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Where Did All the Binkies Go?

by stnzhndmdn


Where did all the binkies go?

Oh no! There you were, just innocently wandering around the lab ray, when Boochi strikes and suddenly your fierce green JubJub is a baby! Well, baby JubJubs are cute, right? Of course they are! Those sweet little eyes and angelic smile are adorable!

Uh oh! Poor thing looks like he’s been swallowed by his blechy hat, so you take it off and tuck it away. You pick him up and cuddle him close. Sure it’s different, but you can get used to this change. But wait! Where is his binky? What are you going to do when he starts crying? No diaper to change, he's had his daily treat of jelly, but he wants his binky! Oh dear!

You hurry home to search your playroom. You know you have lots of great things for the little ones there. Toys and snuggly nap spaces abound, but not a single pacifier is in any of the drawers anywhere! After turning the kitchen upside down and peering under all the beds and behind the couches you decide there isn’t one anywhere. Now what?

Maybe your friend has a spare one. She has a darling baby Mynci and you know she loves making him happy. He even has his own section in her gallery with his blankie and teddy and sweet treats! Off you go to visit and let the little ones play at her neohome.

Crossing Neopia Central, you decide to window shop and maybe pick up a couple of new toys for your darling JubJub, You definitely need a bag to carry all of his toys, baby food, and a blankie for his nap. There should be binkies in one of these stores for him. Entering the marketplace, you run into a good friend and her charming baby Grundo. He’s looking pleased with himself as he plays with his favorite plushie from Mom’s gallery while you talk. Seems she has had the same trouble finding a pacifier for her wee alien also. You decide to continue together to your friend’s neohome. Wiping the drool off of the now soggy plushie, you gather your things and head on toward the dock, wondering what is going on at TNT that has all of the binkies missing.

You hop onto the ferry to Mystery Island and settle in to sip your neocola while the little ones play on the deck. Another friend is there with her baby Kacheek who is busily chewing on her baby blue Lupe plushie’s ear. They were taking a day trip to sight see on the island and the tiny tots are happy to play together. You laugh at the sight of your baby JubJub playing in his new safety hat a kind Chia gave you. Looks like he’s sitting in a huge yellow boat! After asking around, you find that no one there has a spare binky either and they hadn’t really taken much notice until then.

To wile away some time, you try brainstorming theories about missing binkies, bibs, and pajamas. Oh dear! Is there a binky shortage? Now we've gotten worried. Is there a binky thief among us? Has Dr. Sloth taken to stockpiling binkies? Now what would he be doing with those? Hmm, inflating the market to fund his next plot maybe? Is it a meepit conspiracy?? Nope. Meepits wouldn’t want binkies, they like their juice when cranky. Perhaps there’s a new faerie in Neopia? No, you can’t imagine a baby faerie taking binkies and leaving nothing in return. Besides, how could a baby faerie be so evil? I mean colorful wings, coordinating diapers and bibs, and binky theft? Couldn’t happen. Oops! You’re there!

After juggling everything and heading off to your friend’s home, you knock and luckily find her home. She and her mini Mynci are happy to have a play date! Upon entering the nursery, you see her Mynci playing with his neoblocks but notice he's missing his banana pajamas. Must be laundry day. You settle in the babies and relax while they play. Over a nice cup of hot borovan and a plate of biscuits, you chat about your new addition and wonder what you're going to do with the Battledome items that now dwarf your poor little ones. You ask if she has a spare binky since yours seems to be missing and find that not only does she not have a binky, but her darling Mynci is shivering at night! He still has his favorite green blankie, but his banana pajamas have disappeared! Must have been the monster that lives behind the dryer snacking again, you decide.

Got it! You'll all go visit your mutual friend and her cuddly little baby Kacheek, Quiggle, and Kiko! Surely she has a spare binky hiding somewhere! You decide she will likely be somewhere around the Neoboards. Everyone helps clean up and gathers their belongings before heading out again.

The parade of baby pets and their parents march off to the Lenny Library where you find your friend and her pets in the computer room. Finding the whole crew playing under mom’s feet while she furiously types on the boards, we all ask the pressing question… do you have a spare binky… err… a few spare binkies? Diapers, yup... bibs, yup... binky, only her Kiko has one and he won't share! RCG wants his OWN binky anyway.

After a little more searching, you find that TNT has taken them from the most of the babies among us and left them with the Kikos, Korbats, and Shoyrus. While it's wonderful that some pet parents get to make their little ones happy, what are we to tell out adorably bouncing bundles of joy?

Deciding to share our tale with the rest of Neopia, we bring this plea to you and the Neopian Times. Help, TNT! If you ever thought that mewing kadoatie was annoying, you should hear the noise a neighborhood full of crying baby pets makes! Come on over one night this week... you folks can calm RCG down... and maybe give the bibs back to our little drool monsters and the banana pajamas back to the poor shivering Myncies too while you're at it!

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