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Plan a Trip to the Colosseum

by confiserie


If you are just a Yooyuball spectator, you may think that your job is a rather simple one. After all, you think that the players on the field have much more to worry about while you just sit on the sidelines. I’m afraid that you are mistaken, however. The fans are what make Yooyuball so enjoyable and lively. Use these tips to plan the perfect trip so you (and everyone else) will get the most out of the season.

Clean out your Closet

Now is the time to remove all the opposing team colors that are polluting your closet. This could quite possibly be the most important tip. You do not want to be caught dead wearing Faerieland colors when you are cheering on Roo Island, do you? (Well, actually, just wearing Faerieland colors alone would be embarrassing enough because of their score last year. *cough*) With all of the new fashions that are coming out, wearing the correct colors should not be too difficult.

Stock up on new Souvenirs

If you are cheering for a different team than last year, new merchandise is obviously a must. Even if you aren’t, you may want to replace your old items if they are looking a little beat up from last year. When choosing what items to buy, make sure you pick ones that you will actually use. Excess items tend to gather dust in neohomes, so they are a waste of NP. I suggest a team water bottle and a matching jersey.

Invite your Friends to the Game

Cheering for a team at the Colosseum when you are all alone is no fun at all. Make sure to invite your friends to go with you, even if they are cheering for a different team than you. This way, you will have someone to talk with about Yooyuball during and after game day. You can even have a friendly debate about who is going to win (and by friendly, I mean no Battledome weapons).

Buy your Tickets Early

Ever get snubbed by the Ticket Booth guy in Tyrannia because a concert is sold out? You won’t want this kind of thing to happen on the first day of Yooyuball season, so make sure to buy your tickets ahead of time. It would be devastating to get all excited for the game and then be turned away at the Colosseum entrance. Where can you buy such tickets early? I hear things about the Punch Club selling them, but you did not hear that from me... unless you are another member of course, because then you obviously already know about it.

Pack a Lunch

You don’t want to be at the mercy of crowded concession stands, so make sure to bring some food along with you to the game. This way, you can avoid the long lines and overpriced food that will be sold there. I suggest food that is not messy and easy to bring, such as Crispies. Also, bring plenty of water as you do not want to get dehydrated. There is one little detail to remember, though: you’re not supposed to bring food with you. This problem can be taken care of, however, by hiding food in your purse or backpack until after you make it past the entrance. I know, I’m such a rebel.

Remember your Binoculars

Even if you have decent seats to view the game from, you will want to bring a pair of binoculars with you. A clear view of everything happening on the field is imperative. How else can you have the right to yell at the referee when he makes a bad call? Or how else will you catch an opposing team member crying after a foul? ;) Make sure to bring extra binoculars for your friends that are coming with you.

Arrive well Before the Game Starts

Right when you arrive, it’s important to use the restroom if you have to. It’s really best to do this at home, where Meuka does not use the facilities, but it’s better than nothing. You should also have time to pick out the best seats there are. Keep a lookout for that crazy blue Techo, and sit as far away from him as you can. You will have a massive headache if you have to listen to him scream all day long. Believe me, I know from experience. x_x

Save your Seats

If you just have to buy something at the game, or need to go to the bathroom, have your friend save your seat until you get back. Try to avoid leaving at the same time, because then there is no stopping someone from stealing your perfect spot. If worst comes to worst and you have to leave together, you could try spilling your Neocola all over the seat so no one takes it... but remember that you’ll have to sit down again eventually.

Enjoy the Game!

Even if the Uni behind you talks throughout the whole game about her beauty regimen, try not to focus your attention on it. Sure, telling her off or even throwing your drink on her would be fun, but you don’t want to get kicked out of the Colosseum. At least wait until after the game has finished so you won’t miss anything.

Plan the Next Trip

If you enjoyed your last visit to the Colosseum, start planning your next trip right away. This will prolong the excitement and will also make sure that everything will run smoothly on game day. It’s a good idea to try and “top” your last trip, because it gives you some motivation. If you claim that you did not have fun, no one will believe you because it’s impossible not to enjoy yourself at a Yooyuball game. Nice try, though.

Well, I think that is all the tips that I have to share with you! I hope this advice will help make your Yooyuball experience a pleasant one. Remember that fans are as important as the players they cheer for. :)

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