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Becoming a Working Neopian

by pikachuteena202


Are you ever bored? Wish that you had something to do? Or maybe you've been called "lazy" or "unproductive" before. Getting yourself a job can be the perfect thing to do to keep you on your feet and give a good impression. Whether you are saving Neopian lives or just saving your owner from picking up your darling petpet's messes, having a job is a great thing! Now you might say, "But... there is nothing I can do!" Well, don’t worry, this article should have you working your way toward being a working Neopian!

1. The Faerieland & Brightvale Employment Agencies

Almost all neopets know about this place. Here, you must have job coupons, which you can buy from other Neopians shops. These options pay you in neopoints, but beware, that not all of the jobs here pay off, and those coupons are quite expensive! I only recommend going to these places if you are an older neopet, or if you are a Shoyru or Lupe or any other species who can run or fly from place to place fast to find what you need. Also, you need to have some neopoints on hand to buy the things the agency wants you to get for them.

2. Questing

Easier than the employment agencies, and without those expensive coupons! There are a lot of choices in this field of work. You can work for Jhudora the Dark Faerie, or her enemy Illusen (I don’t recommend switching between the two). You should stay loyal to one of the two; they will reward you more for each time you come back to help them. Jhudora lives in her dark cloud above Faerieland, and you can always find Illusen in her glade in Meridell. You can do quests for the Esophagor too, finding him food. He doesn’t care who else you help, as long as you feed him in time! Kitchen Quests from the Mystery Island & Finding ingredients for Taelia the Snow Faerie pay off quite handsomely too. All of them will pay you very well in items and sometimes stat raises and neopoints. Oh! And don’t forget the Brain-Tree; he needs you to find out some information to feed that big brain of his!

3. Defending Neopia

If you are big and strong, or just love fighting off bad guys, helping out the Neopians who can't do so might be a great job for you! Joining the Defenders of Neopia is a great way to contribute to Neopia's well-being, because you are keeping naughty neopets off the streets and protecting your fellow Neopians! For helping out, you can earn yourself a shiny trophy, and of course, you will feel good about it too. ;)

4. Keeping Your Shop

If your owner owns a shop, you can help him/her out by looking after it for them. All you have to do is comb your fur nicely (or not...) and be friendly to the customers. Try to tell them why they should buy your items, and offer sales sometimes. If you aren’t really a good salesman/saleswoman, you can keep your owner's gallery instead. I’m sure they would appreciate your helping out! Maybe they would even give you treats with some of the money they earn! Here are some tips for being a good shopkeeper:

1. Dress nicely! Make sure you choose the best style for yourself.

2. Make your shop decorated! Add pretty banners, and make sure all slogans and posters are written neatly. Pictures look cute too, but only when they blend in and aren’t too big!

3. Say something friendly and creative to all your customers! My shopkeeper greets people by saying “At Cwilli’s mart, every purchase you make is smart!”

5. Running your Owner’s Adoption Agency or Being a Guild Mascot

Maybe your owner has her own adoption agency where she helps poor pets that don’t have homes find one. You can use your page to host the agency, and greet the people who come in too adopt. It's nice to have a pet that is always there for you to host your adoption agency with a loving touch. Not all owners have these, though, so you have to have that kind of owner to have this job. Or maybe your owner has his/her own guild you can be a mascot for? This would be very lucky for you, guild mascots are always very loved and admired, although you usually have to be nice and friendly (unless you have a Sloth or Battledome guild).

Some of these options, especially the quests and the Employment Agencies, require you to spend some of your neopoints before you can get rewarded. You have to be smart about this, though, and not spend so much that it doesn’t pay off! I only recommend quests & jobs that amount to less than 5,000 NP in all. If you pay more, you’ll get ripped off. If you are running very short on NP, though, you may want to limit yourself to only very cheap quests, although these are only luck if you get one. Remember: You do not have to accept & complete every quest!

Also, remember that the most important job that ANY neopet has is being a good pet and member of Neopia! All you have to do is be kind, love your owner, take care of your petpet if you have one, and not get into too much mischief when roaming Neopia. It shouldn’t be too hard!


Q: I'm a baby, though! How can I help? My mommy says I’m too little to do any of those things!

A: You can help in smaller ways! You can contribute by making sure your petpet doesn’t get in any trouble and picking up your room in your Neohome, and of course, your owner always appreciates it when you look cute!

Q: Taelia/Jhudora/Esophagor wants me to get something that is really expensive! I can't afford something that costs so much! Do I have to get it for them? Will they be mad if I don’t?

A: No, you don’t have to get anything you don’t want to! Sometimes they will make you wait a while before you take another quest, though. But they won't get TOO angry. Beware with Jhudora and Illusen, though. If you don’t follow through with one of their quests, you have to start at the bottom all over again.

Q: Can I get a job from the Employment Agency without a coupon?

A: Yes, you can. I recommend going to the Faerieland employment agency and trying to get a job at the tenth or so of the hour. Like 4:10, or 4:20, 4:30, etc.

Good luck finding yourself a new job in Neopia! If you need any help, just neomail me and I will try to help you! My name is Pikachuteena202, by the way. Have a nice- and busy- day!

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