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Finding the Perfect Petpet For Your Pet

by zephani


You would not believe how crucial it is to find the perfect petpet for your dear pet. This guide will show you how to find a great pet-petpet combination. No longer will your pet have to endure a lifetime with a petpet that is displeasing. You couldn’t even begin to imagine how much a fellow Neopian can tell about your pet and you by which petpet you choose. So I am here to help you make sure everyone thinks highly of your choice! Just take a few minutes out of your busy schedule and evaluate your choices with me.

1. Types

Let’s say you have a Koi and you would like to give your Koi a puppyblew. Well, can you imagine your pet swimming around and his poor puppyblew trying to hold his breath for over 10 minutes? You wouldn’t even be able to tell when he turns blue! (Get it - Puppyblew turning blue! Ha ha ha... okay no more bad puns, I promise.) Your Koi would be much more compatible with a nice Arkmite. Try not to match up Maraquan pets with a petpet that can’t swim. Another bad combination would be an island pet with a pirate petpet. Islanders don’t generally get along with foreigners.

2. Colors

Okay, this one should be obvious, but I must put it in. Imagine you have a beautiful Ice Hissi. Now you just went out and got a cute Fire Mazzew. We all know this just would not work. I am sure you don’t want your poor pet hiding in the refrigerator to get away from his petpet. Your Hissi would much rather have a Grey Bluna. Grey petpets are surprisingly very cold creatures. It must be all that sadness.

Here are a few color combinations that you might consider. Disco and pink. Most pets and petpets in these colors will match. Spotted and speckled. They may be mainly the same thing but spots and specks look very nice together. Starry and shadow. There is some controversy with this combination. I think they make a cute night theme but others think they simply look like they clash. It's all up to you.

3. Personalities

If you have a pet that scares easily, then a ghost petpet is a VERY bad idea. They would much rather have nice, normal, maybe even non-painted petpets. However you may have a baby pet. Currently, I have a baby Bori and I know firsthand how much they drool. A robot petpet would short out from all the drool. Baby pets are much better off with a cute plushie petpet.

Another combination to consider is rainbow and grey. If you have a grey Mynci and you think a nice bright, rainbow Candychan will cheer him up, you are sadly mistaken. This will only annoy him, or worse, he could become more depressed by having to see this cheerful creature constantly bouncing around him.

4. Matching

Now many people think that if you have an island colored pet, then an island petpet would be perfect. But you don’t have to do this. In my opinion, it shows lack of creativity. If you have a Halloween Mynci, a Ghost Spardel matches just fine and adds a bit of uniqueness to the pair. Beware, though; you have to be careful when doing this. If you're someone who always seems to get asked if you ‘got dressed in the dark’, then matching isn’t one of your gifts. Therefore, you should probably ask for someone else’s opinion on the combination.

5. Environment

You may have a desert Cybunny and you think a brown snowbunny would match perfectly. Think again. They are called snowbunnies for a reason. They are wintery petpets; therefore, they like the cold weather. Desert Cybunnies like the hot weather. Imagine finding your poor snowbunny furiously jumping up at the thermostat to try to get a relief from the heat.

Also, you may have a faerie Nimmo and say you want to get him a purple slorg. This would be fine as long as your Nimmo doesn’t have a cloud room. I know many faerie pets like cloud rooms because they often hit their heads on the ceiling and clouds don’t hurt as much as wood. Moving along... The poor slorg would fall straight through the floor and onto the dining room table below. Or worse, your pet’s bedroom may be above the bathroom.

6. You

You are a very important part of this process. Most of what I have been explaining through out this article is my opinion. You may disagree. You might think that green and purple match nicely. If you choose to combine a glowing pet with a purple petpet, then it only shows your own personality and uniqueness. You should always ask your pet what he thinks first, but the combinations you choose show people what you like. If you like to mismatch your socks and have your hair lopsided, then matching (and this article all together) are not for you. I support you if you want to have the crazy colors and types of pets and petpets together.

7. Exceptions

There are always exceptions to the rules. I, for one, have a Quadrapus attached to my baby Bori. The only time they get along is bath time. However, as every avatar collector knows, you have to have certain petpets for a certain amount of time. You cannot be held responsible for your avatar petpet not matching your pet.

Another exception is lab pets or petpets. If you are in the process of zapping your pet, then you would have to change your petpet frequently, so it’s best to just wait until your pet is how you like him, then choose his petpet.

8. Confirming

To make sure you have made a good choice in your combination, I have made up some questions and scenarios to ask yourself.

Is there any way possible that this petpet can destroy my pet? Vice versa? (A mutant Kadoatie will tear your precious plushie Bori to shreds; a Darigan Skeith will probably eat your precious Angelpuss.)

Are the two going to want to be near each other? (If your pet is denying the fact that he has a disco Feepit, then he probably doesn’t like him.)

Will my pet be mad at me if I give him this petpet? (When your pet refuses to talk to you after you give him his pink Greeble, then he might be happier with a different color petpet.)

What do others think of the combination? (Don’t be scared to ask fellow Neopians on the Help chat or neomail one of your neofriends.)

Observe the two and see if they don’t get along. You should be able to tell if they are just warming up to each other or if they genuinely don’t like each other.

Author's Note: Thank you for reading my article. I hope it helps you find your perfect combination! If you need further help, feel free to ask me. If you’re reading this, then... Woohoo! I made it in the Neopian Times.

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