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The Altador Cup II!

by electricpaw


Hi! Yup, it's me! Electricpaw! I'm here today to talk about the second Altador Cup! Almost everyone in Neopia has chosen a team, along with me. I have chosen the Haunted Woods! LET'S GO HAUNT—okay, never mind. We'll leave the cheering for later. Before you read this article, you should know what's in it, right? Here are the things that will be inside this article all about the Altador Cup:

  • How to make your team famous
  • Yooyus and how your play is affected by their type
  • About Yooyuball
  • Recruiting
  • Teams
  • Cheers
  • Summary

There. Still interested? I should hope so. I didn't write this thing just so you could read the first few lines and go away! Now. Getting to the points!

#1—Making Your Team Famous!

Listen carefully. This part should help you make the Neopians that haven't chosen a team yet to feel like they like yours best! Seriously. How are you EVER going to win a trophy if you don't have enough people? Advertising your team is very important. Here are a few steps that I'm suggesting:

Making a themed lookup!

Theme your lookup after your team! There are plenty of sites that have image codes for cool lookups. A lot of other people are theming their lookups at this very moment. This is one of the basics of advertising your team.

Send out invites!

If you think your Neofriend doesn't have a team yet, send an invitation to them, asking them to be on your team! If they accept—tada! One more member to score points for your team! Also very important.

Make boards about your team!

Go to the Altador Cup II board and make a board titled with something like, 'Looking for a Team? Join mine Here!' or 'Find your Team here, it's called the...'. Very impressive titles will make people curious and they will venture to your board to see what team you're talking about.

Make a guild about your team!

That's right! Making a guild is also very popular! Call it something like 'Fantastic Faerieland' if your team is Faerieland, or 'Horrible Haunted Woods' or something. I don't know. I can't make guilds. But make your title something catchy. It will attract more people.

#2—Yooyu Types

This is also very important. Knowing the Yooyu types is one of the most needed things to know if you're planning on being a master Yooyuball player. Some of them are good to play with, and others just drive you crazy! That's what the Darigan one does to me anyway... But if you want to know why, read the list below! Or else you can kiss your dreams of being the Yooyuball champ good-bye!

Yooyuball List - Effects

Normal - You got it. This is just your plain, old, average Yooyu. It flies straight. It makes no weird turns and twists. It's very good to play with.

Mutant - No, this one doesn't try to bite your arm while you throw it. But what it DOES do, however, is twist and zigzag crazily around the place when you throw it. Although sometimes it goes straight. This thing is very unpredictable and will drive you crazy! It is also very hard to save from going in the goal if it starts zigzagging.

Faerie - This one is pretty normal. You can't depend on it when you pass it, though. It might swerve around in circles and then just tumble to the ground and roll away in the other direction! But, not like the Mutant Yooyu that makes sharp, hasty turns, the Faerie Yooyu turns soft corners, but swerves a lot more. If you're used to trying to score with the Yooyuball swerving at the last second, this is a good Yooyu for you. But this one isn't easy to save either. Don't let your guard down as goal keeper! These Yooyus could appear to miss the goal by a mile, then turn around and head to the corner of the goal. Be ready for it!

Clockwork - You don't even have to mind these things very much. If a goal hasn't been scored in 15 seconds, this Yooyu explodes, and a new round with, hopefully, a different Yooyuball begins. Other than that, this Yooyu flies straight and makes no weird turns and twists, just like the Normal Yooyu.

Fire - These Yooyus travel at an alarmingly fast rate and burn you if you hold them for too long. As goalie, you have to keep in mind that you have to move a bit faster because these fire balls come hurtling towards you the fastest out of all of the Yooyus. Passing these is easier, because the other team won't have a lot of time to intercept.

Snow - S - L - O - W - L - Y spells Snow Yooyu. These things, the opposite of the Fire Yooyus, travel at such SLOW speeds that you should make passes only to team members close to you as long passes can be easily intercepted by the other team. Goal tending hasn't gotten any easier because of this, though! If a person from the other team tries to score from, say, the center line, it travels slowly towards the goal, and unless someone on YOUR team snatches it and makes his or her way towards the opponents' goal, a person on the other team can quickly run up closer towards the goal, receive the would - be - shot, and have a closer shot at your goal.

Those are the Yooyu types used as balls. Try to keep in mind roughly what they do and what effects they have on your team.

#3—Yooyuball - The Game

This game is very simple, actually. There are no rules. Yooyuball is a lot like soccer. You keep the ball with you and run towards the opposing team's goal and try to score. It also depends on the Yooyuball (see list above). At the beginning of the game, you get to choose the position of your team. Like 3 in front, and 1 in the back, or 2 in front, 2 in back, and so on. Then choose if your goal is on the left, or on the right. Choose carefully. Both of those things have effects on the actual game. When the game starts, a Yooyu emerges from the center of the playing field and reveals what type you'll be playing with. That's all there is, really. I suggest practicing a LOT. Yooyuball is a pretty tough game with simple rules. The other team gets to move all of its players at ONCE, while you only get to move one player at a time. You drag your mouse over the player you want to move until there is a circle around it. Then you can move it by moving the cursor in the direction you want to move. That's Yooyuball!


This is a lot like the section of making your team famous. Mainly, just send out invites to people asking them to be on your team! That's really all there is to it. Or ask around on the Altador Cup II board on the Neoboards. You might get lucky!


This is also very important to get attention drawn towards your team. Display your cheer on your user lookup, or on a petpage! Make it something really catchy! It should be original! Just copying a song and changing a few lyrics is lame. Make your own song! It could have the same melody as a song, but it should have totally different words. Otherwise it would be copying, right? Right. Make it long, or short! Make it really urge your team on! Make it what you want. Those are just a few tips on how a good cheer would be. Or you could totally ignore me and do the opposite. If you do, I don't mind. This is just MY thinking, right? Right.


This is a review of the whole thing. Read it carefully, you might have missed something.

Remember to make your lookup themed greatly if you can! It really catches people's attention!

Send a lot of invitations to people!

Try to memorize the Yooyuball types and effects:

  • Normal - Flies straight.
  • Faerie - Loops softer than Mutant, but swerves more.
  • Fire - Flies alarmingly fast. Don't hold it too long, or you'll get burned.
  • Snow - Travels slowly. Make tight passes and don't be too far away when taking a shot on the other teams' goals.
  • Mutant - Zigzags crazily all over the place. Don't depend on passing it.
  • Robot - Explodes if a goal hasn't been scored in 15 seconds. Don't really mind it.
  • Darigan - Flies the opposite direction of where you're aiming for. It is sure to drive you crazy.

Try to find the best position of your team for Yooyuball!

Practice the game a lot. It will score more points for you and your team in the tournament.

If you're planning on making a cheer, make it catchy and don't make it lame! Make it rhyme too.

When you're finished making a cheer, display it!

Put a lot of banners and links to joining your team on either a petpage or a user lookup.

Make a guild for your team!

That's all about the Altador Cup, folks. Good luck on winning that Altador Cup! Oh, and before I forget—GO HAUNTED WOODS!! ^_^

Signing off,


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