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Pleasing the Palate of Your Jetsam!

by shade876


So you’ve taken the plunge and decided to adopt a Jetsam. Now you’re thinking to yourself, “What do Jetsams eat?” Many owners are under the impression that their new companion will be perfectly satisfied consuming nothing but scrawny fish, sludge pie, or even excessive amounts of poisonous jelly. Sure, your Jetsam will gulp down just about anything that you wave in front of it, but if you really want to make their rumbling tummies happy, you’ll need to know how to do it right.

First things first, a good owner needs to discover a world of aquatic food. Jetsams may look ferocious and scary, but their favorite place to dine is located in the gorgeous world of Maraqua. Being misunderstood creatures who enjoy fine dining, they prefer a four course meal in the highly sought after Kelp Restaurant.

To begin their dining experience, your Jetsam will want to choose a cocktail. There are ten thirst-quenching choices to choose from. It will be up to your Jetsam to decide what suits his or her fancy. However, from our taste testing we can make a couple of recommendations. A frequent pick from many underwater pets, especially Jetsams, is the cornupepper lemonade. It arrives at your table in a stunning purple glass. Along with that hint of the old fashioned lemonade taste that everyone loves, it also gives you a spicy kick from those hot cornupepper seeds. You’ll find this burst of spice lingering in your mouth for hours afterwards. For those individuals who do not have the strong palate to deal with burning cornupepper seeds, a milder choice is a funnydew melon. The funnydew melon is dropped off in an exciting orange mug. This beverage will bring a smile to any pet’s face and keep them giggling and satisfied throughout the rest of their dining experience.

Once the cocktail has been chosen, your Jetsam is going to want an appetiser to get their mouths watering. For the more distinguished Jetsam, such as that of the gold-painted variety, they will likely want to choose a pate a la kelp. This choice is also a great choice for your compassionate vegetarian Jetsam as it contains nothing other than vegetation, which grows out of the ground. If your pet prefers to slurp from a soup spoon, rather than being refined and proper as they eat their pate, you may want to consider a Maraquan cream broth. This soup arrives in a fancy underwater bowl but gives pets the chance to let loose as they inhale their spicy creamy soup.

So far this experience has been only a tease to your Jetsam’s starving taste buds, so you will definitely want to pick something off of the main course menu. As Jetsams are under-the-sea pets, they will love the fish special, which is delicately placed on a bed of angel hair pasta. For those who have a heftier appetite and are craving something that will be guaranteed to fill up anyone with a hollow fin, try the whole roast pheasant. This wild game is slow roasted and then smothered in a salivating foozette sauce. It is served with a side of baked corn balls. We all know that there are a few vegetarian Jetsams in Neopia, so the Kelp Restaurant has been kind enough to provide a selection of meatless dinner options. The luxurious vegetarian star pie is presented as a meal fit for the rich and famous but can match the pocketbook of a Jetsam who earns a living at the Faerieland Employment Agency. It is a vegetarian quiche shaped into a star to add a bit of class to this dish.

No one can possibly finish off their dining experience without a tasty dessert before vacating their table. The Kelp Restaurant offers six different choices. In order to not miss out, your Jetsam will need to keep returning to the Kelp Restaurant until every single one of these choices can be sampled. If your Jetsam prefers a frozen treat and their favorite color just happens to be green, they must order a kelps signature ice creame at their first visit. The normal Neopian flavors were in short supply from too many games of Ice Cream Machine when this delicious dessert was created out of kelp. For those who want a fruity sweet variety, they should pick honeyed horn of plenty. Your pet will be served a combination of ice cream, sorbet and berries that is lightly drizzled in smooth honey. To give your pet a feeling of their underwater lifestyle, they must take a bite of an octopi souffle. This melt-in-your-mouth creamy chocolate comes in three different flavors to sample and arrives in the creative shape of octopi

By the time your Jetsam has picked even one of the dessert choices after completing the rest of their meal, they will be sure to be full. If by chance they cannot finish every last bite, the Kelp Restaurant offers a goody bag to take home. These leftovers will be enjoyed for days afterwards, giving your Jetsam the constant reminder that you really care about what he or she tastes and consumes.

If you can’t make it into the Kelp Restaurant to please your Jetsam, there are other delicious dinner ideas that can be found in shops throughout Neopia. These are no longer served in to just anybody and have to be specially preserved to last as long as they have; thus, they may cost you a pretty neopoint. Fish eggs are a delicacy in Maraqua and will be sure to please your pink-loving Jetsam. Vegetarian Jetsams will drool over the idea of coral beef. They will feel like they fit right in with their meat-eating buddies while being able to stay as health-conscious as they can. If your Jetsam is depressed over unpleasant skin, they will thrive after sampling the seaweed sandwich. The seaweed sandwich is chopped full of essential vitamins and will make the skin of any Jetsam shine.

Hopefully all of those Jetsam owners will now have a better understanding as to how to keep their Jetsam’s giant bellies full of tasty food. They can still handle the occasional omelette or tchea fruit, but please spare them the tummy aches from infested peaches and pickled leaches and be sure to treat them to their natural underwater food as frequently as your budget affords.

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