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A Courier In Crisis In Crisis Courier

by userplay6088


The last time we heard of Yooyus was when Yooyuball was being played in a very famous Neopian competition. Remember that thing called the Altador Cup? You know, the one that Haunted Woods won by cheating, and... oops. I shouldn't have said that, seeing as I supported them. Anyway, the Altador Cup was the last time we heard of the Yooyus... until Crisis Courier came along. That's right - His Highness King Altador sends a poor Yooyu through chaos every time King Altador needs to deliver an important message to someone in the second-latest game. And you have to help the Yooyu!


You might be wondering what I meant when I said that "His Highness King Altador sends a poor Yooyu through chaos" earlier on. Well, a large group of Minitheuses found out about this Yooyu, and decided to try and stop it from getting the messages done. With your mouse, guide the Yooyu through all of the obstacles that await it. There are bushes, buildings and big grey things, which have yet to be named by me, if not the rest of Neopia (apart from TNT, of course). And, of course, there are the Minitheuses. They come in blue and red. Does the colour matter... and the answer is yes. If you click anywhere on the screen, you will find that the Yooyu changes colour. It can be a Snow Yooyu, which can only attack blue Minitheuses, or a Fire Yooyu, which can only attack red Minitheuses. If you collect a cornucopia (a wing fruit), your Yooyu will become a Faerie Yooyu. Getting a fig will turn your Yooyu into a Mutant Yooyu. It can attack any Minitheuses it likes, while Faerie Yooyus can't attack any Minitheuses, unless it wishes to die (but I'm sure it doesn't). But what it CAN do is collect goodie bags, which come in three colours - blue, red and gold. Oh, and talking of colours... Snow Yooyus are limited to blue goodie bags and Fire Yooyus can only collect red ones.


Now, here is something that could really help you along - and that is scoring. Yes, scoring. If you get clued up on how many points you get from doing certain things, you will be able to get the points easier, which means you might get a trophy quicker! Here is a list of all the points you can get:

Attacking Minitheuses - 10 points

Collecting gold goodie bags - 5 points

Collecting red and blue goodie bags - 10 points

Collecting gold goodie bags with a Faerie Yooyu - 20 points

Completing a level - another 100 points per level (for example, on Level 1, you get 100 points, on Level 2, you get 200 points and so on)

And, excluding Level 7 onwards, I'm going to be really good to you and show you a rough idea of how many points you should have at the end of each level (before the bonuses):

Level 1 - 480 points

Level 2 - 1890 points

Level 3 - 4140 points

Level 4 - 6790 points

Level 5 - 10090 points

Level 6 - 11910 points


Alright. It's time for probably the most important parts of the game. They're the parts that put the game together; they're the parts that actually let you advance instead of doing a Volcano Run II and going on and on and on in a straight line (or do I mean going round and round and round in circles? Hmm); they're the parts that let the Yooyu get its message done... okay, I'll stop now. You get the point - well, apart from the fact that I'm talking about the good old levels, stages or whatever you want to call them.

"But," I see you think (yes, I'm psychic), "she has already told me about the levels! Why would I need to know about them twice?"

Well, I would like to point out that we haven't actually covered everything you need to know about the levels. Do you call the amount of points you will have at the end of every level everything? Hmm? *asks audience* Well, then. I know a few things you should know about levels.

Firstly, you don't have to collect every single goodie bag in every single level. The same goes with attacking every single Minitheus in every single level and getting every single fruit in every single level. If you try to do any of that stuff, you will end up losing a life. And there aren't any ways to get lives back... or are there? *shifty eyes* Anyway, what's more important - points or lives? Assuming you chose the sensible option (lives, in case you aren't sensible), that's exactly what I picked. If you chose the stupid option, you must be a very serious gamer. So, don't try to be clever. In reality, it gets you nowhere.

Next, beware. Some levels try to trick you. For example, there might be loads of cornucopias, so you collect one, thinking that there will be some goodie bags ahead... but you come across some Minitheuses instead. When you get to Level 7, some really evil tricks are ready for you and your Yooyu in that game. One of them is having two separate paths, which both lead to the big grey things that I haven't given a name yet. That causes you to lose a life, no matter which way you go, and you have to find the correct path, quickly, while the new Yooyu is still invincible (any new Yooyus are invincible for a few seconds). So... just watch out. It's a dangerous world out there.

Thirdly, every two levels go faster than the previous two. For example, Level 3 is faster than the first two levels, Level 5 is faster than the previous levels and so on. I don't have much to say about this, but I thought I would tell you not to be surprised at this.

Now, at the end of every level, there is a big Altadorian statue thing, which hasn't been named by me yet. Basically, when no obstacles come up for a while, you should look out for a large, gold and silver pole-like thing with a silver, circular thing on top of it. This silver, circular thing happens to have the Altadorian symbol on it. The gold bit also has the Altadorian symbol on it. And how do you get past it? Keep the Yooyu at the very top of the screen and fly straight over this mysterious statue thing. You will then shoot off to the next level.

And finally, technically, there are thousands and thousands of points to be earned in the higher levels, but as you might realize from my rough points guide earlier on, I don't collect all the points I can. Like I said in the first paragraph of this section of this guide, don't collect everything. Now, you might be asking what the point of this paragraph is. Well, you see, earlier on, we were talking about how this affects your lives. We are now onto why you really shouldn't pick everything up... I mean, nobody's perfect, which means that nobody can complete the full level, which means that, of course, you don't have to try picking everything up. If you feel like you won't be able to get something without losing a life, leave it. Nobody is going to make a joke out of it - but who would be watching your awful... *cough* I mean, brilliant playing, anyway? No matter how brilliant you are at it, no matter how fascinating the game is to watch, you are on your own while you play this game!

You might think that that was a nice, soothing paragraph. It was even like I was rounding this whole guide off... but, in fact, that is what I am doing. You can shout, "Noooooo!" and "Come back! PLEASE, come back!" as many times as you like, but you really don't need me anymore. I have told you my tips and tricks for Crisis Courier, and you have realized that just because I might not have a trophy for this game, I am an enthusiastic gamer, and I am willing to give out tips and tricks for any game. And as this is one of the Games Room's latest games (along with lots of other games *cough*), I thought that you shouldn't have to struggle to the point where you hate it already. So go and enjoy Crisis Courier, along with Roodoku, Snowbeast Snackrifice, Bumble Beams, Cooty Wars... isn't TNT good to you, giving you that many new games to play?

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