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A Neopian's Guide to Modern Transportation

by playmobil_is_my_life


NEOPIA – Since the dawn of its existence, all things were changing and evolving rapidly before our eyes. Once one event was settled, another was in motion. From new worlds to new species of Neopets, Neopia has become quite foreign compared to how it began. Look at us now, entering Year Nine and see how much has changed.

I, for one, think change is definitely good. We are more advanced. There is more to see and do with our Neopian families and friends. One thing that has really evolved from Year One is the way we get around the world: transportation.

Try to imagine life without any kind of transportation. No bicycles, no Eyrie Cabs, no ferries for crossing cities. All you’d have were your two/four legs, or flippers/fins, and perhaps a pair of wings to get you from place to place. Below, I have written a summary about the kind of modern transportation we see in Neopia today. Whether you are an exercise nut, tourist, or avid article reader, enjoy.

On Foot

When I say on foot, this also refers to travel via wings and flippers as well as the fliers and swimmers. By walking “on foot”, we’re using our bodies to move us from place to place, rather than a cart, carriage, or boat.

Efficiency: Well, that depends on YOU! How is your energy level? Can you exercise for a while without getting tired? If you can, traveling by foot might not be a bad idea.

Cost: Here’s the beauty of it: walking/flying/swimming costs absolutely nothing! Amazing. For the frugal Neopian, walking is your best bet.

Pros: Walking is a great way to exercise without putting excess strain on your joints. Running will get you to your desired destination even faster. Another pro includes the health benefits of exercise!

Cons: Walking outside does make you hot, unless it is a cold day. If you are not a patient person, going on foot wouldn’t be a great choice because it will take a while to reach your point of interest.

Bike, blades, or board.

This method of traveling is slightly similar to that of walking on foot, mainly because you are still relying on your body to get you from place to place. Riding a bike, skateboard, or going roller blading is a nice way to travel.

Efficiency: It’s all up to the kind of quality in your skateboard, the wheels on those slick blades, or the air pressure in your bike tires. If you dish out more Neopoints, chances are you’ll be purchasing something that will last you longer and ride smoother.

Cost: I’ve checked the following prices with the Shop Wizard, and here are the approximate prices: Roller Blades – 700 NP, Blue Skateboard – 800 NP (the Red Skateboard was surprising over 30,000 NP!) and Bike – 700 NP (Blue or Green... the Red Bike was not listed). What is it with the color red, Neopia?

Pros: As I mentioned in the “on foot” section, because you are using your body, you are exercising. Traveling with wheels is a lot of fun, too!

Cons: Other than bad equipment breaking down, you will need to purchase additional safety items for riding a bike, skateboard, or roller blades. Helmets, kneepads, and wrist guards can be bought at just about any sports store in Neopia.


Neopia Central hasn’t quite kept up with carts and carriages, but other places have. Mystery Island is well known for their transportation via carts pulled by other Neopets. Brightvale and Meridell are known for carriages pulled by majestic Unis.

Efficiency: Mystery Island carts are built out of the finest strips of palms and oaks native to the Island, so they are very sturdy and comfortable. Carriages like the ones used in Meridell are usually made of wrought iron and other metals. Carriages are faster than carts, but carts last longer.

Cost: The cost for a ride on a cart or carriage depends on the miles per hour, or how far you travel. Carts generally run you 50 NP per mile and carriages 75 NP. Because of prices, they are more ideal for traveling within a city.

Pros: The price is affordable and the pace is good (depends on the individual pulling the cart/carriage).

Cons: For some carts and carriages, dirt roads are not always ideal to traverse. Wheels can get stuck if there is too much mud, sand, or other soft ground. Because carts usually don’t have much of a roof or windows, bad weather can cause problems for the rider.


Perhaps the best way to cross from one part of the ocean to the next is by means of the ferry service! Mind you, you’ll need to purchase your ticket at a ferry station before climbing aboard.

Efficiency: As far as traveling goes, the average Neopian ferry travels at the comfortable pace of 20 knots (that’s about 23 mph.) Ferries are very durable, especially through choppy water and are said to be quite safe.

Cost: The cost of a ticket from Neopia Central to Roo Island via ferry will only cost you around 75 NP. However, from Neopia Central to Mystery Island, you’re looking at maybe 800-850 NP.

Pros: Ferries can transport many Neopians at once (the largest ferry can transport around 50), which is better than one or two passengers, like the other transportation devices provide. Ferry stations are located at just about every Neopets world, for your convenience.

Cons: Those who are easily seasick might not find the ferry an enjoyable means of transportation. Another con would be that ferries can only travel by means of water. So you would not be able to take the ferry to Faerieland and back. ;)

Eyrie Cabs

Eyrie Cabs just may be the most common way of traveling nowadays. Whether you’re going two streets over or two cities over, traveling by Eyrie Cab is quick and reliable.


As far as the construction of a regular Cab, it is checked frequently to ensure safety. The pace in which one usually travels mixes with the good price to create the ideal mode of transportation.

Cost: Like ferries, the Eyrie Cab’s cost varies on the destination and starting point. Altador to Terror Mountain could cost you 4000 NP and take three hours to arrive.

Pros: You can hail an Eyrie Cab from anywhere on Neopia. The price is right for such a speedy trip and the windows/roof protect you from the wind that roars past. The only known way to get to Faerieland is by Eyrie Cab.

Cons: Eyrie Cabs sometimes affect Neopians with a fear of heights. Although they are very safe, they do take you up at an altitude of at least one hundred feet. Yikes!

Space Pods

If you were ever looking to visit the Virtupets Space Station or Kreludor, you would have to take a pod up to where the giant satellite floats. In my opinion, it is not the most ideal way to travel, but since it is the only way to get to outer space...

Efficiency: Virtupets designed these space pods so they are 100% durable. The metal that constructed them years ago was imported from the Space Station itself.

Cost: It can be expensive to visit Virtupets or Kreludor, but considering how many miles you’d be traveling, the cost doesn’t seem too bad. A trip to either of the outer space worlds can run you around 8,000 NP per Neopian.

Pros: The best thing about space pods is how fast it gets you your destination. Less than thirty minutes is what the Grundos guarantee. Amazing! The technology these days...

Cons: The pod does not hold very many Neopians and the compartment is small. Those with claustrophobia may not find the excursion enjoyable. Space pods only launch a few times a day so visiting Kreludor or Virtupets is limited to certain hours.

I think we’ve covered every mode of modern Neopian transportation in this article. Remember, wherever you are going and however you manage to get there, always be safe. Happy traveling!

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