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The Giant Meepit of Peace, A Revolution?

by nadia8705


On April 26th, Year 9 of Neopets, TNT released an interesting picture of a giant Meepit in the news. As I viewed every one of the neoboards, in order to see what my fellow Neopians had to say, I saw that it caused quite a plethora of theories. Sadly, no one came to the shocking conclusion of what it actually was, until many of us signed in the next day. However, this article is not concerning the new and improved look of Neopets. Even though, it has caused quite an outburst among the boards -both neo and guild. In turn, this article is about that giant Meepit that was so quickly forgotten.

Many questions arose to my mind since the arrival of this oddly oversized Meepit. Why would TNT choose a giant Meepit as a distraction? Where did this giant Meepit come from? How did it grow to be such an enormous size in the first place? Lastly, and this question is very important, will we be seeing it again in the near future?

The arrival of this Meepit interested me so much that I searched all over Neopia to figure out any bit of information that was possible. I went through the whole Neopedia three times, searched each land about four times, and went to every neoboard about five times. About an hour and a half passed, with no information to be found, before I finally decided to go back and search the news page once more. After viewing the Meepit’s properties, I came across a major discovery. The Meepit was titled The Giant Meepit of Peace- Not Doom.

I have studied many of the petpets in Neopia. I have also followed the Petpet Protection League in its wildly frustrating marches to help every one of the petpets. (On that note, I also would like to add, that I am very upset by how popular the new game -which involves feeding the petpets to a snow beast and knocking out PPL members- has turned out to be.) Well, even after all of my studies and experience in the petpet field, I have never come across such an astonishing creature. Even the Great Turmaculus has nothing on the complexity and mystery that this petpet has brought to me. This Meepit is a rarity of its kind, and in turn, causes a need for further study.

I have heard from a majority of sources that Meepits are quite mischievous. However, I have also heard from other sources that Meepits are cute looking, fun loving, and pet friendly. I have not yet had a chance to experience how any of my pets would react if I were to attach a Meepit to them. However, I do notice that the pets of some of my neofriends, who have this particular petpet, are very happy. So, why are there more bad reports than good? That question has not yet been answered.

This Giant Meepit of Peace leaves me in awe. How can one Meepit be of peace? I will tell you my theory. I believe there is a revolution occurring within the Meepit species. Just as the natives of Mystery Island have their Great Pango Pango, I believe that the Meepits have realized a giant of their own. My theory is that the Meepits have secretly become intelligent enough to form a civilization, and I think this giant Meepit is their leader. I feel the giant Meepit has gathered every pet-less Meepit of Neopia and has converted them into what I would like to call a “Peace-pit”.

“Peace-pit” is a scientific term I have devised for describing a converted-to-peaceful Meepit. I have predicted that these “Peace-pits” will not fight, harm, or prank. They will bring peace throughout Neopia while searching for a home. Many may give in to their cuteness, while others may just push them aside without consideration. Whichever the case being, it will not make or break the giant Meepit’s journey to convert every Meepit of Neopia. This sounds like a good thing, right? Well it may be for some, but if you are a big fan of Feepit vs. Meepit fighting, you won’t be so happy. It is believed these pacifist Meepits will give up on fighting for good.

Neopians have spoken of a plot with this Giant Meepit of Peace. However, I will continue to believe its full name is The Giant Meepit of Peace- Not Doom. I do not think we have to worry about this giant Meepit causing war. I think they will maintain to themselves, unless by chance, a giant Feepit may appear and want to harm this creature. With that said, I will announce that I am here to support peace among petpets, so I will stick by this friendly Meepit’s side as much as I can.

The giant Meepit remains a mystery among us. However, just because a news update has called it merely a distraction, do not rule out any other possibilities. There may be a much bigger story to go with this much bigger Meepit. Please do not forget this petpet for it may be your biggest mistake. I myself have not taken this extraordinary petpet for granted, and I will not believe that it is just a distraction. I feel I may find a much bigger story behind this very large Meepit.

I do not fear this giant petpet and neither should you. I see this as an opportunity to bring peace between all pets and petpets. I just hope one day we will find a Faerie of Peace, because we all know how they are continuously at each other's throats and wings. However, going back to my article I will stand by my decision and say this Meepit is actually of peace, not doom.

I will continue searching the lands for any more information, but for now I will leave it up to you to decide if the Giant Meepit of Peace is a good thing or not. Are you a “Peace-pit” supporter? Will there be a new plot? Have the Meepit species evolved? Will we be expecting a revolution? Can the Meepits be smart enough to form their own civilization? You decide the answers to these questions and continue to create your own theories. However, whatever you decide, please be kind to all petpets, and never take them for granted.

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