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The Honorary Feepit and the Quest

by ashflash


It was an ordinary day for Spats the purple tasu and his friends. He was playing Kacheekers with Gloria the angelpuss, while Rufus the feepit and Phoenix the Christmas doglefox were wrestling. Then Spats’ sensitive ears heard footsteps in the backyard. “Sorry Gloria, I think I am done playing Kacheekers for today,” he said as he walked out of the nearest window.

      “Wait for me,” called Rufus as he realized that Spats had heard something.

     The two petpets gasped in shock at the sight of Illusen standing in their backyard. “Are you with the Feepit Defenders of Neopia?” she asked.

     “Yes,” replied Rufus after regaining his composure.

     “She can talk to us?” asked a confused Spats.

     “All earth faeries can communicate with petpets,” Rufus explained impatiently. “Meepits can also communicate with dark faeries, which is why Illusen sometimes teams up with the Feepit Defenders of Neopia.”

     “I believe Jhudora’s latest plan to dominate Neopia involves the help of a meepit,” Illusen told them.

     “Continue,” Rufus said.

     “A long time ago the Space Faerie created an indestructible staff which could control time and space. Eventually, she feared that it might fall into the wrong hands. Since the staff could not be destroyed, the Space Faerie discarded it into the dimension where all discarded items go.”

     “Then what is the problem?” questioned Spats. “Nobody can get to it.”

     “There is a way,” Illusen continued with a grim smile. “Petpets can be discarded. Jhudora is going to discard a meepit, and then the meepit will find the staff and use its power to return to this dimension.”

     “What do you want us to do?” questioned Rufus.

     “I want to send you to get the staff before the meepit.”

     “Okay,” the two petpets agreed.

     “Discard items,” Illusen said as she placed her hands on the two petpets. Rufus and Spats felt like they had been plunged into icy cold water as they were transported to the other dimension.

     “So this is it,” commented Spats as he looked around at his surroundings. The sky and the ground were a blinding white. Scattered on the ground as far as the eye could see was thousands of different items. Many of the items were useless trash like rotten boots, but there was also a few valuable items like paintbrushes which were probably thrown away by accident.

     “Ahhhh!” screamed a startled Rufus as a pile of dung landed a couple of inches away from him. “Yuck! Let’s get started, Spats.”

     The two petpets walked for hours, desperately looking for the staff. “Cake!” shouted Rufus as he ran toward a large piece of cake.

     “No, Rufus. We don’t have time, the meepit is probably searching for the staff as we speak.”

     “You’re right, we cannot let Jhudora and the meepits have that kind of power at their disposal.”

      “Exactly, wait, a ball of yarn,” squealed Spats as he began to play with the yarn.

      “Now look who is getting distracted,” commented Rufus as he pulled Spats by the tail away from the yarn.

      As they continued walking they saw a glass jar with something inside that was giving off a dark purple glow. “What is this?” questioned Rufus.

      “We don’t have time to investigate it,” replied Spats with the uneasy feeling that it was dangerous. “Ouch! Something bit me.”

      “It is a mootix,” replied Rufus as he plucked it off of Spats’ fur. “I guess petpetpets can be discarded too.”

      “Petpetpets are pests,” commented Spats.

      “You should not have said that.”


      “Well, if you look to your right, you will see about a hundred angry mootix coming toward us.”

      “Run!” yelled Spats as the two petpets fled from the tiny army.

      As they were running, Rufus tripped over a mechaberry bomb and accidentally activated it. The two petpets quickly hid behind a nearby sofa as the mechaberry bomb exploded.

      “This just keeps getting better and better,” panted Rufus.

      “At least the explosion scared the mootix army away from us,” replied Spats.

      “We have a new problem.”

      “What is it now?”

      “Spats, do you remember those icy skeleton warriors that fought for the Bringer of Night?”


      “They apparently were sent to this dimension after their defeat and are heading toward us.”

      “Maybe we should start running again,” suggested Spats, as the two of them began to flee and dodge the icy axes that were being thrown at them.

      “How are we going to get away from them?” asked Rufus.

      “We will use this smoke mote I just found,” replied Spats as he activated it. Soon the area was filled with smoke, allowing Rufus and Spats to escape from the icy skeletons undetected.

      The next hour passed by uneventfully, until Spats shouted excitedly, “There it is!” The staff was a two foot tall, dark blue staff with a gem that was glowing a rainbow of colors on top.

      “We have company!” shouted Rufus as he pointed to a meepit several feet away from them.

     The three petpets then began to fight. Spats pounced, but the meepit ducked causing Spats to miss and tumble harmlessly on the ground. Rufus then caught the meepit by surprise with a couple of punches. Rufus and the meepit were trading blows when Spats used his tail to trip the meepit, allowing Rufus to pin the struggling meepit to the ground. Then the meepit suddenly used an improved lightning beam to blast Rufus off of him, and then the meepit proceeded to attack Spats with the lightning. While Spats was dodging the blasts, Rufus looked around desperately for a weapon he could use. Finding a blue sticky hand, he threw it at the meepit. The hand stuck to the meepit and immobilized him.

     “Time to go,” said an exhausted Rufus.

     “We can’t just leave the meepit here; he will be stuck forever,” pleaded Spats.

     “Yes, we can.”

     “It is not right.”

     “I would rather stay here than report my failure to Jhudora,” the meepit commented sulkily.

     “Alright,” replied Spats, although he had a funny feeling that it was a bad idea.

     “Home!” shouted Rufus and Spats as they grabbed hold of the staff. This time they felt a weird tingling sensation and popped open their eyes to see their familiar yard. Illusen was waiting for them along with Fyora, the Battle Faerie, and the Space Faerie.

     “Thank you,” said Illusen.

     The Space Faerie grabbed the staff and said, “Though this staff can not be destroyed, I can break it into pieces.” Then she removed the gem and broke the staff into three parts. “I will guard the gem and I will entrust the top part to Fyora, the middle to the Battle Faerie, and the bottom to Illusen. No one will be able to take the pieces from all of us and only my power can repair it. The staff is safe once again.”

     Then Fyora, the Space Faerie, and the Battle Faerie flew back home. Illusen gave the two petpets a grateful pat on the head and told them to keep in touch before flying back to Meridell.

     “Rufus, we just became the first petpets to complete a faerie quest,” commented Spats excitably.

     “True, and maybe next time we will get a reward.”

     The door to their neohome creaked open as Spats’ owner, a faerie Kougra walked outside. “There you two are, we have been looking all over for you,” remarked the Kougra as she picked them up. “You both stink. I think we should give you a bath.”

     Spats’ eyes widened in terror as the Kougra brought then into the house. “This is not my idea of a reward,” muttered Rufus.

The End

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