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Crisis Courier Game Guide

by my_dark_dream


Who likes action games? If you do, then you must try the most greatest game ever, Crisis Courier!

It's one of the newest and coolest games on Neopets! And if you like Yooyus, then you must love this game!


When King Altador has an urgent message that needs to be delivered, his highness always sends someone who you will love when you play this game, the coolest, fittest and fastest Petpet ever - the Yooyu. Your goal is to deliver this message and complete the game to get a gold trophy or to be a grand master at this *special* game!


You first start as a Fire Yooyu and you can switch to the Snow Yooyu by clicking the left button on your mouse. You can move the Petpet by moving your mouse; isn't this easy? You have 3 lives and if you lose them, you will lose the game.

Goodie Bags

Keep an eye on the great goodie bags; they can come in a flying or normal form. Grab them all!

Gold Goodie Bags: Getting one of these will earn you 5 points. These goodie bags are the most common in Crisis Courier.

Red Goodie Bags: Only Fire and Faerie Yooyus are able to take these red bags. Keep the Mutant and Snow Yooyus away from these bags. You will earn 10 points by taking any of these great goodie bags.

Blue Goodie Bags: Only Snow and Faerie Yooyus are able to take these blue bags. Keep the Mutant and Fire Yooyus away from these bags. You will earn 10 points by taking any of these great goodie bags.


Fire Yooyu: Wow. This one is HOT! The Fire Yooyu can defeat the red Minitheus and must avoid the blue ones.

Snow Yooyu: Opposite of Fire is Snow; the Snow Yooyu can attack the blue Minitheus and must avoid the red Minitheus.

Faerie Yooyu: How cute! You can change your Yooyu into Faerie by taking one of the fruits. Your Yooyu will stay Faerie for about 7 seconds. They will increase the amount of score gained by the golden goodie bags by 15 when you touch them and they can take both red and blue goodie bags too! But the bad thing is that the Faerie Yooyu must stay away from both Minitheus colours or you will pay one of your lives.

Mutant Yooyu: Taking one of the figs will turn your Yooyu into a Mutant for some seconds; now you can attack red and blue Minitheus without losing a life! But you have to stay away from the blue and the red goodie bags or you will lose a life.

The Baddies

They are the Petpets which have to been attacked by your Yooyus; there aren't a lot of bad guys in this game. Anyway, defeating these baddies will earn you 10 Points. You don't have to attack them, but you will have to if you want the shiny trophy!

Red Minitheus: Can be attacked by the Fire and Mutant Yooyus.

Blue Minitheus: Can be attacked by the Snow and Mutant Yooyus.

Minitheus can come in a flying form too!

How to Play Crisis Courier

Keep dodging the buildings and attack the Minitheus with the right Yooyu. The first level is a warm up; the second is what I call the real start of the game. Levels beyond 2 will get harder and harder. All you have to do is to focus and not fall in the traps of the game. There are many traps in this game; it's tricky, and not to lie, I fell in most of them. Every time you complete a level and touch a flag, you will get some points. The first flag will earn you 100 points, the second 200, the third one will earn you 300 and etc...


When playing as a Fire Yooyu:

Attack all the red Minitheus, take all the red and golden goodie bags and stay away from blue Minitheus and blue goodie bags.

When playing as a Snow Yooyu:

Attack all the blue Minitheus, take all the blue and golden goodie bags and stay away from red Minitheus and red goodie bags.

When playing as a Faerie Yooyu:

Keep your Yooyu away from ALL of the Minitheus and take ALL the of the goodie bags. Golden goodie bags will earn you 20 when as a Faerie Yooyu!

When playing as a Mutant Yooyu:

Keep your Yooyu away from all of the goodie bags and attack ALL of the Minitheus.

Extra tips

- Be sure that no one is going to call you at home unless you have someone who is ready to answer the phone; this game never stops when it starts!

- PRACTISE! You can't play from the first time and say "Man! This game is so hard!" -- If you're still new to the game, be sure to play at least 3 times before you say what you think about the game. The game will get easier when you play it and your skills will get improved by time.

- Keep your Yooyu away from the buildings.

- Keep your eyes on the number of lives you have.

- Expect danger and tricks to come; when you turn into Mutant or Faerie and return to normal, you will NOT return as the Yooyu colour you were using. Your Yooyu will turn into Snow. So don't forget about this important thing. ;)

- Dodge well! It was so hard for me in the beginning to dodge the buildings, but with time, it became easy.

- Your mouse speed must be normal and it has to be clean and comfortable.

- You need 15,000 points to become a Grand Master at this game. You can get a maximum of 1,000 Neopoints per game if you scored 4,000 pts. Score 4,000 X3 to get 3,000 Neopoints daily.

Good luck

So what are you waiting for? Deliver the message for King Altador and get a *shiny* golden trophy. Some levels are easy; some are not. ;) I wish you the best of luck to complete your quest!

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