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Mysteries of Neopia: Revealed

by aidan_hood


Also by propagated

Throughout Neopia there are thousands of different, unique items, each with their own story to tell. The origins and uses of many of these items have been well documented; however, there are a select few that bring silence to the lips of Neopia’s top boffins. When asked “What is that for”, “What’s inside there” or “Where did that come from”, they have no response.

Therefore I, aidan_hood, have carried out my own personal research, risking my life to bring you, the Neopian Times readers, the information you desire. What lies within this article may be too shocking for some readers to handle. All of those illusions you had about these items will be shattered and replaced with the cold, hard truth. If you want to live in your own happy world, this is your last chance to turn back – I advise you only continue reading if you are truly ready for the truth. You are? Then I will begin!

Case Study 1: Escaped Pixel

The basic origins of this item are known, as the description of it reads “This pixel has somehow escaped from Neoquest!” This, however, is the limit to most people’s knowledge. There are many theories circulating regarding the exact beginnings of the escaped pixel and how and where it escaped from in Neoquest, all of which are false. All but one, that is.

My reliable sources inform me that the Escaped Pixel did in fact escape from Neoquest through the 75th Mystery Picture, the answer to which was “Mr Insane on the front page of NeoQuest.” Back when this was released, technology was not as advanced as it is nowadays. A copy of the image could not be made, but the Mystery Picture was instead cut directly out of the original image, and replaced when the contest was over.

As this was a very complex image to perform this process on, the staff was very nervous. The nerves led to shaking, which led to the picture being dropped, and, try as they did to put the image back together, they missed one lonely pixel in the corner of the room. Left on the floor, pining for his fellow pixels that he had been so close to for all of his life, this pixel now wanders the site alone.

Since the accident, people have tried to talk to him and form a combined image with him, but this pixel cannot forget his old friends from that now deleted image. In his first interview since that fateful day, he muttered to me only a few words: “No new pixels. Prefer alone time”.

Case Status: SOLVED

Case Study 2: Unlabelled Tin Can

A prize given out in the thousands each day from the Tiki Tack Tombola, the description of this item reads “What's inside? Who knows... It's a mystery...”. But what puzzled me is why nobody ever thought to open their can and see what was inside? So I did just that! I opened my can, and saw the wondrous treasure within. Olives. I tried one to make sure, and it certainly was a Tin of Olives. In light of these shocking findings, I went directly to speak to the Tiki Tack Man to put a few questions to him.

Q: “Why exactly are you giving out two prizes from your Tombola that are the same item? I have discovered that your Unlabelled Tin Can is just your Tin of Olives without a label on it. Can you explain yourself?”

A: “Ah, I thought no one would ever notice. As delightful as my customers are, they often miss the most obvious things. I didn’t think any of them would decide to open the can to discover the contents.”

Q: “Interesting, but that doesn’t answer my question. Why are you giving away two items that are the same, but giving them different names?”

A: “Ah, sorry. It all started back in that terrible storm in the winter of ’06. My shack wasn’t built for the rain, and piles of boxes containing Tins of Olives got absolutely soaked. I examined them in the morning, and the labels had been ruined, hanging off the tins with the writing all smudged. I knew I couldn’t give them away in that condition, so I had the marvellous idea of removing the labels totally and giving them away like that!”

Q: “So why didn’t you just tell us this in the first place?”

A: “Well, no one asked. And if I’d just come out with that, it might have damaged the number of people playing my Tombola, as they might think all of the other prizes are in some way faulty, which I can assure you they are not. At least it’s all sorted out now. Thank you!”

So, no longer a mystery, the Unlabelled Tin Can is confirmed by the Tiki Tack Man to be none other than a tasty Tin of Olives.

Case Status: SOLVED

Case Study 3: Piece of Wool

A simple piece of wool; but where did it come from? The description this time did not help me on my quest, simply stating the obvious: “Piece of Wool”.

It didn’t take long for me to determine where this little bit of wool came from, however. By taking a small sample, and mixing up some special potions using my Kaylas Chemistry Set, I soon discovered that the small piece of wool was once part of a much larger item. The texture and colouring, as well as the slight chill felt in the wool meant it could only have come from one place: Terror Mountain, and the snow faerie Taelia.

I went to speak with Taelia, to let her know of my findings:

“Oooh, yes! I have been looking for this little piece of wool for so long now!! I snagged my jacket on a rock whilst playing Cliffhanger, and I’ve had this little hole here ever since. Thanks for finding this for me. I’ll just patch up the hole, and I’ll be much warmer again. Thanks so much!”

So it wasn’t just a piece of wool as the description suggested, but a piece of wool from Taelia’s warm winter coat.

Case Status: SOLVED


And there we are, some of Neopia’s oldest mysteries finally brought to a close, thanks to the detective skills of yours truly, aidan_hood.

If you’re ever puzzling over an item in the future, and wonder “just what do I do with this”, then don’t hesitate to contact me. You may not know the truth, but somewhere, someone will, and somehow I will find the answers for you!

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