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Out on the Battlefield

by sirussblack


I glanced around me on every angle. It was mayhem out here. Ice Skeletons attacked the thieves. The thieves slashed away with swords, daggers, axes, and other weapons. It was a full on battle - a full on clash of both wits and strength. And, to top of the already horrible war, I was stuck in the middle of it.

     I actually never agreed to be on the thieves' side. I didn't want to help them. I wanted to help the Bori and Hannah. But, a family tradition was a family tradition and no one could change that. It was agreed upon by my ancestors that everyone able to fight from their line of power will fight for the dark side (the evil side - which ever). And, even though I pleaded my father to let me break the tradition, he said no and was firm on his answer. So, I was stuck out here where I didn't want to be.

     Ice skeletons came up to me and I had to fight them off. It was only a matter of self-defense. Otherwise, I wouldn't have stricken any part of their glacial body.

     The mountain that day wasn't its normal bright white. It was dull. The snow had been toned down by the vomit from sickness. There were men (Neopets) lying on the ground, coughing with a green and vile looking snowflake beside them. There was nothing I could do to help.

     All I could do was fend for myself. I didn't have the money nor the will to help these sick thieves. And it would be against my morals to help an evil person in danger. It may not be called ethical in some places but I called it lifestyle. Someone who was evil deserved death and suffering. It was something I was taught since I was born and it was one of the only things that stuck with me.

     I saw a tall, purple Grarrl fall to the ground in front of me. I walked over his body, making sure I gave him a cold look. He knew what he was doing was wrong and I knew that he would eventually die anyway. So, I left him there.

     So, I continued to walk. I never liked my body. I was a Gelert. I was Christmas in color though I tried to fix my look up by wearing different chains and dying my fur every so often. But, my owner attached those bells to my ear and I was stuck with them. Those I couldn't take off and wouldn't in fear of pain. I may be male but I felt I was too caring for a boy. My father always said I had a weak heart and that I should loosen up and appreciate life and death for what it is - one large fight.

     For obvious reasons, I didn't believe that. It was against my values. Life, to me at least, was a fight but not a fight as in my father would put it but a fight as I would put it. Trying your best to help somebody in trouble out. And it would be judged if you won or not by if you helped the person or not.

     Maybe my morals are a bit screwy and messed up. I believe a lot of different things. This is most likely because of my many different atmospheres around in my home. My father is a cold-blooded killer and wants me to grow up and be the same way. He's killed many people in wars, even people on his own side. My mother is totally different than him. She cares about everyone and wants to help out the best she can. And she does a very good job of it. My brother was much more like my father, though he has acquired some good personalities from my mother. And, finally, my sister is nothing like my mom, dad, or even my brother or I. Some people don't even believe that we're related.

     Another person fell down in front of me. He gasped for air and whispered something that I could hear perfectly well but ignored. It was a plea for help. I gave him a sarcastic look and walked on through the snow, making sure to check all directions for skeletons.

     The mountain was up ahead. I was starting to cross out of the thieves territory and into a neutral area where it was peaceful. There were barely any known people in this area at the top of the mountain so I didn't have to worry about invaders.

     After another twenty or so minutes of walking I reached the tip; the neutral point. When I arrived I saw exactly what I suspected. There was the odd pet sitting down there or walking around but for the most part it was bare and empty. But, it was comfortable. That was until I got to the side where Hannah's forces were fighting viciously away every hour of every day.

     I was stopped though. My journey to the other side of the mountain was paused by someone needing help. A Bori appeared in front of me, limping along.

     "Help me…please…" it muttered. It collapsed and fell onto my back. Then, the Bori slid down my back and onto the frigid ice.

     I bent down on the snow and looked at his leg. There was a large gash spreading from his kneecap to his claws. I looked at it for a moment before I got an idea. I took the small knapsack I had off my back and reached inside. I looked and felt around until I felt what I was looking for. I pulled a roll of gauze out and some tape. I then unraveled the gauze and wrapped it tightly around the wounded leg. I then grabbed a small piece of tape to hold the gauze together. "I hope that helps," I said, putting the unused gauze and tape back inside my knapsack before zipping it up.

     The Bori slowly and hesitantly got up from the ground and started to limp around a bit, walking in circles. Soon, he seemed to be in a full stride, stretching and exercising his leg. "Thank you! Thank you!" he exclaimed. He then stopped for a moment and looked at me for a moment. Then, he reached into his coat pocket (a nice fur one that I would have liked at the moment) and gave me an amulet. "Take this. It will bring you great luck as it has me. I would have surely died if I had not found you. Do not refuse to take this gift - I cannot accept it back."

     He shoved an amulet into my paw and ran off, scampering down the other side of the mountain. I then studied the amulet and turned it around in my hand. It was gold in color - and it wasn't cheap gold. It was real and pure gold rarely was given out; only to the highest in power. I turned it around in my hand, studying everything. It had unique designs and curves, seeming to shape a picture that I couldn't see. In the center there was a glowing blue stone with some sort of picture or image inside. It was a very magnificent sight.

     I slid it into my pocket and continued through the neutral zone, looking around for any suspicious folk that may try and harm me. There was no one. So, I walked for quite a while until I reached the side where Hannah was fighting. And, it was almost the same as the thieves side. There was fighting going on in every direction. And I cheered for them. They were the side I wanted.

     Walking into the battlefield I put my hands on my sword. Today, I would break my tradition. And I knew my father would be disappointed, but it is my choice. A beast came up on me and growled, its saliva covering my body. I pulled out my sword and wounded it. It gave a bloodcurdling scream before collapsing. I was to fight for Hannah - it was my fate.

The End

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