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Zurroball Assistance

by dark_cows


SPACE STATION - Zurroball is a game where you click a ball and it bounces up. You try and see how long you can get it to bounce before it touches the ground. Sounds simple, right? There is much more strategy involved. First off, the average Zurroball player would just keep clicking the ball over the red line, scoring one point at a time. That's what I said you do, right? No. Instead, try moving the ball as close to the ground as possible and just bouncing it back up and down near the ground. (Be sure not to actually hit the ground!) Then you will hear a little beep. Well actually, hopefully lots of little beeps. Each of these beeps means you are getting lots of little points! Yay! It is called a Grounder, and it is the most valuable trick you can do in the game. What you basically do is just bounce it at the bottom and collect Grounder points. Luckily, it is very simple. With a little bit of training you should be quite capable of getting plenty of points. But of course the question arises... "Which of the balls should I use?". Here is my rating on the balls and all of their benefits and not so good traits:

Zurroball - I would give this guy an 7/10. It's pretty slow moving and bounces rather well. The Zurroball is pretty easy to control and is a fine ball for a starter at the game.

Snot Ball - Eww... This ball gets a 3/10. This may be one of the worst ones! It is way too bouncy and small. It just doesn't work with the grounder strategy, or any strategy. Please don't use this ball! For the good of Zurroball!

Metal Ball - It gets a 7/10! That's pretty good! This ball is for more advanced players who have skills. Like me, of course! This is a very heavy ball and doesn't bounce much. Perfect for the Grounder strategy, but if you miss clicking on this guy you're doomed. It's the perfect ball if you're just going for 334 points; the minimum score where you get 1,000 Neopoints at.

Energy Ball - I changed my mind, this is the worst ball! It is awarded a -2/10. Now this is a n00b ball. It doesn't move and it way to bouncy. I hate it! Although it like doesn't move, it is way to slow moving and takes all day. If you have all day to spend use this one.

Eye Ball- Ugg, this one stinks too! It gets a 4/10. You cannot control this bad boy for the life of you. I just think it looks cool and is quite creative on Neopets part!

Grundo Ball- Yeah, I bet you think I made it up. See for yourself. All you need to do is click on the badge with an 'N' on it on the spinning Grundo at the ball menu. It's a neat little secret. He gets a 10/10. You need to be a moderately good player to use this guy. He doesn't move much, bounces a little, and is very easy to control. He is just the perfect ball. As you may have guessed, this is the ball I use.

That is it for the list of balls. When you are playing there is a little thing on the right that says 'Current:'. The number to the right of that is the current amount of times you have clicked it plus you get some each time you Grounder. You need to get a Current of approximately 60 in order to get 334 points in Zurroball. That should be about it. Here's the short things you should remember. Pay attention to my ball ratings, always Grounder. Also, if your groundering (not a word) don't send the Grundo past the red line all the time and get the points. It becomes tricky going back and forth from the red line to the bottom, and easy to lost control and lose. Set in your mind a certain amount of points you are going to get for your "Current" until you receive points (go past the red line). If you do the Grounder thing, a current of: 60= ~335 points, 200= ~1,000 points, 450= ~2,500 points. Those are the main numbers I try for...

One problem I have when playing Zurroball is that my mind just wanders off and before I know it, I lose. Well, finally I found a very odd solution to this. You play in full screen with the quality set at low. Not only is the ball extremely large and almost impossible to miss... the fuzzy quality grabs my attention so I don't drift off... I hope it just isn't me that has concentration problems with that game... :-/

Centering (as I call it) is the way you score lots of points. Each of the balls has a center point on them, so if you click it, it doesn't move left or right, just up and down. It's helpful because you don't have to move the mouse at all... just click a lot and listen to the beautiful sound of you gaining points. Imagine a line going vertically straight through the middle of each ball. You need to find that point! Once again this is very hard to explain, but once you play around with it, you will figure it out. The line is easier to find on Full Screen settings... That's about it for this guide!

I know that there is a rumored unreleased Zurroball avatar that has been said to be about. I can not confirm this because I have not seen it at all. I know that there are the Buddy Icons out, and that might be what the rumor started from. I think just in case of there actually being an avatar coming out, it is a very good idea to practice up on your skills at Zurroball.

I know this guide may seem a bit confusing at first, but I promise you just try it out and play the game a few times listening to what I had to say and it will clear all up. The centering thing and the grounder strategy will actually make sense. That is my guarantee to you, or your Neopoints back! Anyways, I hope you all have fun playing Zurroball and improve your skills by a lot! Just in case there is an avatar, I wish you the best of luck at getting it, too!

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