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Are You a Spender Or a Saver?

by hacim09


Do you buy something every time you go out of your neohome? Or do you rarely buy anything at all unless it's like only 100 NP? Well, here's your chance to find out if you're a spender or a saver! Take the quiz below and find out how to solve all your money problems!

1.) When you go out to the Market to buy some more food you:

A. Buy 15 jellies for only 50 NP! What a deal!

B. Buy a blueberry pie, an usuki and a negg and some carrots and, and...

C. You buy the food you need and the book that you wanted that just went on sale!

2.)Your bank account has this amount of neopoints in it:

A. Around 1 million!

B. Around... wait, you don't have one!

C. Around 100,000.

3.) When you have to pick out a gift for Aunt Susie's 50th Birthday you buy her:

A. A stamp that was on sale for 325 NP!

B. A Baby Paintbrush.

C. The petpet she had wanted.

4.) You have been given a quest! The Water Faerie wants Cybunny Finances! You:

A. Don't do it! It's a waste of time and money!

B. Do it and buy it and also a scarf that you found that was so cute!

C. Do it and buy just the book.

5.) Your shop has:

A. Everything that you can buy for less than 100 NP!

B. Nothing because you don't have enough neopoints to restock it!

C. A bit of this and that!

6.) You think Battling is:

A. Stupid! You have to buy all the expensive items if you want to win and all you get is pride and a trophy! Big deal!

B. It's so much fun! You get to see all those items and battle with them and you get trophies too!

C. It's okay... I like to fight when I know I can win.

7.) Your neohome has:

A.) Not that much of stuff; it's way too expensive!

B.) Lots and lots and lots of stuff! I have all the Kauvara stuff and, and...

C.) It has some stuff, but nothing that cost more than 30,000!

8.) The Wheel Of Excitement is:

A. A waste of money! You always land on the question mark and get like 46 NP!

B. It's awesome! One time I got 200 NP and I waited two whole hours to do it again!

C. It's okay, I'd really like to get 10,000 NP so I do it occasionally.

9.) You would bet on the Poogle Races if:

A. I knew that I would have 100% chance of winning!

B. What? You don't bet on it?? I do it every day!

C. I would do it if I knew I had about 60% chance of winning.

10.) If I had to buy either a Faerie Paint Brush, a Christmas Negg or a Kauvara Bed, I would buy:

A. The Christmas negg! I would sell it after I got it, though! What a waste of time!

B. The faerie paintbrush! I would use it too!

C. My pet always did like Kauvara.....

Now total up your ABCs.

If you got mostly A, you're a saver! You think that all those expensive items are a waste of time and hard earned money. Jelly is just as satisfying as any gourmet food!

If you got mostly B, you're a spender! You just have to buy the latest thing! A quest that wants a 20,000 NP item? No problem after going to the games room...

If you got mostly C, you're in between! You know when to buy and when to save!

The pros and Cons of being a Spender are:


You always keep up with the latest and always have something your neopet can play with!


You don't know when enough is enough! But soon you find out that all that money you spent is down the drain and now you don't have enough for that paintbrush you were going to buy or that food you needed to feed your pet to keep it happy!

The pros and cons of a saver are:


You always have enough to take care of your pet and to keep up with your house. You can always be assured of money in the bank!


You don't ever get to enjoy the money you save because you never use it!

Tips for being a Spender:

When you see something you like, wait for it. You may not want it when you come back tomorrow! It also might go down on the price! Ask yourself before you buy something, are you really going to be using it in two months? Or is it just going to end up in your safety deposit? Try getting a bank account if you don't have one already and split up the money. Half in and half out. The half that you have in your bank, stays in your bank, The rest is all yours, but every time you buy an item, put some money in the bank! Set a goal for yourself like a paintbrush or whatever! When you get enough to reach it, you will feel proud! Your pets deserve better!

Tips for being a Saver:

Relax! Next time you want something, indulge! But don't go too crazy! Every once in a while you need to break down and buy something nice but still assure yourself of your money! You don't have to buy gourmet food, but you don't have to buy the cheap stuff! Your pets like the thought of having a nice meal! And sometimes those quests are fun! Depends on the item! You don't have to do all the quests you are given!

I hope this advice helps you and that you have become wiser with your money! If you want something, go and play games; if you play games every day for a year, you will become rich! Go out and try and buy and save because sometimes you learn best from your mistakes and you won't be happy until you do!

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