. Be it a safari, submarine tour, vacana riding, or simply a game of beach volleyball, the helpful staff will be sure to make your whim a reality. And although the price tag is high, after a relaxing night of watching the sun set while sipping Neo Coladas, you’ll know how much you really needed the tropical getaway.

1. The Golden Altadorian

The Golden Altadorian, just opened last summer as lodging for the teams participating in the Altador Cup, was instantly vaulted to the number one hotel in Neopia. From flawless service, to divine rooms, this hotel offers everything even the most well off of Neopians could expect. After walking through the golden doors, you are immediately greeted by marble floors, glorious fountains, and majestic gold-leaf columns. Each room here is lavishly decorated in gold and bronze, making every guest feel as if they have replaced the Betrayer as the 12th Hero. Whether you want to increase your knowledge in the rich Altadorian history, or simply spend a relaxing day on the water, the Golden Altadorian will make sure your vacation exceeds all of your expectations. Also, be sure to head out into the Astronomy Gardens on Sunday Night, so you can lie back with food from Exquisite Ambrosia and experience the beauty and wonder of the Altadorian Constellations.

So there you have it, the top ten luxury hotels in Neopia. Choose wisely, pack your bags, and be prepared for the vacation of a lifetime!

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