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Pet Pages: Overlooked?

by loveofnightfall


Every one of us, pet and owner alike, has been there at one point. You're either new to Neopets with a brand new pet on your hands, a bit lost and not positive of what to do, or an experienced owner with several pets all requiring individual time, love and attention--and somewhere along the way, something gets lost amid the chaos of keeping you and your pets happy and healthy. That "something" is a component far more essential to your Neopet's life than you would suppose at first, but it always seems to get bumped to the bottom of the to-do list.

Yes, that's right, Neopia: I'm talking about the ever-enigmatic world of pet pages.

All pets have them, and all owners have the potential to help their pets turn them into something aesthetically pleasing and one-of-a-kind. But with so many other things to do in Neopia, and so many more important matters to attend to, the number of owners neglecting their pet's own little corner of the world is larger than it should be. Some will say it's because they don't know how to make their pet's page look nice; others would protest that the page is just fine as it came when their pet was adopted, and that making the effort to change it all around is a waste of time. This, however, is simply not true. There are many ways to make this mountain back into a molehill... just take the necessary steps.

1. Know your pet!

It's an easy concept: know who your pet is! If they're an outgoing, energetic, friendly little soul, make sure their page expresses that. If they're an artist, perhaps display some of their artwork for everyone to see and enjoy. If your Lupe is perhaps the most beautiful specimen of a White Lupe ever to grace Neopia, by all means, let Neopia know!

2. Let THEIR voice be heard

Too often we see owners taking control over their pet's page and using it for their own means: whether it be to report guild matters in a more orderly fashion, or to create a guide to sock collecting, poor pets across Neopia are losing their chance to let Neopia know who they really are. Sure, they may have their pet description, but sometimes that is just not enough. Allow your pet to choose what goes on with their pet page. If they happen to be a sock collector, too, maybe they'll decide to have a section about sock collecting on their page; however, maybe they want to talk about their success in the Beauty Contest, or the Pet Spotlight, or ramble on and on about their favorite flavor of Chia Pop instead. And you know what? That's just fine. Don't turn a blind eye and ignore their decisions by taking over what's theirs and monopolizing it... how would you like it if they took over your shop and monopolized THAT?

3. Looks can be everything....

Nobody's going to want to visit a pet page that's nothing but a big paragraph of apparent nothingness. Add a little razz and pizzazz! Say your spunky Rainbow Lenny is having trouble with the aesthetics of his pet page. Well, he is a RAINBOW Lenny, after all; perhaps start a rainbow theme for the page and find a really cool font that pops right out from all that color. On the other hand, if you have a shy little Striped Kougra, help her reflect that in her page and don't startle the poor thing with blinding yellow backgrounds and hardly readable white font. Add some nice pictures of your beloved pet, and arrange everything in an organized and pleasing format.

4. Learn from others!

Almost every week, owners across Neopia have the pleasure of getting the chance to be the newest winner of the Petpage Spotlight. What better place to derive some inspiration? Actually take the time to look at these award-winning pages with your pet--maybe you and your Speckled Uni will come across a pet who has an entire page dedicated to their vast and ever-expanding plushie empire. Your Uni remembers that she has an affinity for the Grooming Parlour--take that information to heart, and start helping her design a Grooming Parlour page based off of the inspiration of others. BE CAREFUL not to relate your idea too closely to someone else's. It's just fine for your pet to see something and think "it wouldn't be bad if my page looked like that", but don't let them get carried away and end up downright copying someone else's page. Be yourself, let YOUR pet's imagination bring their page to life and make it something all their own.

5. Take your time

Be patient--it may be a while before your pet finally decides that their page is now perfect. Your Kau might take a look at it one day and be about to proudly announce that it's finished, only to recall that she really wanted a section for reviews of her favorite books, and would like to go back and add that bit in. Don't get upset and groan about how much longer this is going to take. Be enthusiastic and help her get exactly the results she wants. Both you and your pet will be happier in the end if they finally end up with a page that's just what they always dreamed it would be.

With that, you and your beloved Neopet should be off to a great start with their pet page. In a shorter time than you think, you'll both be amazed to see that you have created something new and exciting, a place that your Neopet can call their very own. You'll have fun making it look great together, and even if there are some speed bumps along the way, you'll reach the end of the tunnel and look back on your efforts--which will only make you prouder of accomplishing something that you were unsure of in the beginning. A pet page is not only a place for your pet to express themselves, it's something that both of you can be proud of--together.

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