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The Ultimate Fruits Guide

by stealth_commander


ALL AROUND NEOPIA - There you are wasting every day of your Neopian life looking for the best Battledome weapons or restocking frantically at the shops. There’s more than that in your Neopian life. Look at the plants, the animals, the nature … everyone is too busy these days to see the beautiful scenery or listen to the pair of Rainbow Pteris chirping in the trees.

Well, since you got the time to read the Neopian Times, preferably reading my article like what you are doing now, I will introduce some of the nature in Neopia. More strictly speaking, I am going to introduce to you the various types of fruits.

In Neopia, there is a large pool of different fruit species originating from different worlds. I am a professor from the University of Tiki Taku Island, and I’m going to bring you on an expedition through the lush rainforests of Mystery Island to the berry bushes of Meridell.

Mystery Island

First up, the world with the largest number of fruit species, Mystery Island. On Mystery Island, there are over a hundred different fruits species. They range from the most popular Chokatoes to the elusive Transparaberries.

The fruits of Mystery Island are mostly discovered on a yearly basis during Gadgadsbogen. In the month of running, the island natives celebrates their festival fruits when new fruit species sprout from the ground magically. For example in year 3, Sardplants, Bomberries and Gelpeppers were discovered along with 11 other fruits. Or this year, year 6, 10 new fruits were introduced and 4 other by Jhuidah. Of which is my favorite fruit of all, the Transparaberry!

All of Mystery Island’s fruit produce are unique in their own way. And as some of them are retired over the years, because they go ‘extinct’ when the new fruits appear, their prices inflate like the Bludberry.

There is some of them but I won’t list all since it will make this article the Ultimate List of Fruits. So on Mystery Island, you can find Banan, Peachpa, Starberry, Elppa, Acnefruit, Flotato, Twirly Fruit and the Glowleaf Melon.


Now we make out our way to the medieval world via the ferries at the Mystery Island Harbour. Meridell is probably second to Mystery Island in terms of number of fruit species. Most of Meridell’s fruits are berries. The definition of a berry is “a small soft fruit with small seeds”, so they are fruits for people who still do not know.

Most of the berries may be obtained via the game “Pick Your Own” at the Meridell farms. And most should know that they are pretty cheap but do you know that there are much rarer ones? Much rarer ones like the Unguberry, Orange Grapsberry or the Breenutberry.

Besides these rare beauties, they are some non-Pick-Your-Own fruits. For example, the Spiked Dariberry and Braku Berries. And there’s also one which is a Meridell-Darigan war prize, the royal Skarl Fruit.

Again I shall list some of them, they are Conkerberry, Pusberry, Sniddberry, Dorkleberry, Spoogentberry, Skarl Fruit and Brogle Berry.


Now we shall make our way up north to the warm weathered world of Tyrannia. This prehistoric continent is the home to rather spicy fruits. I’m talking about peppers. Peppers are fruits too, they have seeds and they grow from flowers.

Burn your tongue up with Tyrannia’s peppers. They have the Mild, Hot and Flaming Burnumups to torch your mouth with. By the way, Burnumup means “burn ‘em up”. Besides peppers, Tyrannia offers furry fruits like the Grapple and a rather refreshing fruit, the Tyrannian Water Negg. If you think that is not interesting enough for you, put some Tyrannian Rockberries is your mouth and munch. Be sure to go to the Dentist later though

All of these wonderful fruits can be purchased from the Tyrannian Food shop or looked up at the Shop Wizard. There’s a short list of them, they are Terry Berry, Hot Tyrannian Pepper, Ugga Melon and Tri-Nana.

Lost Desert

Now let’s make our way to Southwest Neopia to the not lost anymore Lost Desert. Don’t worry, the fruits here won’t shrivel up just because of the hot weather, but there is not many fruit species here either.

Probably only seven fruit species if I’m correct. And they come in two different groups, worlds apart. The really cheap ones and the elusive and expensive ones. Tchea Fruit, Ptolymelon, Baguss and Puntec Fruit are the very affordable ones, you get them pretty easily. The much rarer ones are the Odorra Pod, Gwontek Melon and Geopeppers. I think Geopeppers are the best among the other Lost Desert fruits.

Here are the seven fruits of Lost Desert, they are Tchea Fruit, Ptolymelon, Baguss, Puntec fruit, Odorra Pod, Gwontek Melon and Geopeppers.

Neopian Central

Now we take a car through the Haunted Woods north to the Neopian Central. All the fruits here can be easily obtained from the Food Shop or the Health Food Shop and they are all quite affordable too.

The special species of fruits found in Neopian Central is the Scorchipeppers. They come in four different colours, red green, grey and starry. The Healthy Food shop sells three species only, they are the Purpple, Lemint and Juicee. And if you make a trip to the Food Shop, you will find the Rangamelon, Settra and the four Scorchipeppers.

So that would make a grand total of nine fruits, and they are Purpple, Lemint, Juicee, Settra, Rangamelon, Red Scorchipepper, Green Scorchipepper, Starry Scorchipepper, Grey Scorchipepper.

Virtupets Space Station & Kreludor

Blast off to the Virtupets Space Station and the moon of Neopia for our last pit stop on this fruit journey. Well, fruits don’t grow very well in space, so only six have been discovered.

At the Virtupets Space Station, we found the Blue Rambus, Orange Rambus, Pixxi Squash and the Rock Fruit. Highly unusual fruits all obtainable at the Grundos Café. And the remaining two fruits are the Fresh Kreluberry and Orange Pixxi Squash.

So here we have six on the lists and they are Blue Rambus, Orange Rambus, Pixxi Squash, Rock Fruit, Fresh Kreluberry and Orange Pixxi Squash.

Whew! That’s the end of our tour around the worlds. Hope you enjoyed yourself. This little guide is based on my knowledge of fruits from the experience of creating my gallery. Feel free to visit my gallery to see almost all the fruits of Neopia.

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