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Every Klutz Has At Least One Good Day

by i_love_dannyphantom


So here I am, sitting at the edge of the dock, my eyes looking out at an endless lake. It’s a cold, rainy day at Kiko Lake. This is what I’ve been doing for the past three days now. It sounds boring, doesn’t it? Trust me when I say it is.

     Since we’re talking about boring, I guess I should talk about myself. My name is London Limply. I’m just your average, yellow colored Usul. Well, there’s a little bit more to it than that. I’m pretty and funny and popular, and sometimes boring, but with full honesty, I’m possibly the clumsiest pet in all of Neopia. And no, I’m not exaggerating. Don’t believe me? Well, here are some examples. There was this time I was at the Neo Exercise Center with one of my best friends, a Faerie Acara named Pearl. We were on a huge green trampoline. I was walking on it, and then I tripped, flipped in the air, and went flying into a basketball hoop. And then, I got nervous and held on for dear life to the hoop, because it was thirteen feet in the air! When I finally let go (there were about thirty people and pets telling me to jump), I fell on a small, innocent Baby Lupe. The mother was too angry to describe.

     Oh, and then there was the time I was at a birthday party. I was getting a glass of punch, but I ended up spilling the entire bowl onto the wooden floor. (That happened because I bumped the bowl too hard.) I immediately started to run out into the kitchen to grab paper towels to clean the mess up. Unfortunately, at the same time, there were some butlers rolling a silver cart with the large birthday cake into the living room. So, I ended up flipping over the cart, and before I knew it, I was on my back on top of the cart, with cold ice cream cake covering me from head to toe. (You can imagine how I felt: embarrassed and angry.) And the birthday pet... well, let’s just say she gave me a mouthful of revenge pie.

     So, were those good enough examples for you? I could do this all day, but I don’t want to bore you. (Not that you would get bored; I just don’t want to go through my life story, that’s all.)

     So anyways, I’m sitting at the edge of the dock when I see something shiny in the water. Now, not only am I clumsy, I’m also very curious. So, I leaned closer to see what the object was. I leaned closer and closer until... “AAHHHH!” I fell into the freezing cold water. I felt frozen like an ice cube. There wasn’t too much time to think about that though, because I was going toward the lake floor with virtually no air to hold! At the last second I thought of something. My abilities! And one of them allowed me to breathe underwater! So, I did just that. Since I was under here, I decided to explore. I found a bunch of random things. Boots, Scrawnyfish, Basic Pencils, Heart Shaped Sand Sculptures, and even a couple of Codestones! I decided to take some of these objects. They were so nice...

     Look, before you even get to tell me things like, ‘That’s not yours!’ or ‘That’s stealing!’ or ‘That’s shoplifting!’ it’s not any of the above. Obviously, these people and pets didn’t care about these objects, or they would still have them, right? That’s what I thought, at least.

     So I’m reaching down to take some of these objects when suddenly a voice from far away shouts, “Stop!” Now, what do think I did? I stopped, but I was so startled that I dropped three 5-pound Codestones on my left paw!

     “OUCH!” (That felt great! Not. I hope you understand sarcasm.)

     Suddenly, I was surrounded by a bunch of Kikos. One of them swam forward. “Well, I guess that’s what you get for trying to steal!” (Okay, fine, maybe you people who tried to warn me were right. I’m sorry.)

     “Um... I didn’t know these belonged to you,” I said.

     “Well, you do now!”

     “I’m sorry. Is there any way I can pay you back?”

     A Kiko from the back of the crowd swam forward. “Actually, there is. Hi, my name is Lewis. This large group and I have been trying to build an underwater city for quite some time now.”


     “So curious. You know, that isn’t always a good thing, you know.”

     “Well, is it a good thing right now?”

     “I suppose it is. Anyways, to answer your question, curious one, it’s because Kiko Lake is a popular summer tourist attraction, too. We might even be better than Mystery Island...”

     “Well, maybe. And by the way, please don’t call me curious one. My name is London.”

     “Well okay then, London. Anyways, we’ve been noticing that a lot of people and pets, young and old, have wanted to stay the nights lately. So, we figured it would be a great idea to make an underwater city with a bunch of hotels and restaurants as fancy as Kelp, and some shops, too. And everyone wants us to do it. But, we don’t have tools to help us, and we don’t have an intelligent boss,” Lewis said as he dropped his head. Everyone looked at me. I was guessing that Lewis was the unintelligent boss.

     “Well, I have two things to say. First of all, you said everybody wants you to. So when everybody wants you to jump off the peak of Terror Mountain, are you going to do it? And second of all, I’ll be your boss. That is, if you want me to,” I said.

     “That would be great!” Lewis exclaimed.

     “Okay. Now, why don’t you have any tools?”

     “Because we don’t have any money.”

     “And why don’t you have any money?”

     “Because we spent it all at Kelp after making successful blueprints of our idea for the underwater town.”

     “So... let me get this straight. You spent a large amount of time planning something that you knew would cost a lot of money... and then you spent it all at Kelp.”

     “Yes. And I had the Ocean Delight Salad, Filet of Beef, Coral Cake, and Cornupepper Lemonade. It was REALLY good,” Phil said with a grin.

     I remained silent for a minute. “Holy nutcracker! You blew 69,000 on ONE meal!?”


     “I need to figure some things out.” I asked the other 4-construction crew Chias what they ate. One had the Maraquan Cream Broth, Fish Special, Triple Chocolate Shell, and the Twirly Fruit Blend. That meal came out to be 67,200 Neopoints. The second Chia had the Succulent Cheese Dip, Whole Roast Pheasant, Peachpa and Stramberry Shell, and the Funnydew Melon Delight. His total meal cost was 67,900. The third Chia had the Angel Hair Salad, Luxurious Vegetarian Star Pie, Honeyed Horn Of Plenty, and the Foozette Juice. His total was 63,100 Neopoints. The forth and final Chia had the Mixed Green Salad, Spicy Radish Salad, Kelps Signature Ice Cream, and the Blue and Orange Rambus Blend. The cost of that meal was 62,900 Neopoints. The total cost of the 5 meals (including Lewis’s meal) was 330,100 Neopoints.

     “That was a foolish move on my part, wasn’t it?” Phil asked.

     I answered honestly. “Yes, it was.”

     “How do I make enough money for the project, London?”

     “Well, why don’t you set up little boxes in shops around Kiko Lake that will ask for donations on it?”

     “You know what?”


     “That idea is... brilliant!”

     I smiled. “Thank you! Now, let’s get busy!”

     Everyone cheered and went up to the surface. The rain was now gone, and it was warm! (I must have been underwater for a while!) Everyone made a box and put it at a certain location, as directed by me. It was amazing. In just two hours, we already had twelve thousand Neopoints! We did this method for an entire week. By the end of the week, we had made a grand total of... two hundred twenty four thousand Neopoints! We then began to work on building the town. After six months, it was finally complete.

     On the day of the grand opening, I was given a pair of scissors to cut the ribbon that would officially open the underwater town. And guess what? I didn’t do anything clumsy! I guess every klutz has at least one good day!

The End

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