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The Neopet Odds

by dadylman

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OMGSH! ~ Darigan Pets
Starring Hylicity

by melissa_melly618


Meridellian Mayhem - Silly Sidebar
"Just because the sidebar said I said it doesn't mean I said it!"

by ikkin_with_attitude


Further Tales of Woe: Part Eight
"Then... you're Bruno's little brother, right?" she continued, not seeing the way Reggie bristled at the mention of his brother. Stiffly, Reggie nodded another agreement...

by jjquil


No One Will Believe Them: Part Two
Furious, Cove looked over at his pessimistic jail mate. It was a Gruslen, one of the petpets Cove thought to be the most fierce. "You're a Gruslen?" Cove asked incredulously. "Why didn't you just eat them?"

by ayame_23

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