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Neopians And Their Goals

by knowlroar1


Throughout the entirety of Neopia, there are users that come in many shapes, forms, and colors. But most of them have something in common. They all have goals. These can range from collecting a specific item to saving up for an avatar. Though the goals vary extremely, there are a few goals that are frequent among users.

With my wonderful powers of investigations and my lurking of several message boards, I have compiled a list of the most prominent goals in all of Neopia. Why you ask? Well, if you are searching for the next heart-felt goal to keep your accomplishments flowing, why not look here for a few ideas and a little encouragement.

Though not everyone’s goal may be included here, these are the ones that stuck out and seemed to be on everyone’s mind.

10. The Random Goal

Now of course, this seems like a random place to start the list, but where would be better. There are so many goals out there, and they can not all be in the top 10, but they deserve a place in history! Whether it be a page views for a guild, a tally of *tackles* or *pokes* on a message board, or a counter of how many unbuyables you have snagged, the random goal is very prominent in Neopia. This goal sits well with most users because it allows them to think outside the box. I mean, why “categorize” yourself with one of those popular goals when you can make your own way and do something out of the box?

9. The Beauty Spotlight

Though this goal is usually only seen on the boards, it is evident by the number of entrants that this is a prominent competition in Neopia. Many users spiff up their beloved pets with the hopes that they will be crowned the best in Neopia. And what a goal to have, because the winners get a nifty trophy! Not to mention your neopet will be able to brag around the neighborhood that they are the most beautiful in Neopia!

8. The Lab Ray

With all the benefits the lab ray offers nowadays, who wouldn’t want to enjoy its pleasures? From changing your pets to lab only colours to increasing hit points, the lab ray is a wonderful way to have fun while making your pet better. Who wouldn’t want to press one button and end up with a beautiful Faerie pet or a yummy custard pet? The lab ray provides one of the cheapest and best pay-off goals around. Though sometimes it can make unwanted changes to our beloved pets, there is no better joy in a wonderful “zap” that it can provide.

7. To Reach One Million

Yes, this is a Neopoint goal, but it has become something in itself. Reaching one million neopoints is a ground-breaking experience for any Neopian. Reaching one hundred thousand is good, and of course two million is wonderful, but the first time you taste that million, the feeling of accomplishment is amazing and worthwhile! And who knows, maybe you can take that first million and make it into tens or hundreds more!

6. Random Avatar

Yes, the random avatar goal. Though it is not as prominent as the Adam Avatar, there are many users who seek other avatars including ones for very expensive tastes. They can range from the PackRat avatar to the always wonderful Codestone avatar. Or who would want to miss out on the Faerie Queen Doll or Zafara Double Agent Plushie avatar. The sky is the limit with this goal. And with all the available avatars, you can make the one that suits your next goal!

5. The Elusive Adam Avatar

Who wouldn’t want this wonderful avatar, and who wouldn’t want to put it on their list of to-dos? With the total for this goal sitting at around 11 million neopoints, it is a hefty goal to have indeed. But after this is completed, you can surf the board with pride with your new avatar in tow! Who wouldn’t see the Adam Avatar and think “Ooh, now that user has style!”

4. The Gallery Collection

The collection is for the hardcore gallery users and the easy-going gallery meanderers. People with this goal can range from spotlight hopefuls to just regular Neopians who like a specific item or theme. Just because you are not seeking the fame of the spotlight does not mean this goal should elude you. It provides a good time for any Neopian who is not afraid to shell out a few Neopoints. One thing is for sure: this goal provides a ton of fun trying to find the items that fit in with your theme!

3. The Neopoint Collection

Of course, what could be better than collecting good old neopoints? These little gems keep our Neopian lives running smoothly every day. These collections can range from a few thousand to several million. Whatever the end number is, it is always a treat to say you have completed this goal. And afterwards, you have a whole heap of Neopoints to go shopping with!

2. The “Random Item” Collection

It is not a surprise to see a user that is collecting a random item. And these items are not necessarily of value or for a gallery. They can be something as simple as Omelettes or as complex as Screaming Sophie Toys. These items are usually ones that “tickle the collector’s fancy.” To you it may just be a run of the mill item, but to them, it is gold. And gold doesn’t have to be an expensive or elusive item. Just ask those with a heaping collection of piles of dung!

1. The Paintbrush Fund

The most prominent goal that was witnessed was saving for a paint brush. Be it saving for a Baby Paintbrush for one cuddly pet or twenty paint brushes for every pet on every account, it seems that most users are seeking a new look for their pets. And with so many paint brushes to go around, why not choose this goal? It is certain to provide style and a sense of individuality after it is completed. And as the most prominent goal in Neopia, there will be many users that can help provide ideas for paintbrushes that look great on different pets!

And through these wonderful goals, Neopia keeps turning. With these ambitions, the players of this site keep their spirits high, their accounts wonderful, and their pets glamorous. And of course, a little self satisfaction of reaching a long-term goal never hurt, did it?

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