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Edna's Shadow: The Guide

by playdoh_666


HAUNTED WOODS – Edna just bought a shiny new cauldron, and she can’t wait to use it. She pours a shiny green liquid into it, some eyeballs and a skull.


Edna gets blasted away, some of her furniture is now ruined, but at least nothing happened to that pot of hers. Phew! What a relief. She continues trying some mixtures, when she accidentally drops an ingredient to the floor. She looks down to get it, and notices something weird... her shadow isn’t there.

This guide will give you all the help you need to reunite Edna and her shadow once again; it might not seem like an easy task, but with *shrugs* some practice (Don’t you just hate that word?) you’ll be able to achieve this every time you play.


As mentioned above, to beat the game you must reunite Edna and her shadow, but if you haven’t played the game, you must certainly be wondering how this is done.

It is not all that hard a task; you simply have to collect all the ingredients needed to form a potion strong enough to attach the shadow back to the witch and bring both Edna and her shadow to the cauldron at the same time. Of course, this wouldn’t be exciting if there weren’t monsters around who tried to prevent you from achieving this.


The explosion confused Edna’s shadow (or perhaps it is Edna who ended up disoriented), so she doesn’t follow her masters’ orders just like she should. Whenever Edna moves left, she moves right and vice versa.

Left: Edna moves left, Shadow moves right

Right: Edna moves right, Shadow moves left.

Up: Both Edna and Shadow move up.

Down: Both Edna and Shadow move down.

Spacebar: Both Edna and her shadow attack.


There are five kinds of ingredients you must collect.




Bag of gold

Double skull/rock (can’t quite make out what it is)

So no matter how disgusting one of them might look, don’t worry, you should grab it. This is not a daily life tip, however.


We finally get to the bad guys. They come in four shapes and sizes, but they all want the same thing... to stop you.

They are:

Live gravestones


Mutant fish

Brain tree (or similar)

Once one of this guys touches either Edna, she will get tied up and not be able to move, so you must run with the remaining one to the other, so she can move again.

While one of the Ednas can’t move, the other one won’t be able to collect any ingredients; she can however, kill the monsters, destroy boulders, and collect power-ups and apples. (We’ll talk about those later.)


Once you reach the third level, two different power-ups will start to appear: A potion that will reverse Edna’s direction (so by pressing left, Edna goes right and the shadow goes left), and a glowing green orb that will freeze all the enemies for 3-4 seconds.

Once you reach the fifth level, an extra power-up will start appearing, a clock. This will add 10 seconds to the timer, which is great not only because you’ll have more time to finish the level, but it will also give you more points. You must of course grab (touch) this power-up before it disappears.

Once you kill all the monsters on a level, the power-ups won’t appear anymore.


Every ingredient gives you 5 points

Every monster killed gives you 10 points

Every apple collected will give you 5 points

1 point will be added for every second left on the timer. (When the timer goes to 0, you lose)


There are spikes and webs all over the place. I tried avoiding them when I first played the game; they sure didn’t look nice. To my surprise, they work just as blocks.

Once you reach level 6, a few green-glowing blocks will appear, if you destroy these (like you would kill a monster), you might find an apple worth 5 points inside.

I must also mention, some of these blocks appear at random, and some are set, meaning they are there every time. Apples only appear on the random placed ones. The set ones might be needed for you to finish a level.

This may not hold true on the last level.


All this blabbering and I might have not told you anything you didn’t know, so we come to the good part now.

The best tip if you are trying for a trophy is to know every level by heart. Extra time is essential, so always leave a monster till the end (to have a chance of getting clocks). Grab every power-up, not only clocks, so that way another power-up will appear sooner, and hopefully it’ll be a clock. Learn the shortest routes and try to use both Ednas for maximum speed.

If you can’t finish the game, this general tips will be of much better use.

Focus on 1 Edna to collect all the items, but be wary of the other one not hitting any monsters. Some levels are symmetric / semi-symmetric so by focusing on one Edna, the other one will be getting items as well.

Once you collect all the items, you should have no problem heading back to the cauldron if the level is symmetric and the cauldron is centered.

If the level is not symmetric, then try to find a spot where 1 Edna can move and the other one can not; that way you’ll be able to calculate how much to walk so that when heading to the cauldron, both get there at the same time. Explore which boulders are worth destroying and which ones are not, so that you don’t accidentally destroy one that is needed to finish the level.

If the level is symmetric and the cauldron is not centered, you must be very careful when destroying boulders, for if you destroy every single one of them, it’ll be impossible to get to the cauldron.

Remember, some levels are longer than others, so you must press “D” to scroll down or “E” to scroll up.

There are a total of 14 levels, the last one being a bonus one. If you can score 2,400 points, you will most likely get a trophy. Good luck!

Thank you for taking the time to read my guide. If you have any questions or comments, just send me a Neomail, and I will try to answer it as quick as I can. I hope this Guide helps you score at least 1000 neopoints per play, and perhaps even get a shiny trophy.

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