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Bumble Beams... Unbaffled!

by chaos_lives


General Information

The aim of the game is to place the designated amount of Robot Petpets into the bins moving along the bottom of the screen. As the levels progress, you will need to place a higher percentage of petpets into the bins. In order to understand the ratio for each level, take a look at your petpet ratio meter on the top left of the screen. For example, it may read: 4/10 [5]. The 4 represents the amount of petpets you placed into bins already. The 10 represents the total amount of petpets that are able to be placed into bins. The number within the brackets represents the current numbered petpet on the screen, so the 5th petpet is being played according to the above example.

For those of us who are not too fond of using a mouse for some games, be happy knowing that you only have to press a total of 2 different buttons on your keyboard. By pressing the ‘left arrow’ key when one of the petpets is on a beam, the beam will drop to the left, and vice versa. Simple, right? Well, of course it gets a little tricky because eventually the bins move quicker and your timing must improve accordingly. Explanations below might allow you to get a better understanding of how to play this fun game!

Item Bonuses

Yellow Star - 3 bonus points

Red Star - 10 bonus points

Green Blob - +1 petpet added to amount placed in bins already (improves ratio)

(i.e. – if you have 0/15 [1], touching the green blob bumps it to 1/15 [1])

Blue Blob - +3 petpets added to amount placed in bins already (improves ratio)

(i.e. – if you already have 2/15 [4], touching the blue blob bumps it to 5/15 [4])

NOTE: Touching either of the blobs helps your ratio. It means that you can actually miss the bin one to three times, depending on which blob you get, and not have any effects on your overall score since the blobs count as if you made one to three petpets into the bins already.

Petpet Placement

“I have played the game in its entirety and I still do not see how other players score almost 1,000 points higher than me!” If you have asked yourself this question before, then you are in luck. I strongly suggest that you practice placing the petpets perfectly into the bins. If you drop a petpet and hit either side of the bin, you are awarded only 5 points. However, if you manage to place the petpet into the center of the bin without hitting either side of it, you are awarded a BONUS and receive a total of 15 points for each petpet. These extra points will in fact decide whether or not you will be able to receive a trophy of not. On average, it is only possible to receive Trophy positions by earning 500-750 points extra from this perfect petpet placement bonus.

Beam Types

The amount of tension in the springs for a certain beam relates to how well it supports the petpet’s weight. In Layman Terms, each different colored beam acts differently. They are ranked according to how well they can support and balance your petpet. From best to worst, they are as follows: dark blue, light blue, metal, wooden, spring beam. Sometimes, you have to delay the petpet by balancing for longer periods of time on the beams because the bins might already be full below you. If you have to choose, try and balance the petpet on the ‘better’ beam within the level. The beam to avoid is the spring beam. This is the beam with the blinking light at its center. If you remain on the spring beam for 3 seconds or more, it will launch you in the direction of tilt. The simple way around this is to avoid touching it altogether until you are comfortable with moving the petpet from beam to beam in a quick manner.

Working the Beams

What would a good game guide be without more description on the most important part of the game?! You will notice that the longer you try to keep a petpet balanced on the beam, the more difficult it becomes. Balancing the petpet on one side of the beam with very little movement, as opposed to rocking the petpet back and forth on the beam in a see-saw like motion, is a great advantage. Eventually, the beam may end up ‘snapping’ to one side, meaning that you will eventually lose control of the petpet if it remains on the beam for a long time. To prevent this from happening, be sure to practice, yes, I said practice, time and time again until you are comfortable holding a petpet on one side of the beam. Once again, take note of how the beams behave. There is a little trick to using the wooden beam, and most players would agree that the wooden beam is the best because you can ‘catch’ the petpet on it and wait until a bin is under your petpet. Fully understanding the concept of how the wooden beam works is only manageable through lots of practice. This little secret can also drastically effect your score since it aids in placing the petpet into the bin perfectly.

Last Minute Tips

Bin spacing is exactly what you think it is. It isn't as easy as it sounds, but well worth the effort. I suggest trying to leave a 1-bin gap between petpets. Eventually, bins will enter the screen with petpets already in them. If you are able to create some gaps for yourself, you will find that you don't have to rush to place the petpets into the bins. You also will find that you won't have to balance a petpet for a longer amount of time because there isn't a bin available. Now that you created these gaps, you should have no problem sorting the petpets accordingly.

Don’t be afraid to tilt the beam to allow a petpet to roll off the right-hand side or left-hand side of the screen. As long as you have the timing down, you should be able to place a petpet into the bin, whether it is on the screen or not!

Last tip I can give to you is that luck will not allow you to score high in this game. Practice DOES make perfect! Take some time to mess around and get a feel for how the petpets balance on the beams since this is the trickiest part. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed putting it together, and maybe we will see a whole bunch of high scores! (:    

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