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Who Are You More Like: Isca or Caylis?

by alma_jean


Hello there. If you've ever pondered whether you're more like Isca or her more... let's put it nicely and say 'misunderstood' side, a.k.a. her sister, Caylis, then you've definitely come to the right place. For example, when you're trying to decide whether to buy a 'Fluffy Isca Rug' or a 'Caylis Wind Up Toy', this will help you along, putting you in your right mind. Of course, if you're more like Caylis, you may find that this quiz, "like everything else in Neopia", is a waste of time. If you're more like Isca, you'll find this helpful little quiz to "be an aid" and guide all through your Neopian adventures and hold it dear, like many other things in Neopia, forever-more.

Without further ado, let us begin.

Question One: When out shopping, you spot a small rug that seemingly may add a touch of 'quaint-ness' to your neohome. Do you:

A. Without question, buy it, only to later discover that your dear friend wanted the same rug and could never find one, so you hand it over with a smile, OR

B. Look at it from afar, dreaming of better days; should you buy it? Then you decide that it would be a waste of time and neopoints, and you shouldn't even bother because your neohome already looks plain and inelegant, and this might add even a touch more. On the whole, why bother?

Question Two: You turn on your sister because of jealousy...

A. That's me...OR

B. Well, maybe. It's hard to say. Most likely never; I love her dearly and she will always be in close circumference to my heart. I would protect her with my life.

Question Three: If you could foresee the future, your ominous dreams would predict:

A. Something disastrous, for sure. Maybe an underwater island being invaded by crazed pirates, or something as little as stubbing my fin. OR

B. Sometimes something good, sometimes something not-so-good. Whatever the vision, I know it will almost always come true; I can almost never control how my future-foreseeing turns out.

Question Four: You would never:

A. Be caught dead in Kelpbeard's kingdom. Exile is not a fun thing, my friend. Somehow I knew this would happen... OR

B. Act two-faced. I am one person, with one side, one attitude, and, altogether, a very caring, polite little Maraquan Aisha.

Question Five: Being helpful to you means...

A. A lot. I like being helpful wherever I happen to be, so long as it's for a good cause. 0:-) OR

B. Nothing at all. Why would you even WANT to be helpful, anyways? Oh, I don't care...

Question Six: When looking for a good friend you feel you could confide in, you look for:

A. An earnest, kind, polite, sophisticated, cheery, all-around lovely friend you'd want to give everything to. OR

B. Someone that shares in my concerns and plights. Maybe someone like... oh, I don't know... Jhudora? I mean, she may be a bit evil, but...

Question Seven: You just love...

A. Nothing. Well, maybe a few things... like my sister. But she's past me now, and... yeah. OR

B. Everything! From the crawling Ruki to the bouncing Blumaroo to the soaring Lenny... from the long-extinct Chomby and Grarrl to the recently-discovered Gnorbu.

Question Eight: It's your friend's birthday, so you get them...

A. This is always so tough. Would they like a Petpetpet or a more delicate approach, like a Fairy Queen Doll? I don't have enough money anyways... why must I live like such an outcast as this?! OR

B. Oh, it depends which friend. I have ever-so-many. I would get dear old Illusen a Chocolate Mint Swirl Illusen Cake. Oh, how she would love that. And for always-faithful King Kelpbeard, I would... well, you get the point.

Question Nine: It's Fyora day! You celebrate...

A. By baking Her Royal Highness a cake ten feet tall, 4 feet in circumference. She'd better love it! You baked it with all the goodness of your heart, which is, well, A LOT. OR

B. Don't even bother to save up for a Hula Girl Usuki. What's the point, anyways? Why not a Grumpy Day or a No-Work Day? Geez....

Question Ten: When taking a quiz, you usually answer:

A. Whole-heartedly. You believe in telling the truth. And besides, if you don't choose the answer you think is most like you, your turn-out when you actually take the quiz will be something completely different from who you really are. OR

B. Pretty much like anyone else would; what they think they should choose. And besides, I don't bother to take any quizzes... I have too much on my mind and I'm usually too tired because of awful nightmares. They've ceased for now, though.

Question Eleven (The last and final question, lucky for all you Caylises out there...): Your friends, if any, would describe you as...

A. I have no, as you so call them, 'friends'. OR

B. If any? Heehee, I have too many to count! Let's see here... probably kind, a good listener, creative, predictable, head-long and impulsive, resourceful, confident, loving, and friendly.


Thanks for taking the quiz! If you got mostly A, you're more like:


Caylis, being an outcast and a jealous mess, was exiled a short time before Maraqua was invaded and New Maraqua had to be built. She tries hard to fit in and find the true place she belongs, but it usually turns out that she gets into terrible scrapes and sometimes can't find anyone to help her. She turned her back on her sister because of jealousy; everyone loves that goody-two-shoes. And, of course, they still do... but that's another story for a different time.

If you got mostly B, you're more like:


Resourceful, smart, snazzy Isca has visions--both good and bad--that help to predict the future, unlike her sister's sad and worrying nightmares. She cares about everyone and tries, though sometimes fails, to please all around her. She was a major part of the Maraqua plot.

I hope you've enjoyed the quiz!

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