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Taking Care of Your Walking Carpet

by jetaketa


The Walking Carpet, a square little haunted petpet that's the cutest thing you ever could see, and also the most evil (well, if you don't properly care for it!). So here is a guide on how to care for your Walking Carpet!!!

Obtaining Your Walking Carpet:

They can be found in the Haunted Woods petpet shop, or in various user shops around Neopia. Make sure you look around and find the one that's right for you; don't just pick up the first and cheapest the Shop Wizard throws at you. Look around in different shops. Find the Walking Carpet that calls out to you. Don't worry, you'll fall in love almost instantly with the first one you see, but if you don't, just look around. And if you can't find one, don't give up and settle for some other inferior petpet.

Basic Care For Your Walking Carpet:

Walking Carpets are so fuzzy you'll need to buy a nice brush. Brush him down every five to ten minutes, just to be extra safe. Make sure you get behind his horns, or he'll "Raaawwwwwrooooorggggh!" until the sun comes up.

Make sure you talk to him, Walking Carpets love conversation! However, when you're speaking to them, don't be offended if they don't look at you. They have a tendency to look off into space or right off to the side of you so it looks as if they are staring past you.

One of the more important things is don't confuse your Walking Carpet with your Walking Carpet Rug!!! Trust me, that will not be pretty. Even though they don't have mouths and can't bite you, they will smack you with their flat little furry square arms! That'll leave a mark.

Walking Your Walking Carpet:

Although he's a "Walking Carpet", he doesn't have legs. He shuffles around to move, so just make sure the little fellow doesn't trip, and if he does, help him up! He loves to walk and move about, so let him! Take him out frequently, but keep him indoors during the rain. He doesn't need a leash (he can't move that fast), but if he does get away, just let out a few RAAAAWWWWRRROOOORRRGGHHH!!!!!s and he'll find his way back.

Feeding Your Walking Carpet:

You may be asking yourself, "He doesn't have a mouth, how do I feed him?"

I have the answer! Actually, I don't. I have no idea how Walking Carpets eat. I just leave mine some food and give it privacy, come back later and the food is gone. So really, just leave it some food and go out of the room for a few minutes, and he'll eat... or do something with it...

Washing Your Walking Carpet:

Use a dry powder soap, unless you like the smell of a wet carpet. Don't know what it smells like? Go into your kitchen, fill up a cup of water, pour it on the carpet, then sniff it. It's not a good smell. Not only that, but Walking Carpets will shake all the water off when they get out of the tub, and it'll get everywhere. On the walls, in your mouth, in the refrigerator.

Use a damp cloth and soap on his horns; it'll make him rumble with laughter, except he won't laugh. Because he doesn't have a mouth.

About your Walking Carpet's missing mouth:

They are very sensitive to this topic. Try not to remind them that they don't have a mouth or a nose or any other way to breathe except pulling it in through their fur and releasing it back out. When they laugh, their body will rumble, and to speak they'll nod or shake their head, so try not to ask questions that can't be answered with yes or no.

I warned you, and it's your own fault if you get a barrage of those square arms in your face.

About your Walking Carpet's horns:

The horns on a Walking Carpet are very ticklish. They must be washed daily to keep that jet black shade. There isn't really much that needs to be done for the horns, just be careful not to chip them, which shouldn't be a problem since they are very hard and resistant!

Painting your Walking Carpet:

A Walking Carpet is VERY difficult to paint; you need to get under all its little hairs and everywhere.

First, take your paintbrush and gently start painting its arms. From there, move into the middle and watch out for his eyes. It's up to you from here to paint him; just make sure you get everywhere, or he'll start his square-arm assault again!

Zapping Your Walking Carpet:

Not a good idea. Don't even try it; raise him up from a baby and care for him with your pet. They are very gentle, sensitive creatures that do not need to be shoved under a thunderbolt in the back alley of the secret laboratory. And if he gets turned to soot, don't come crying to me. I already have enough sooty carpets to deal with.

Giving your Walking Carpet a petpetpet:

Walking Carpets are gentle creatures; they can get along with almost any petpetpet out there. However, consult your Walking Carpet first, just to make sure he doesn't want to eat it.

Last Notes On Your Walking Carpet:

Give them lots of loving and caring. They are the sweetest petpets out there if you give them the time and energy that they deserve. And make sure you never "feed" them berries; it makes them irritable.

There is no right or wrong way to care for your Walking Carpet. He is your petpet, after all. This guide is just a suggestion and should be followed loosely.

Disclaimed: I am not responsible, in any way, shape, or form, for the Walking Carpet adoption boom, and I am also in no way involved with the secret underground meetings about the Walking Carpet Global Takeover that may be happening in the near future. I also do not have any information of the Walking Carpet Global Takeover, nor do I even know of its existence.

However, I will warn you, Walking Carpets may be the cutest, fuzziest petpets ever.

And square arms may seem painless...

But they can take over the Neopia...

And who knows where they would go next...

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