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Gurbie's Search for the Lost Grundos!

by kcl2587


Now Gurbie was a very well mannered little Grundo. He never caused any problems, was always on schedule at work, and kept after things in his tidy Neohome. He was not much for violence, but he was a true Grundo and would do anything for his fellow Grundos, even if he had to fight for them, and that time had finally presented itself. Gurbie worked on the main level at the Grundo warehouse, located at the Virtupets Space Station. One morning he entered the warehouse and all the Grundos had disappeared! Not a single soul was in sight! Gurbie rubbed his eyes, perhaps this was a dream. He then pinched himself. "Ouch!" Gurbie cried. This was certainly NOT a dream! Gurbie searched the Galaxy for his fellow Grundos. None were to be found! Something strange was happening and he was going to get to the bottom of it!

      Gurbie contacted Neopia Headquarters with the urgent news of the disappearance. Before long, the world new of the situation and all Neopets were on the look out! Could it be that some evil force had come and taken the Grundos away? Or did these Grundos just mysteriously vanish without a trace? Many Neopets were frightened when they learned of the Lost Grundos, but Gurbie was not frightened. He knew they were out there somewhere and it was up to him to find them.

      Gurbie was given a small, but extremely skilled and powerful, search team known as the, Seekers. ThreeToes, the Coconut JubJub, Alexander, the Desert Lupe, and Colonel Rogers, the Pirate Krawk, were the three Neopets chosen for the assignment. Gurbie and the Seekers, set off on a dangerous and mysterious adventure. They traveled to the daring heights of Terror Mountain. There, they scoped the lands below and the galaxy above, looking for any suspicious signs. Gurbie had a strong feeling that the Grundos were still in the galaxy somewhere... he was right! Word came to Neopia Headquaters the very next day with news that Commander Garoo had captured Neopets. "Commander Garoo kidnapped the Grundos," they all shouted in unison! They decided to head to Kreludor, the first and only moon to Neopia. No one really knew anything about Kreludor, but they all had a feeling that something fishy was going on there.

      Finally, Gurbie and the Seekers managed to make their way to Kreludor in Neopia's Official Rocket Ship. It was a strange area, very dark and very spooky. Gurbie had the shakes, but he would never let on to the others. A loud noise was coming from afar. "Let's go see what that terrible noise is," whispered a curious Colonel Rogers. The four slowly crept over a small hill nearby to sneak a peek at what was going on over there. What they witnessed next, shocked them!

      Commander Garoo stood above thousands of Orange coloured Grundos, slaving away in mines. He watched them one by one on a monsterous tower. "Oh my goodness, can you believe this," whispered a furious ThreeToes! "That is truly an evil Neopet," whispered an angry Alexander. Commander Garoo hovered over the Orange Grundos, shouting at them to continue working, no breaks permitted! Gurbie glanced over at a shiny metal building in the corner of this mining corporation. What he saw inside the windows, caught his eye immediately. Inside were the thousands of his fellow, multi-colored Grundos, from the Virtupet Space Station! His eyes brightened with joy and at the same time with rage that they were kidnapped by that beast, Commander Garoo!

      Gurbie alerted the Seekers, they brought out their weapons and prepared to battle off the evil commander. Gurbie and the Seekers, marched over the hill and shouted to the commander to let the Grundos go and the Orange Grundos too! However, Gurbie did not know that the Orange Grundos did not want to leave, they too were part of this major mining operation! Commander Garoo shouted in a loud over powering voice, "Orange Grundos, ATTACK!!!"

      All of the Orange Grundos dropped their tools and and began running towards Gurbie and the Seekers. There eyes turned red and burned brilliantly. They looked as if they were brainwashed. They were all acting very strangely.

      Gurbie and the Seekers knew that they were in big trouble! They ran down the hill and tried to make it to the building in the corner. All of a sudden, a mining cart started rolling behind Gurbie. He was following behind the other three. He didn't see it or even hear it coming. The mining cart picked up speed as it rolled and it ran into Gurbie. Gurbie fell and landed right on Colonel Rogers back, who then bumped into Alexander, who tripped over ThreeToes, and they all ended up falling into a big pot of orange paint. Seeing the four fall into the paint, all the other Orange Grundos started jumping into the paint trying to capture them. The Orange Grundos started fighting until they realized that they were fighting each other. Gurbie and the Seekers, who were now orange from the paint, happened to sneak away.

      Gurbie and the Seekers made it to the shiny building. They told the Grundos that it was them and they were there to free them and help them escape. The Grundos were afraid. They feared that Gurbie and the Seekers were trying to trick them. The Grundos refused to back away from the tall glass door in front of the building. Gurbie warned them that if they did not move, they may never have another chance of escaping again. The Grundo's talked it over for a second and figured that they really had nothing else to lose. So they backed away from the door and Alexander, Colonel Rogers, and ThreeToes used their strength to bash down the door. They released the multi-coloured Grundos from the shiny metal building and they all hurried towards the Rocket Ship. Once the Orange Grundos finally realized this, the multicoloured Grundos had already escaped, and the Rocket Ship was on a mission to get them out of harm's way!

      Soon, all of the "Lost Grundos" were back in the safety of their homes. A huge celebration was given to the heroes for saving and returning all the Grundos back to Virtupets Space Station. Many Neopian Officials endlessly questioned Gurbie and the Seekers. They wanted to know everything that was going on up in Kreludor. Gurbie told them about the mining, and how Commander Garoo vanished in a smoke cloud, but had no idea why they were performing such an operation or where Garoo went. After days of celebrating and questionings, Gurbie was able to get back to his comfortable lifestyle. He and the Seekers were given the title "Heroes of the Galaxy", and he also gained three new great friends. He still wondered about the whereabouts of Commander Garoo, as did the rest of the world. He knew though, that the Grundos were safe for now, and that was all that mattered to him.

      "What an adventure," sighed a tired Gurbie. He dressed in his silky purple pajamas and then he turned off his light. He plopped into his warm bed and fell fast asleep.

The End.

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