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The Unsung Heroes of the Altador Cup

by the_real_poetess_123


With this year's Altador Cup well under way, it's safe to say that there is a lot of information and many rumors flying about. Most of these have to do with the yooyuball players themselves, but what about the unsung heroes of the competition? What about those Neopians we don't know much about, but without whom, this tournament would not be the raging success that we all enjoy? Let's take a closer look:

Name: Known only as the Super-Fan (Prefers to remain anonymous to increase the mystique surrounding his character)

Duties: As self-appointed Altador Cup Super-Fan, I own all of the team merchandise, which I wear in rotation. I pump up the crowd and cheer for every player, regardless of their team. Yooyuball is my life!

Life Before the Cup: I used to be a stockbroker. I made some wise investments and bought into HELT while it was trading at 15 NP a share. I wound up selling it at its high of 497 NP. I made a fortune! After that, I retired from the stock market and spent a lot of time at the poogle races. I was so busy cheering for all five of the racers that I never placed any bets. I couldn't ever pick a favorite.

Biggest Achievement: That's a tie from being featured on last year's AC avatar and being recognized as the official super-fan this year. They even sent me help pumping up the fans this year. It's amazing!

Pet Peeve: When players score on their own team. It's the only time I boo, and it makes my eyes pop out of their sockets.

Life in the Off-Season: Well, my life pretty much has revolved around the Altador Cup for the past year or so. In the off-season, I work on cheers, help the souvenir shop guy design new merchandise, make predictions about who's going to play for which team, and what team will be the one to beat. Oh... I also really enjoy cheeserolling. Hey, even super-fans need to take a break once in awhile!

Greatest Wish: That the Altador Cup will return next year and continue to be played each year. Also, I hope that next year will have even more teams for me to cheer for... and that Team Kreludor will return. I don't pick favorites, but I kind of miss wearing purple and orange.

Name: Shelby

Duties: Waitress at the Slushie Concession Stand

Life Before the Cup: Well, my brother is the shopkeeper at the smoothie shop in Neopian Bazaar. I worked for him in the store room for ages, but when I heard about the Altador Cup, I sensed an opportunity and opened this stand.

Biggest Achievement: When I single-handedly served all 396 members of the Altador Cup planning/organizational committee in under 20 years on the last sign-up day for this year's cup.

Pet Peeve: Customers who get into arguments about whose team is best and wind up throwing their slushies at each other. What a mess! And a waste of perfectly good slushies!

Life in the Off-Season: I like to keep busy. Last year I helped my brother out with his store, but I prefer the customer service aspect, so I got a job at the swanky Kelp restaurant in Maraqua. I'm also working on new flavors for next year. I'm thinking Snidd-Starato... it's a combination of sniddberry, starberry, and tomato. What do you think?

Greatest Wish: To get some extra help for next year! It was fun for awhile, but I'm getting pretty worn out. It's hard work to run the only beverage stand at the Altador Cup all by yourself!

Name: Benny

Duties: Hey! I'm the shopkeeper at the one and only Souvenir Shop, you know.

Life Before the Cup: I did a little of this, a little of that. Basically coasted around looking for the next best thing and trying to make a neopoint here and there.

Biggest Achievement: Getting away with tweaking all of the Kreludor merchandise I had ready for this year's cup to make it appear to be Shenkuu merchandise. Saved me a fortune, and I've had very few complaints. Of course, with my no refunds policy, it doesn't really matter how many complaints I receive.

Pet Peeve: Window Shoppers

Life in the Off-Season: I spend a lot of time working on developing new products and trying to predict which teams are going to be most popular so I can predict which teams will sell more merchandise. The super-fan helps out a lot in that regard. He really knows his stuff. Keep this under wraps, but I'm currently thinking about making some of those helmets that have cupholders on the sides with straws so you can drink your neocola, achyfi, or slushies without having to hold it in your hand. I think it'll be huge. Just wait until next year...

Greatest Wish: To sell out my complete stock of merchandise and be able to close up shop early and spend some time on the beaches of Mystery Island.

Names: Dave "Disco" Dogglefur and "Fearsome" Frank Fruki

Duties: Official commentators of the Altador Cup

Life Before the Cup: Dogglefur got his nickname "Disco" as a kid when he spent the majority of his time at the concert hall in Tyrannia, dancing up a storm. He then used the agility he gained from so much dancing to become a world champion in several games, especially Faerie Cloud Racers. He later painted himself to match his name and to remind him of his roots. Fruki on the other hand, received the nickname "Fearsome" from his days minding the Grarrl Keno game. Since he didn't have to do much besides stand there and growl, he had a lot of opportunity to watch the other games and began commentating on them to entertain himself. With the combination of Dogglefur's talent and knowledge of all manner of sports and games, and Fruki's ability to turn even the dullest matches into an exciting commentary (along with the fact that they are the only commentators to be found in Neopia) the pair were the best choice for the job.

Biggest Achievement: Being honored as talking plushies for last year's Cup prizes.

Pet Peeve: Fans who ignore the commentary and don't give us the respect we deserve.

Life in the Off-Season: Dogglefur spends much of his time hanging around the game room where he always has a stack of autographed photographs on hand, in case he is recognized. He also enjoys giving out unsolicited advice to all of the players. Fruki is attempting to stretch his commentating skills over to script writing and is hoping to turn this year's Altador Cup race into a stirring script to be filmed for neovision.

Greatest Wish: To have the colosseum hanging onto our every word as we give an award winning commentary of the biggest game ever played.

So there you have it. A little insight into the lives of the unsung heroes of the Altador Cup. Next time you stop by the Slushie Stand or Souvenir Shop or are listening to the commentary and the roar of the crowd at a game, take a minute to remember those who make it all possible. The Altador Cup is about much more than just the 10 players on the field.

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