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Pamper Those Petpets!

by nidiaterura


You have probably carefully considered your pet’s species and color. You spoil your pet to the max, every day. You’ve picked out a beautiful matching petpet. But seriously, how often do you actually admire the petpet? Petpets are an underappreciated lot, and it is time for them to get a bit of tanning time in the spotlight.

So, every now and then, give your petpet some loving attention. Petpet Appreciation Day is a wonderful day to start, but you can really celebrate your petpet any day of the year. There are many ways you can spoil your petpet.

One thing petpets really enjoy is visiting the rainbow puddle. A little luxury time in the puddle will make your petpet feel like a whole new creature. I know that, after a good painting, my petpets practically prance around the place. They love to show off their new look.

A different way to paint your petpets is through the Petpet Laboratory Map. To be honest, some petpets find this method a bit scary. Owners love the chance to get rare and wonderful colors, and some petpets love the opportunity too. But, for the petpets, there is a very real danger of being turned into the dreaded Pile of Soot, or of being zapped into non-existence. Where those over-zapped petpets go has been the subject of many campfire horror stories. But it still remains a mystery. One thing for sure is that you will never see your beloved petpet again. Some of them are also wary of the random name changes. It’s hard to know what to answer to when your name changes so often. One day you have a lovingly chosen name from your owner, and then you are Pants McGee, OMGROFL, or even noname. On the other hand, your petpet may bravely risk an unfortunate lab accident to attain those beautifully rare colors or to even become stronger if they are interested in the Petpet Battles.

Your petpet probably enjoys when you read a book to your pet. They like to listen to the story too. If you really want to give them a treat, try reading the book ‘Petpet Biology’. They find it fascinating to learn more about themselves. Please, though, do not make the mistake of reading ‘Cooking with Petpets’ in the company of your petpet. Cooking may be an enjoyable activity you can share with your petpet. But this book is geared toward the eating of petpets and will, without a doubt, give your petpet nightmares. Especially if you have a pet Skeith.

Instead of cooking with your petpet, try raising a Petpetpet Farm together. This is a wonderfully entertaining activity that you, your pet, and your petpet may all enjoy. Watching those little critters burrow and play is delightful!

If you want to make your petpet feel extra-special, maybe it’s time they got their own room in your Neohome. You can fill the room with all of their favorite things. You can make your petpet comfy with a Petpet Bed. A Regal Purple Petpet Cushion will make your petpet feel like royalty. Most will enjoy any of the Petpet beds over the Petpet Sleeping bag on a normal night. But if you want to take your petpet on a camping trip, the Sleeping Bag is quite comfortable. If you’re on a budget, the Blue Moon Petpet Bed is quite cheap, and comes with a toy too. If you have more than one petpet, you can get them a PetPet Condo.

All petpets enjoy a good Petpet Scratching Tree. And this is a treat you will appreciate too. You won’t have to trim their nails as often if they enjoy the scratching post. Although it is not for all petpets, some will enjoy a Petpet Pipe Maze.

Most people assume that petpets dislike baths, but this is just a rumor. Admittedly, some petpets are frightened of water, but most love to be clean. With a Petpet Bath Tub, your petpet can soak comfortably. You can also treat them to some Bubble Bath and some Bath Toys.

Speaking of which, toys are always welcome presents for your petpets. They absolutely love to play. A Squeaky Petpet Toy will never grow old and comes in pretty, bright colors. A Petpet Ball is great fun too. They come in many varieties, but my petpets really enjoy the jingly soft type. Try a few and see which your petpet likes the most. Some petpets enjoy the Petpet Ball they can actually climb in and run around in. This is actually a great option for those of you who don’t want your petpet cooped up in a Petpet Cage. It gives your Petpet freedom of movement without allowing them to make a mess all over the neohome.

There are many games you can play with your Petpet too. Although Petpet Cannonball might not be your petpet's idea of fun and games, there are some fun, enjoyable games you can participate in. Petpet Sitter might hit too close to home for you, but it is a nice way to realize that petpets have needs too. Maybe you are used to your petpet making messes and having to clean up after him, but this game helps you learn to communicate with your petpet. With a little practice, you will soon know what your petpet wants before it has an accident on your nice living room rug.

If your petpet is tough, you may want to let him participate in Petpet Battles. Pets aren’t the only ones who like to show off their fighting skills. Some petpets have great natural talent and can go far in the battles.

An especially brave petpet may enjoy visiting Turmaculus for the chance to help you get items and neopoints. This is risky, though, because Turmaculus has been known to eat petpets that disrupt his nap.

Lastly, never underestimate how much your petpet appreciates a simple conversation. By saying something to your petpet, you let them know they are not forgotten. Do not expect brilliant conversations, but your petpet will show gratitude.

CrystalSkydream says, 'I love you!'...

Sniffles makes a happy chirping sound.

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