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A Friend... a Petpet...

by chey_fireheart


"SERCHILUUUMMM!!" A scream rushed me from the peaceful dream I was having. I yawned and lifted my head, glancing groggily at the digital clock on my night stand. 8:05 a.m. NST. I moaned sleepily, then stood and stumbled down the hall and into the kitchen. As I entered, an unusual sight met my eyes. The kitchen was a complete wreck. There was egg splattered on the ceiling, toast was stuck to the refrigerator and cookies were scattered across the floor. In the middle of the mess were my pets. A small green Kougra stood shouting at a checkered Lupe, a blue Gelert sat watching them with an amused expression on his face. An older yellow female Gelert stood at the stove shaking her head.

      Serchilum the checkered Lupe suddenly chucked an egg across the room at the Kougra. She ducked, then ran right in front of me. Serchilum grabbed another egg and whipped it at her. She moved at the last second and it hit me instead. I wrinkled my nose and wiped the goo out of my eyes. "What did you do?!" I shouted at them.

      Kalerano the green Kougra looked down and shuffled her paws uneasily. Serchilum shrugged. "Being bored..." There was a smirk on his face and he tried his best to look innocent. The blue Gelert, Xyardian, padded over to me, smiling brightly. I glared at him but that made his smile widen. "So... what's for breakfast, Chey?" Serchilum asked, hopping into a chair that was set at the kitchen table.

      I shrugged. "I dunno... I'm not making breakfast today..." I told him. Serchilum raised an eyebrow in a quizzical manner and I smiled. "You and Kaler are gonna clear up this mess before you eat."

      Kalerano's jaw dropped in shock. "But it will take HOURS to clear this mess up!" she moaned. I heard Karsakia the yellow Gelert stifle a chuckle at Kalerano's dim-witted comment.

      I sighed and gazed at my four pets. I knew who had started the fight and I knew why. Serchilum was easily bored and needed company. Sadly, Xyardian was always spending time with Xylerthiz and Kalerano, and Karsakia didn't enjoy pulling pranks or following other neopets just to be annoying. "Kaler, it won't take that long... just start now and you should be finished by dinner..." I stated in a matter-of-fact kinda way. That caused more moaning from Kalerano and Serchilum and I just chuckled.

      After Kalerano and Serchilum had finished cleaning Kalerano came to talk to me. "Chey..." she started slowly, picking her words carefully. "Serchilum needs a companion... someone who he can spend time with..." She paused. "Serchy needs... a petpet..." she finished.

      I shook my head. "Sorry, Kalerano, but you know I can't afford to buy Serchilum a petpet... I'm still working on earning the neopoints for your island paintbrush..."

      Kalerano was silent for a few moments and I thought for sure she was going to end the conversation there. "Well..." She paused, then turned and dashed down the hall. I heard a loud smash and moments later Kalerano came bounding back over to me. "I'll pay half!" she stated bluntly. "I don't mind waiting a few extra days to get painted... as long as it keeps Serchilum away from me, I'm happy!"

      I smiled and nodded slowly. "Fine. I'll take Serchy into town later today and I'll let him pick out a petpet." Kalerano nodded then hugged me quickly before placing five thousand neopoints in my hand and bouncing back down the hallway to her bedroom. I heard the door shut and the muffled yipping of her Anubis Kilterate. I sighed and shook my head, then walked into the living room to read the newest issue of 'The Neopian Times'.


      Two hours later I stood with Serchilum outside of the petpet shop in Neopia Central. I pointed out a lot of different petpets to Serchilum but he shook his head every time. I sighed in frustration as we left the store. Serchilum hadn't even chosen a petpet. "Well, Serchy... you want a slushie?" I asked, pointing to the slushie shop. Serchilum nodded and I smiled. "Okay... stay here and I'll be back in a few minutes."


      "Welcome, stranger..." crooned a deep voice. Serchilum whirled around and saw a shadow Lupe standing in the shadows of an alleyway. Serchilum was curious to know what the strange Lupe wanted, so he padded over to him.

      "Me?" he asked.

      The other Lupe nodded. "Aye... I have traveled here to sell my fine wares... but no one has been brave enough to come and see my merchandise..." he stated. Serchilum blinked as the other Lupe motioned for him to follow as he turned and trotted farther into the alleyway. Serchilum glanced over his shoulder, then followed this strange new Lupe. The Lupe led him around a sharp turn and trotted slowly into and old tent. Serchilum nervously followed glancing around. Exotic petpets sat in small cages around the room. Books and other petpet supplies were scattered around the tent. The other Lupe stood behind the counter, smiling. "So, stranger," he said. "Do you see anything you like?"

      Serchilum stood in front of a cage which contained a tiny winged horse. He nodded dumbly and the shopkeeper's smile widened. "Ya... this... uh..." Serchilum paused and glanced at the name plate below the cage. In bold dusty letters it read: 'Alabriss'. "I like this Alabriss..." he replied. "How much is it?"

      "10,000 NP..." he stated flatly. Serchilum's eyes lit up. He had enough to buy it! He scooped up the cage and trotted up to the front counter. A huge grin on his face.


      I stood in front of the petpet shop with a slushie clasped in each hand. I scanned the area for Serchilum but couldn't see him anywhere. Finally I spotted him. He was exiting a nearby alleyway with something perched on his shoulder. As he grew closer I realized that it was a small winged horse with a green mane and tail. It looked extremely happy grinning on Serchilum's shoulder. When he was standing in front of me again I handed him his slushie. He accepted it gratefully and began slurping it through the straw. He motioned the the petpet on his shoulder and mumbled. "This is my new Alabriss... his name is Saltinar..."

      I smiled and reached out to pet Saltinar when he turned and snorted at me. I recoiled swiftly and returned to drinking my own slushie. Saltinar leaned forward and sniffed at Serchilum's slushie. Serchy chuckled and lifted the cup higher so the petpet could get a better look. Serchilum looked so happy...


      When we walked through the front door Kalerano came bounding up to us. "So?" she asked. "Did you get a petpet, Serchilum?"

      Serchilum nodded. "Yeah..." he replied, lifting his Alabriss off of his shoulder. "His name is Saltinar... and he's an Alabriss..." Serchilum told Kalerano with a 'my petpet is better then yours' smirk.

      Kalerano stuck her tongue out at Serchilum. "Kilterate is waaayyyyy better then some smelly dwarf Uni!" she stated. "KILTERATE! Here, boy!" she called. Moments later her Anubis came loping into the room, his tongue lolling from the side of his mouth. "See? He comes when I cal him! And he's way cuter!"

      Serchilum shook his head. "Nuh-uh! Saltinar is better! He can fly!"

      "So? What good is a flying petpet if you don't have wings so you can fly with it?" she countered.

      I sighed and rolled my eyes as the sound of Serchilum and Kalerano arguing receded down the hall. "Here we go again..." I mumbled.

The End

If you're reading this, then YES! I finally got a story into the NT! I hoped you had as much fun reading it as I had writing it.

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