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The Best of Meridellian Food

by zuziafruzia


The land of heroes and legends, Meridell is comfortably situated between Neopia Central and Brightvale, respectively. Whether you are residing in or visiting this land, you might have a hard time with its food. After all, not everyone has a medieval palate. However, there is hope for Meridellian food! This guide will provide you with the necessary lists of food that is yummy!

Before bringing you Meridell's best delicacies, there are some foods you most certainly should avoid altogether. Take Gruel, for example. "A nourishing bowl of gruel is great for a famished Neopet" is what its description claims. You, on the other hand, do not want to deprive yourself of nutrition enough to the point where Gruel seems appetizing. Meridell has better stews to offer, trust me. Even if you are offered Stale Bread for free, do not be fooled into eating it. Unless you develop a knack for expired foods suddenly, you'll want to skip over this bread. In fact, don't eat anything with the words: stale, flat, raw, mouldy, sludge, smooshed, slops, yuck, old, strange, stinky, peel, or blackened. That is, unless you want to experience agony, possibly great agony.

Alas, Draik Eggs should not be eaten! Unless you are a gourmet food enthusiast, stay clear of these eggs! They hold a precious Draik inside, a Draik, that under certain conditions, would like to live in Neopia... You wouldn't be so cruel to eat one, would you? Don't you prefer to have a nice, loyal neopet instead? This writer begs you to spare those eggs!

Phew! Now that all of that is out of the way, it's time for the best of Meridellian food.

Best Drink: Fruit Juice Sack

Rating: A+

Being the next best affordable beverage to Fresh Fruit Goblet, this sack contains a balanced combination of both fruits and berries, sweetened to just the right amount, for perfect refreshment. Because of its refined blend, it is the best drink over Braku Berry Juice, extraordinary on its own despite lacking other fruits. The sack, as an added bonus, seals in the aromatic flavor, keeping the juice good as new! Perfect for on-the-go Neopians who do not have the time to finish drinking the whole quantity.

Best Stew / Soup: Extra Creamy Soup

Rating: B-

Better than the stones in Stone Soup and mystery meat in Chunky Meaty Stew, this soup is just begging to be eaten! Neatly presented in a sturdy wooden bowl, it is comprised of potatoes, cream, and leeks. It lacks a higher rating, because it has mystery vegetables as well. Look on the bright side, though; unknown veggies are a lot better than unknown meat! And you can't get that extra creamy, fresh texture anywhere else in Meridell.

Best Bread: Baked Rye Loaf

Rating: A

Speaking of fresh, this loaf of rye bread guarantees you food safety. First of all, it's baked and presented to you fresh out of the oven, extra warm and yummy. Secondly, rye is not dangerous nor are there any surprise ingredients to turn even the most delicate of stomachs. Neopia Central's baker would have been very proud to see this wonderful food specimen himself. Third of all, rye is super healthy in a luscious way which will leave you wanting more and more.

Best Cheese: Mummified Cheese

Rating: A+

Look no further than Meridell for an array of cheeses, both good and bad! Thanks to Cheeseroller, the game in which cheese wedges are rolled down a steep hill, the land is filled with it! Alas, Space Cheese, claimed to be one of the best in Neopia, is not the best cheese since it can only be opened by a few patient (and brave?) eaters. Most Neopians know the secret to excellent cheese: aging. Yes, cheese must be carefully aged to achieve near perfect Neopian quality. What if I told you a cheese has been doing such for years? Yes, years! In fact, it's mummified, sealing in its delectable flavor! Therefore, Mummified Cheese, with its old, worn out fabric wrapped around it, is, and probably will be, the closest Neopian cheese to come to perfection. Now, aren't you elated you're in Meridell to feast on it?

Best Meat: Chicken and Gammon

Rating: B

If you could ever manage to acquire Roast Pork, keep hold of it. Its quality is priceless. But for the sake of the common Neopian, Chicken and Gammon comes close behind. For a vast kingdom, Meridell should have better meat. Maybe it all goes to King Skarl... After all, his belly seems to be growing lately, doesn't it? Anyway, Chicken and Gammon, as its name states, offers you two different types of meat for the price of one! The cured bacon, or gammon as it's called, is seasoned and cooked very well. The chicken leg could have been prepared better as it does seem like a letdown after the tasty gammon. However, the combination of simplicity and spices compliment one another, making Chicken and Gammon top notch.

Best Potatoes: Potatoes and Gravy

Rating: C+

Potatoes have the potential for greatness. And while drizzling them with gravy when they are in a mashed state is classic, it does not necessarily better the potatoes themselves. The gravy itself has a good, thick consistency on its own. This edible mixture is very simple, yet it will not be a considerable disappointment. It's just potatoes and gravy, that's it. At least the mashed potatoes aren't mouldy or raw! Combined with other Meridellian food, one can easily mask their unsophisticated nature.

Best Tomatoes: Giant Tomato Kebab

Rating: C+

Faced with the same difficulty as some of their predecessors on this list, tomatoes aren't presented in as unique a fashion as they could have been. Meridell's tomatoes suffer from being overripe, squished, smooshed, or even blackened. However, the Giant Tomato Kebab saves this vegetable (or fruit, depending on how you look at things!) from doom by... grilling it and sticking it on a rusty, yet nice looking, knife. The tomato's quality redeems itself by keeping the food intact. Yet, I would advise any potential eaters to devour it quickly. You never know with Meridellian tomatoes. Just be watchful of the possibly sharp edge of the knife and you should enjoy this one!

Best Peas: Bag of Peas

Rating: A

Peas may be stuffed inside peppers and made into pudding, but nothing, absolutely nothing, beats the awesome quality of morning picked peas! Who wants spoiled, mushy, or sloppy peas? I certainly don't. Hand picked from the Meridellian fields just hours ago, a plethora of peas are placed into many bags. So many that the bag is almost overflowing from them! This bag makes a marvelous condiment to meals.

Best Berry: Super Juicy Berry

Rating: A

Almost as hydrating as an Aquaberry and infinitely more affordable, the Super Juicy Berry is a savory marvel to behold indeed! It's like a fragile orange balloon filled with indescribably delicious juice. Refreshing and cheap, you could stock up on these instead of Meridellian drinks. Its only setback is that it may burst at any moment, causing the liquid to fly out in all directions. Oh dear, that means you better eat it (or should I say drink it?) as soon as you get hold of it!

Best Vegetable: Asparacone

Rating: B+

This is one of those foods where you have to question how in Neopia did something like that come about? With the crunchy texture of a fir cone, Asparacone is packed with asparagus flavor. Fir cone? Who would eat a fir cone, you may ask. The cone gives this bizarre vegetable only the "crunch". It's brimming with one hundred percent lovely asparagus taste! Say goodbye to mushy asparagus for good this time!

Best Meal: Turkey and Potato Dinner

Rating: A+

Its description is one of a kind: "Amazing... a perfectly safe-to-ingest meal from Meridell. Savour its turkey goodness!" Turkey and Potato Dinner is probably the best meal to find the best quality turkey and potatoes and, I daresay, the greatest food in all of Meridell! Best of all, you will certainly escape your hunger by indulging in this relatively cheap dinner!

Best Sandwich: Illusen Day Burger

Rating: A+

Technically, a burger is a sandwich. Decked out in Illusen's colors, green and brown, this "sandwich" is perfectly baked to suit even vegetarians! There is no meat, just pure vegetable goodness! Can you say healthy? This burger is blessed with being the most heavenly healthy delight in all of Meridell. Eating one will definitely make Illusen happy and proud! Maybe you should visit her after gobbling the burger made in her honor!

Best Way to Enjoy Marrow: Marrow and Rice Sundae

Rating: A

If you can afford to buy this delicacy, you're lucky! Marrow is slowly invading Meridellian homes, thanks to Old Bessie and her Guess the Weight game. A plethora of ways for enjoying Marrow has developed, but no other proves to have the edge over Marrow and Rice Sundae. Artfully crafted and shaped, a piece of Marrow is scooped out and filled with rice pudding. Not just any rice pudding, but creamy, quality pudding! Even if you aren't a huge fan of rice pudding, you should try this amazing treat!

Sometimes, it is best to try a Neopian World's particular delicacies, no matter how odd they seem like. However, if you aren't that adventurous or need some time to build up your courage, these foods I've mentioned are definitely the ones to go for to avoid upsetting a palate. Meridell is host to plenty of both delicious and not so delicious delicacies. The former is certainly worth endeavoring and I hope you will have the chance to do so! Enjoy your stay at Meridell! I wish it will turn out to be a very joyful one!

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