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Being Lost is a Way of Life

by nidiaterura


Have you ever felt a bit lost while exploring the large, vast world of Neopia? With places ranging from the Lost Desert to the Lost City of Geraptiku, it isn’t very surprising. I mean, if these places can’t keep track of themselves, then how can you expect to keep track of them?

If you are lost right now, please don’t panic! Being lost can be an adventure all by itself. It is an exciting and thrilling way to find new places. Although, sometimes it is nice to be ‘found’ again by dinner time. If you were lost in an adventure, though, and now want to find your way into a new adventure, I hope I can help.

If you are here looking for a few ways to fine tune your current sense of direction (or maybe your lack thereof), then look no further. I will provide you with some starter tips to prevent you from getting too lost during your travels. Keep in mind basic safety tips for your travels too!

But if you have great bearing, don’t turn away too soon. These tips will include some great ideas to jumpstart an adventure, even for an experienced explorer.

The key idea is to have fun. Enjoy the great outdoors with your pets, petpets, and petpetpets. In your travels you will uncover a wonderful world full of sensational shops, tasty treats, charming castles, great games, lovely landscapes, and nice Neopians. Pack lightly, always be prepared for the unexpected, and most of all, have fun!

First, a beginning explorer should always have certain, invaluable items at their disposal. Since getting lost is always a possibility, be prepared for that occurrence. Sturdy clothes, some easier-to-carry snacks, and a good backpack are a must. Some survival essentials will help you enjoy some wonderful times while lost.

A Handy Compass will tell you what direction you are going, but do not expect it to tell you where that direction leads. But never forget in your explorations, that Neopia has an up and a down direction, in addition to the usual North, South, East, and West. Setting a path with the Handy Compass will leave you always missing the mysteries of places such as Maraqua, Kreludor, and Virtupets Space Station.

Bring a good torch light to help navigate certain caves, corridors, and the darker areas of Neopia. Nothing damages your sense of direction like the disorientation of not even being able to see.

An important aspect of getting lost is how you will travel from place to place. Its usually the traveling part that gets people. Wouldn’t it be silly to get lost where you intended to be? Never forget that the trip is the adventure; where you intend to be is your destination. Do not focus on your destination at the expense of not enjoying the trip. Try a variety of travel methods to see what suits you best. Maybe you will be a better navigator by ship than by walking. Maybe you can come up with a new method of traveling across Neopia. My feet are tired from my last trek over the Terror Mountains, so I am considering swimming somewhere next. I’m finding that traveling can be a great way to get in shape.

If you are truly lost, a map will never fail you, as long as you read it right side up. If you need to brush up on your skills, find the book Map Reading. Some maps may provide, in addition to a direction, a destination for your travels. What can be more exciting than following a trail to where ‘X’ marks the spot? So pull out a treasure map and see where it leads. Or, better yet, a book of Undiscovered Treasure will give you a multitude of options for your treasure hunting. Can you say eeny meeny miny mo?

If you still lack a sense of direction, then don’t worry. Maybe your strengths lie elsewhere; give your pet his or her time in the spotlight. Different species have different strengths, but all pets have a special something that gives them an extraordinary sense of direction. Lupes can sniff out a trail to follow with unbelievable precision. Although they sometimes might find a trail to the nearest Chia-treat factory. A Scorchio can get a dragon's eye view on the terrain to choose a course of exploration. A Flotsam can swiftly swim the seas and lead to amazing underwater discoveries. Any pet with a Navibot petpet attached will never get lost, since the petpet has a built-in navigation system.

A well trained pet can also help defend you against formidable foes you may meet along the way. Any of the thieves or villains who roam Neopia can put a damper on a great adventure with their antics.

But the key here is to enjoy an activity with your pet. Have a wonderful time with your pets, wherever the path may lead.

When all else fails, ask for directions. I know, you probably want to figure it out on your own. But consider how many new Neopians you will meet on your travels. Asking for directions is a wonderful conversation starter that can lead to a lasting friendship. Exchange neomail addresses and keep in touch. They may even be able to give you hints about local wonders and oddities that a map could never show you.

Do not fall into the trap of thinking that there is nothing new to discover in Neopia. There is always something new, even if it is only new to you. And what’s more, new places are certainly still being discovered. Neovia, Shenkuu, and Altador are prime examples.

These tips will get you started, but as you become a proficient explorer you will no doubt pick up your own tricks of the trade. Find your strengths and use them to full advantage. Who knows, you may find yourself joining the elite Neopian Explorers Hall of Fame

Famous Neopian Explorers include:

Roxton A. Colchester III

Hannah the Usul

Armin the Small

And YOU!

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