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Qin Sha Learns To Forgive

by neogal_anu


Many years ago, in a land of wealth and happiness, lived a Mynci called Qin Sha. She was the ruler of the land, and ruled all her subjects justly and honestly. She was loved by all, and never was there any grousing against her. Well, almost never. The people of her land, Shiaxing, were all Myncies. Qin Sha did not permit any species of Neopet other than the Mynci to live there. That rule of hers made the Myncies of her kingdom complain. Many of them had friends who were not Myncies; now they could not visit each other.

     Qin Sha was highly respected by all her subjects. Her kingdom was a happy land, with hardly any misery. Qin Sha was beautiful, always happy and smiling, and harsh only to wrongdoers. She was famous for her wit and the way she handed out justice. All the rulers of the neighboring kingdoms admired her impressive personality. But there was a deep dark secret about her that nobody knew...

     Qin Sha was in the town square that day, making arrangements for the upcoming Happiness Festival. She had organized many beautiful activities for her subjects, like wheel-spinning, a tombola counter, slot machines, card games, guess the card, whack-a-kass, coconut shy, and many more. She had sent invitation cards to every Mynci in Shiaxing, which bore these words:

     “On the Twenty-Second Day of Hunting, Year Nine, I, Qin Sha, cordially invite all my fellow Myncies to the town square to celebrate the occasion of Happiness Day. There are many activities for you to amuse yourself with! Let us celebrate the spirit of happiness in every Mynci!”

     Suddenly, she heard a shout coming from somewhere nearby, “I demand to see the great queen Qin Sha!”

     Qin Sha turned, expecting to see a little Mynci. To her surprise (and anger), she saw a little Shoyru. Qin Sha swelled up like a big balloon and opened her mouth to tell the Shoyru her rules. “Don’t you know that in my land...”

     The Shoyru cut her short. “Only Myncies are allowed? I know the rule, and I’m here to speak a few words to your royal highness.”

     It is said that at that moment, going near Qin Sha was even more dangerous than calling a Grarrl names. She was trembling with anger. “Off with this kid! Put him in prison forever!” she ordered her soldiers.

     As the soldiers marched off, Qin Sha was shaking, partly with anger, and partly with fear. She sat down on a stone bench and drank some water from her diamond-encrusted golden goblet. Her mind began to recall a painful memory from her childhood days... she remembered a Shoyru... what was his name? Something beginning with the letter K, she was sure. She was always teased and bullied for being a Mynci. She used to dread going to school. When she became a queen, it was a blessing... she had banned all other species from her kingdom, for she feared that she would be teased and bullied again by people similar to her childhood bullies... and now one had come. Was it the same Shoyru? She wondered.


     Three days later, Qin Sha was busy preparing for the Happiness Festival, but she still had doubts about the Shoyru. He was still in prison. She had heard from the royal guards that he kept pleading them to let him meet her majesty. She felt confused. She had no one to turn to for support. She could not let anyone in her kingdom know her secret, could she?

     Suddenly, she heard a gunshot sound somewhere nearby. She turned, and so did her royal guards. They heard footsteps. They grew louder and louder, until they saw an army making its way down the street. Not an army of Myncies, but an army of a whole lot of Neopets – vain Unis, fire-breathing Draiks, cute Cybunnies, fierce Hissis, Grarrls and Skeiths, angry Krawks, Shoyrus, Kougras, Lutari and almost every species imaginable. Her heart began pounding with fear and alarm. They seemed to be heading for the palace. She could not imagine why this huge army had come to her kingdom, but she knew that she had to defend her land. Qin Sha sent all her guards and her entire army to defend her kingdom, while she went to investigate the cause of the attack.

     A rather haughty-looking Royal Shoyru seemed to be leading the army. On seeing Qin Sha, he shouted, “There she is, the cunning queen! Imprisoning our friend Kaize when all he did was enter the kingdom! My friends, we must revolt!” On saying this, he attacked. Soon, a fierce battle began.

     Qin Sha felt weak. The name Kaize rang a bell in her mind. She began searching through her memories, and at last, she found the one she wanted. Kaize was the same Shoyru who had been her biggest bully during her childhood days. Yet, Kaize seemed neither angry nor fierce when he came. He had seemed determined, though.

     Qin Sha regretted her actions. She had started a war for no reason. Now, everyone involved was suffering, including her own Myncies. She began to weep.

     Just then, one of her messengers arrived with a scroll of parchment in his hand. “The prisoner has sent this to you, your Majesty.”

     Qin Sha unrolled the scroll, her hands trembling. On it was a hand-drawn picture of Myncies frolicking with other species, while Qin Sha watched them, smiling. Below it, in Kaize’s handwriting, was a message:

     “To Queen Qin Sha,

     Your Highness might remember me. I was your bully during your childhood days. I know that your majesty hated me. I am not here to start a war. I am here to seek peace. I know the reasons behind your majesty’s peculiar rules. All that was a long time ago. I request your royal highness to put all those fights behind you and be friends. Unfortunately, my friends have misunderstood the situation and have started a war. I am sorry for all the misery that I have ever caused your majesty. I hope you will accept my humble apology.

     Your eternal servant,


     Qin Sha was overcome with emotion. The scroll slid from her hands and fell to the floor as she began to shed tears. She had made so many mistakes...she had treated Kaize so badly when he had actually come to apologize...

      She summoned her attendants and gave them an order to bring Kaize before her.

     Kaize arrived, his eyes filled with fear. “Do not fear, Kaize,” said Qin Sha. “I have read your message and I have realized your true intentions. From today, we are friends. I am very sorry for the treatment I gave you and your friends.” Her voice was shaking with emotion.

     She got up from her seat and hugged Kaize. “Let’s go and stop the war!” she said, smiling.

     Qin Sha ordered her guards to stop fighting and publicly announced her decision to allow all species into her kingdom. There was jubilation everywhere.


     A day later, the Shiaxing Happiness Festival was in full swing. Everyone was happy. Qin Sha smiled. This particular Happiness Festival was special to her, because though she had preached about forgiveness many times to her subjects, she had actually done it only recently, thanks to Kaize.

The End

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