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The Sock Puppets

by mystics_magic


"Justine, I'm going out now. Make sure you stay at home and wait patiently for Aunt Ellie to arrive, all right?" reminded Lori, kissing her precious Cybunny on the forehead.

"No worries mum," grinned Justine. "You have a good time!"

They both exchanged hugs and kisses before Lori finally left the house for a tea reception at the Art Gallery.

Justine sighed, deep in her heart, she hated Aunt Ellie, also known as the Terrifying Techo. She was naggy, strict and on top of that, she was fierce and mean looking! But Justine didn't want to make her mum worried, so she just lied to Lori that she liked Aunt Ellie.

It was exactly three in the afternoon and Justine was staring to rejoice. Aunt Ellie was never late, not even by a minute and even if she were, she would make a call. I just hope Aunt Ellie won't come today…Justine mumbled to herself.

However, Justine's rejoice did not last for long, a few minutes later, the doorbell rang. A very unwilling Justine dragged herself to open the door. Indeed, as she had expected, it was the Terrifying Techo, looking as grouchy as ever.

"I know, I know, I'm late!" she groaned, hanging up her drenched coat. "I was caught in the rain, so deal with that okay?"

It was rather hilarious how Aunt Ellie looked all wet and dripping, but Justine tried to control her laughter, for she knew she was going to be in for trouble if she let out the slightest giggle. "All right, it isn't my first time here. Why don't you just do your own things while I do mine?" she grumbled.

Justine was just about to hop off to her room when she thought she might just play a trick or two on that meanie. "But Terri- I mean Aunt Ellie, I'm terribly bored today and I really want someone to play with. Will you please play with me?" pleaded Justine.

Aunt Ellie chuckled. "Oh please, enough with the Puppyblew eyes. What's the occasion? My birthday? I don't have that kind of privilege to play the almighty princess herself."

"Oh come on!" Justine asked, giving Aunt Ellie a nudge.

It took quite a bit of persuasion, but Justine finally got Aunt Ellie to play with her. "Let's play a game, any sort of game. If I win, you have to listen to me for an entire day and if I lose, I'll listen to you," suggested Justine. "Forever."

Justine wasn't afraid of losing, I mean, how much could an old, grumpy Techo know anything about games at all?

"Bring it on! Let's play Cheat! One of my favorite games." Aunt Ellie laid out the cards, and the game officially begun.

Many rounds passed, but there was still no sign of the winner. This old hag is better than I thought Justine thought.

"CHEAT!" yelled Justine, flipping open the top card. And to her disbelief, Aunt Ellie had not cheated, and to top that, she had played her last card.

"Well, I've won. So now, you've got to listen to everything I say, forever." Laughed Aunt Ellie menacingly.

Justine was still stunned, unable to believe that she lost. But it was a fact, and she had to get over it. "Fine, so what do you want me to do now?" boomed Justine in anger.

"Well, I just want you to do something with me, something very simple," replied Aunt Ellie. "Let's make sock puppets!"

"What? Sock puppets?" exclaimed Justine, in shock.

Aunt Ellie giggled, "Yes, I love making sock puppets, but it's sad how you've made like 10 of them, but no one's there to play with you."

Justine actually felt bad for Aunt Ellie; she never knew Aunt Ellie was actually so lonely without anyone to play with. Although sock puppet making was something she had never done before, not to mention even playing with Aunt Ellie, but she was willing to give it a try, since she didn't really have much of a choice anyway.

They rummaged the laundry bag and found a few pairs of magic smelly socks, although they weren't very pleasant smelling, they just had to make do. Justine also found a few buttons in Lori's sewing kit and some pretty ornaments to use as decorations.

Aunt Ellie, who seemed to be an expert at sock puppet making, demonstrated to Justine how a sock puppet was made. Justine fumbled a bit on her first attempt, but after Aunt Ellie's help, she finally got the hang of it.

"Shiver me timbers!" growled Justine, waving her pirate-decorating sock puppet about.

"Oh please, have mercy on me…" whimpered a shrill, tiny voice, which was actually Aunt Ellie pretending to be a princess captured by the pirate.

"Wow! I'm actually having fun!" admitted Justine. "Can we do this the next time you come?"

"I-I'm…not sure." Replied Aunt Ellie, as if holding back something.

Justine knitted her eyebrows into a frown. "Why's that so?"

"I've decided to move back with my sister in Faerie Land, so I think this will be my last visit."

Justine gasped. She herself couldn't believe that she once hated Aunt Ellie, but now that she's was leaving, she kind of felt sad.

There was a minute of silence, neither Justine nor Aunt Ellie spoke. Finally, Aunt Ellie picked up the pirate sock puppet, "Arr matey! Why the sad face? I thought you always hated me…"

"I used to but now, I've-I've realized how fun you can be!" replied Justine, almost in a shouting tone.

Aunt Ellie wrapped her arms around Justine, comforting her. "Oh silly child, we'll have lots of chances to play sock puppets with each other when you visit me in Faerie Land!"

"I'm home!" Lori's voice rushed through the house.

"Mummy!" Justine called out, unwrapping herself from Aunt Ellie's arms.

"Mummy, Aunt Ellie's going back to Faerie Land with her sister. This is her last visit!" exclaimed Justine.

"Really? Oh…" Lori spoke in a sad tone. "By the way Justine, what's that on your hand?"

Justine glanced down and couldn't help but giggle; she had forgotten to take the sock puppet off her hand! Justine and Aunt Ellie explained the whole thing to Lori and she was rather amazed.

"Wow, thanks for giving Justine such a wonderful time, is there anything I can do for you before you leave?" asked Lori.

Aunt Ellie thought for a while, before grinning at Justine, "Just make sure Justine won't be so playful anymore!"

It was sad, but true, it was time for Aunt Ellie to go. Justine felt shy, but she plucked up all her courage and ran forward to hug Aunt Ellie. "Well, I never had a chance to know you much because I always thought you were mean, but now I'll really miss you if you go!"

"Well, I always thought you were a sweet girl, except really playful at times. You're by far the sweetest little girl I've looked after. I'll miss you lots too." Aunt Ellie beamed. They exchanged their goodbyes, before Aunt Ellie hesitatingly left the house.

3 days later, Justine received a package from Faerie Land. She opened the package and could not stop giggling when she saw a fierce-looking Techo sock puppet, there was a note attached to it saying,

"Dearest Justine,

Whenever you see this puppet, I hope you'll remember me not as the fierce Techo who lives down the street but the Techo who loves sock puppets. Continue making sock puppets, for when we meet again some day, I'd love to play with you again.

Love, Aunt Ellie."

Tears rolled down Justine's face like crystal beads, she was so touched by what Aunt Ellie, the Techo whom she hated so much, to now, someone who was considered her friend had did.

The End

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