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Altador Cup Scenes: An Interview With Gordo Gunnels

by mazoku_kuiin


ALTADOR - Yooyuball is a sport that requires wit, speed, and the love of risk. Few athletes are able to make their place in professional Yooyuballing, and even fewer are willing to give interviews to independent newspapers.

However, during the Altador Cup 2007, Roo Island defender Gordo Gunnels agreed to meet the ACS team in his Altador hotel room. Here is an integral copy of this interview, a Neopian Times exclusivity.


ACS: Mister Gunnels, thanks for your time.

GG: You’re welcome. Please have a seat.

ACS: Thanks. First, please tell us more about yourself, what you did before being a Yooyuball player.

GG: Sure. I was born and raised in Roo Island, close to the castle. Being the oldest of my family, I had to protect my younger siblings from bullies. I trained a lot. When I left Roo Island to work in Tyrannia, for Niptor Dung INC, I also learn to pitch things to amazing distances!

ACS: Really?

GG: Yeps, this is the reason why I was recruited by the manager of the Tyrannian team, in Year 6. I played a couple of practice games, but didn’t manage to make it to the final five. But I told myself not to give up and I improved my throwing skills. Can you believe I’m one of the only defenders who can throw the Yooyu from behind our goal to the opposing side of the field! Pretty cool!

ACS: So afterward, you met Clutch Billaban in Tyrannia, correct?

GG: Ol’ Clutch was second Goalkeeper for Team Tyrannia. His Yooyuball skills were way more unreliable than his friendship, though. Clutch has always been there for me and I’m really glad to have a best friend like that old Pteri.

ACS: In Year 7, Clutch Billaban and you were involved in the transaction that brought Graps Milloban to Tyrannia. While Graps is now retired, due to several knee injuries, you are a star player in Roo Island’s lineup. How are you reacting to that?

GG: It’s shameful for Graps; he was a successful player, but really, I’m really satisfied with my position as right defender. If I could turn back time, I’d accept going back to my homeland, without any regrets. But you know, luck can really go your way, or not.

ACS: Which Yooyuball player is your role model?

GG : I wouldn’t say role model. A lot of players, including my own teammates, inspire me to do better. But, if I had to name a single player, it would be Helmo Timm. She’s always motivated, cheery, and she’s courageous. Even when she’s injured, she wants to play as much as she can. This Peophin will go far, trust me.

ACS: Are there other Yooyuball players you have a lot of respect for?

GG: Of course there are! Lilo Blumario is one of them, since the day I saw him play in the All-Star game, three years ago. This guy got leadership, speed, and everything else you need to succeed. He’s one of the best. Krell Vitor is also a wonderful defender and I really wish I could do as well as he did in the past.

ACS: Gordo, do you think you have a great relationship with your current teammates?

GG: It may not sound very humble, but I think so. As I said, Lilo is a great leader and an awesome player. When he talks, we listen. He makes lucid and quick decisions and I can’t say I ever was disappointed by one of his choices. Ol’ Clutch, being my best friend, is someone I get along with fairly easily; he’s a really good motivator. Fenny Vail is also wonderful. Considering that we’re playing on defense together, we have to be in synchronicity all the time. She keeps on improving and she’s really easygoing. As for Jair Tollet, I haven’t got the chance to talk a lot with her, but she’s a powerful shooter as well. She always laugh at our “ROO” puns, and calls them silly. Finally, there’s Dayla, our substitute player. Even though she’s not a regular this year, she’s still cheery and hopeful that we will win the Cup. Talk about wonderful team spirit!

ACS: You’re playing for the second time in the Altador Cup. Are you enjoying the experience?

GG: Who wouldn’t! I’m playing against the best players in Neopia. You got to enjoy the moment as much as you can. Really, if you thought it was exciting to watch it, imagine how tubular it is when you are on the field.

ACS: Some people mentioned that you weren’t really talkative before matches. Why is that?

GG: There’s more to Yooyuball than a single match. You need to train, workout, pitch, run; therefore, I have no time for interviews. I always respect the media and our fans, though.

ACS: Darigan defender Kep Bonnefie mentioned several times being disappointed by the way the media is covering the Cup. Do you agree with that statement?

GG: I have a lot of respect for Kep; she’s been through rough times with the newspapers and all, but I do believe than we are treated respectfully by the journalists and by the fans. Again, Kep is entitled to her opinions, and I understand her position.

ACS: Besides Yooyuballing, what are your hobbies?

GG: When I was in Tyrannia, I discovered the National Philharmonic’s music. They’re my favorite band, so I try to see them as often as I can, once or twice a month. I also enjoy playing puzzle games, such as Cellblock. Finally, I also write short stories, under a pen name, for the Neopian Times.

ACS: And you’re not willing to tell us what that pen name is?

GG: Of course not! A Grarrl needs his privacy, after all!

ACS: Oh well. =( Thanks for your time, Gordo.

GG: No problem.

As you can see, there is more to Gordo Gunnels than meets the eye. This outstanding player is also a great Neopian, always willing to coach and help fellow teammates.

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