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Midnight Madness

by broadwaybaby986


I pressed my nose against the windowpane and stared at the raging storm outside. Before it started raining, my siblings and I were supposed to camp out in the backyard, but then the storm started. Now we’re stuck in the living room, but my sister Jefsy, a Maraquan Gelert and the oldest in the family, decided we should make the best of it, so she went nuts and put up tents and sleeping bags and all sorts of stuff.

      “Hey Evini, what are you doing?” I heard my brother Little, a skunk Yurble, say. “Aren’t you going to come over here? We’re about to tell scary stories!”

      “You’re not scared, are you?” teased Ava the purple Xweetok.

      “Why’d she be scared? Only chickens are scared of scary stories,” said Lealonde the baby Uni, who’s the youngest of all of us.

      “Lealonde, last time we told scary stories you wet your sleeping bag,” Ava said and giggled.

      “Well, that was a long time ago!”

      “Yeah, yeah, whatever. So, Evini, you brave enough to listen to Jefsy’s story, or are you gonna chicken out like a little baby?”

      I shrugged. “Why not? After all, only babies are scared,” I, a blue Bori named Evini, said. There was no way I was going to tell Ava that scary stories really did scare me, so I took a seat beside my twin brother Lewenn, who looks just like me except for the fact he’s speckled, not blue.

      “Okay, are you all ready?” asked Jefsy.

      “Mm-hm,” muttered Lewenn. Lewenn’s kinda shy, so he doesn’t really talk much.

      “Alright. Well, it was a dark and stormy night, much like tonight. Three pets were hopelessly lost in the woods. There was a Wocky, an Eyrie, and a Chia. The Wocky and Eyrie wanted to go one way, but the Chia wanted to go another, so they decided to split up. After all, they couldn’t agree on anything. So the Eyrie and Wocky went off together while the Chia was on her own.

      “After what seemed like hours of walking around in the dense forest, she stumbled across a large clearing. She could’ve sworn she heard growling noises, but she shrugged and continued on. Right before leaving the clearing, the Chia tripped over an unseen thing on the ground. She jumped back up to her feet, dusted herself on, and looked over at what she had tripped on. To her horror, she recognized it as her Eyrie and Wocky friends who had left her earlier! Their bodies were limp and looked as though someone had sucked all the life out of them. The Chia was about to run away and try to find help when she heard the growling noise again. Now she was really scared. She hurried away from the clearing when somebody grabbed her from behind! The Chia looked over her shoulder to find she had been captured by a giant monster. She struggled and struggled but couldn’t break free of the grip. The poor Chia let out a loud scream, and then everything went black. And... well, that’s the end.”

      Little rolled his eyes. “THAT was your story?!” he groaned. “It was lame! It didn’t scare me a bit!”

      “Well, you try making up a scary story!” Jefsy snapped. “It’s not easy! I’m not a writer, you know!”

      “Yeah, but the story was still dumb,” said Ava, and I nodded in agreement, even though the story really did scare me.

      “Hey, you guys are still up?” I heard someone say.

      Still spooked from the story, I let out a loud scream. Lewenn shot me a confused look.

      “Did I startle you?” asked my momma, whose name is Cocoa, as she walked into the room. “I’m sorry, baby, I didn’t mean to.”

      “It’s okay, Momma.”

      “That’s good. Now, you six need to turn off the lights! It’s getting late!”

      “Aw, Momma!” complained Little. “I was gonna tell my scary story!”

      “Lights off, Little!”

      I smiled, secretly happy Little wasn’t going to get the chance to tell his story. Sleepy, I crawled into the tent Jefsy set up and curled up in my sleeping bag. Before long, I was fast asleep.


      “Ugh... ooooh...”

      I opened my eyes and glanced around the room. What in Neopia was that noise? It wasn’t any of my siblings. I was baffled.

      “Oh... oooooh...” There it was again! I peeked out in the hallway. I heard loud footsteps... and they were coming this way! I slammed the door shut and locked it as fast as possible.

      “Lewenn! Lewenn, wake up! There’s something outside!”

      Lewenn groggily opened his eyes. “What in Neopia... Evini? Why’d you wake me up?”

      “Lewenn, there’s something outside the door and I don’t know what it is! Do you think it’s... a monster?” I whispered, my voice quivering.

      “That story really did a number on you, Evini,” Lewenn moaned. “It’s just your imagination! Go back to sleep!”

      I grabbed Lewenn’s paw and dragged him to the door. “Put your ear against it and listen,” I said.

      “Fine, fine.” Lewenn listened intently for a moment and then turned to me. “Okay, I do hear something out there... you don’t really think it’s a monster, is it?”

      I glanced over at Ava, Lealonde, Little, and Jefsy. They were all sleeping soundly. “What else could it be?”

      “Well... oh, Evini, there’s something out there! What if it gets Momma?”

      I gasped. I hadn’t thought of that. “Well, we’re not going to let it! Come on, Lewenn... we’re going monster hunting!”


     “Make sure not to wake anybody up while we get ready,” I whispered to Lewenn, who was digging through the closet for his old Batterfly net we were going to use to capture the monster.

      “I’m being as quiet as I can,” he replied.

      “Now, just is case the monster attacks, we gotta have proper armor,” I said. “I’m going to tie a pillow to my chest so the monster won’t be able to claw me. Oh, and I need a weapon... maybe the broom will do...”

      “You already have the batterfly net. I need the broomstick.”

      I scowled at Lewenn. “Fine, fine, mister selfish,” I muttered, handing the broom over to my brother. “Go ahead and take it. Hey, do you need a pillow too?”

      “No. I refuse to walk around with a pillow strapped to my chest. Plus, I have my shell. That’s all the protection I need.”

      “Okay, good, good... now, for the game plan! I already thought it up. See, you’re going to find the monster and hit ‘im with the broom, and then I’ll capture him with the Batterfly net!”

      Lewenn shrugged. “Okay, I guess that’ll work. I mean, it’s not- YAH!” Lewenn dropped the broomstick in surprise.

      “What is it?!” I asked, picking up the broomstick and handing it back to Lewenn.

      “Listen... I hear footsteps... the monster’s coming back!”

      Sure enough, I could hear footsteps creeping toward the living room. “Hurry! It’s time to get that monster!” I yelled. “Come on, Lewenn! YAAAAAH!”

      Before I knew it, Lewenn had joined me in my battle cry. “YAAAAH!” he yelled, hurrying after me. Once we reached the hallway, I caught glance of a hunched-over figure slowly walking toward Momma’s bedroom.

      “Now, Lewenn!” I yelled. Lewenn rushed forward, broomstick in hand, and hit the monster over the head. It crumpled to the floor with a moan. I swung the net over its head before it could get back up. “Gotcha, you little monster,” I whispered with a grin.

      “Huh?” muttered the monster, struggling to escape (with no avail). “Evini? Lewenn? What in Neopia’s going on here?”

      I gasped at the familiar voice. It couldn’t be! I leaned down to get a closer look at the monster’s face. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a monster after all... it was Momma. “Huh? Momma, I’m so sorry!” I whipped the net off Momma’s head.

      “What’s going on here?!” asked Momma, rubbing her head.

      “I’m sorry, Momma,” Lewenn said. “We thought you were a monster.” He turned to me. “I can’t believe you made me think Momma was a monster!” he cried. “She always makes those groaning noises when she’s tired. I should’ve known it was her.”

      I thought for a second. Lewenn was right. How could I have been so stupid?! “Uh... Momma... are we in trouble?” I asked innocently.

      “Oh yes, Evini... a monstrous amount of trouble.”

The End

Thanks, Constellation, for the title idea!

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