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Nab the Job: A Guide to the Faerie Employment Agency

by x_milkeh_x


We all know the feeling. It’s 9:00:00 am NST and your little hooves, claws, paws, or wings are working as hard as they can to get you into the Faerie Employment Agency so you can buy that toy you’ve always wanted. You scan the list searching for the perfect job and finally, there it is! All you need to find is four bitten apples and you will get 850 NP. As you reach out to tear the ad off the wall, someone sneaks out from under you and snags it! You take a deep breath and try again, but when you turn around to look for another job, the board is already empty. There are others who stand with you, watching the lucky few who happened to get a job race out the door to complete their tasks. The cycle continues until 5:01:00 pm NST. You have come back every ten minutes since 9 and still no luck. Wondering if you will ever find a job, you turn to the Neopian Times and come across this article. Well, you have come to the right place!

You may have already read the other articles on this subject and I have some other methods and tips, and hints, and stories that I think will be a bit more helpful.

First off, if you have a slow computer, don’t be discouraged! Once upon a time my computer decided to take a vacation and my neopet had to wait twenty minutes to play a game if it would even load. Yet I still reached my job quota for the day. Now of course a faster computer helps you get the bonus, and gives you more chances to get a job because it refreshes faster, but trust me, you can still get a job. Also, lucky for you, my focus is to help people with slower computers get the job.

Now let us begin with the basics. If you have a slower computer, try to start making your way to the employment agency 3 or 4 minutes before the next ten minute mark. If you have a faster connection you can try 2 or even 1 minute before the posting of the jobs. Also, make sure you have at least 6000 NP with you. That may sound like a lot, but the higher paying jobs usually tend to be the better deals. When you get to the agency, only focus on NTS time in the top right corner of the screen and have your mouse pointed at that ‘Basic Jobs’ link.

Before you go on a clicking frenzy, remember these things if you have a slow computer…

1. Think about opening up another page that is already on the shop wizard; that way you don’t need to worry about getting to the shop wizard from the agency, then getting back to the agency from whatever shop you bought your last item from.

2. Get to learn the fast way to copy and paste. That way you don’t have to worry about spelling things at the shop wizard. To copy, hit Ctrl and C. To paste, hit Ctrl and V.

3. Briefly, and I mean briefly, look at the time limit on the job before clicking on it. If you have a really slow computer, and you get a job with a 3 minute time limit, you may be in trouble.

Now that you’ve mulled those things over in your mind, look at the time. When you get to ten seconds before the posting time, get ready to click on that ‘Basic Jobs’ link. If your computer is slow, try clicking on it at 5 seconds before. On a faster computer, 2 seconds.

Now that you’ve made it, and there are jobs just waiting to be clicked on, click on the first thing you see. No matter if it’s the first thing listed, or the third. If you’d like, you can even scroll down. Just don’t go to the next page! Now this first job is the one you have the least chance of getting, so don’t give up if you get the “someone has already gotten the job!” thing. Simply click on ‘Basic Jobs’ again (one reason not to scroll down, you’re closer to the link), and look at what is there without scrolling. Don’t click on the back button and refresh; it takes longer. You have a better chance at these jobs because the job that is at the top of your list is most likely different then the person who clicked the ‘Basic Jobs’ link one second before or after you, and a lot of people stick with scrolling down, so try being different and sticking with the top, or if you must scroll, scroll halfway down the page.

You may also want to try, if you have a slower computer that won’t go to the page right away, clicking on another job while you’re waiting for the first one to load. Do it fast, though. If you wait too long it’s pointless. It works because as long as you click it first, you get the job, so it doesn’t matter if the page loads fast or not. The reason this helps is that you get to try for two jobs instead of just one, and if you got the first one it will say that your pet already has a job, then you just click on the handy dandy link they give you that leads you straight to the ‘You Got The Job!’ page.

When you decide what part of the page you want to choose from, quickly scan the first job that catches your eye for the item, how many they want, and the reward amount. Be ready to click it if you are decently satisfied. I like to look for the ones with the rewards between 2000 and 5000. Also, I like to choose the ones that ask for 2 to 4 items. Don’t be too picky, though, because if you wait too long, the job will already be gone.

If you don’t get the job the second time, you will most likely be able to try one more time before they are all taken. I find that by 30 seconds after they are posted all the jobs have been taken, so scan really fast, or don’t scan at all.

If you get the job, look at the item name and picture if you haven’t already. If the picture only shows one thing, like a Fungus Ball Ball and it asks for 3, they will still ask you to get Fungus Ball Balls. Notice the s. When you copy and paste, make sure the ‘s’ isn’t in there. If they ask you to get something like Raisins, the ‘s’ stays in the name because, if you look in the picture, multiple raisins are being poured from the box which means the name of the item stays plural. When you paste it in your shop wizard, make sure to scroll down and choose ‘identical to my phrase’. This way you won’t get something like Fyora Yoyo when you really want just a plain Yoyo. This will save money if you accidentally buy the wrong thing, and time so you don’t have to keep refreshing to get what you want.

You will also want to look at the reward and make sure you aren’t getting ripped off on said reward. Refresh the shop wizard a couple of times to see if you can get the item for cheaper, and make sure you are spending less than what the reward is. If there is no way you can possibly do that, consider clicking the little button that lets you quit the task for a measly 200 NP and it won’t mark it as a failed job. This is also useful if you find that you don’t have enough money to do the job. If you don’t mind getting a bad mark on your resume, just ride out the time limit, then try for a better job.

If you have a separate page for your shop wizard, all you have to do once you get the items is refresh that page. If not, rush back to the agency, click the ‘Status’ link, click on the link that says what your pet’s job was, and it will take you to the congratulations page. It will tell you that you completed the job in such and such amount of time, and it will tell you how much you got for the job. Also, if you finished it super fast, like under two minutes for the longer ones, you will get a bonus for your speedy delivery. Sadly, for slower computers it is really hard to get that bonus, but not quite impossible if you get the right job.

Thank you for reading my article. I hope it is helpful. Now go out and Nab That Job!

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