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All You Need to Know About PESTS!

by lassie_nikki


Has your pet’s petpet been scratching and scraping at their sensitive fur lately? Have you noticed hives or irritations popping up on their skin? If so, there are two possibilities. Either the petpet has a case of the Itchy Scratchies, which is a rare disease, or they have a little critter called a petpetpet. Petpetpets are all the rage in Neopia. They are small companions for petpets used to keep them company while they keep your pet company. Sometimes, they even play cute tennis matches together! However, if your petpet’s petpetpet is causing discomfort for it, then you most likely chose the wrong petpetpet to attach! Unfortunately for petpets that are bothered by their petpet, you cannot unattach a petpetpet. The only way to take a petpetpet off is to unequip the petpet from your pet. When this happens, the petpetpets have been known to throw a fit of rage and run away forever. Nevertheless, I can give you my advice concerning petpetpets and what petpets to attach them to so that you don’t catch yourself in a situation where you will want to make the petpetpet disappear forever!

First, we have the ever-famous Mootix. These petite green and gold creatures are often called fleas, but if you give the petpetpet to a petpet that it will get along with, then you will have nothing to worry about. Mootixes, known best for their sky-diving game called Mootix Drop, live up to their game alias. They are fun loving and would go best with a petpet that is outgoing and that enjoys pulling bold stunts. For example, the Fungree. Fungrees are hyper critters that enjoy nothing more than bouncing from wall to wall. They are bound to take pleasure in hanging around a Mootix, who loves bouncing.

Next up is the Breebly. They often tend to make certain petpets itch. Before you go buy a flea collar for your petpet, just listen to me so you can find a petpet that it won’t bother! Breeblies may be sort of itchy, but they are more loving and cuddly than Mootixes. They enjoy reading and cuddling by a fire just to think. I wouldn’t call them lazy, exactly, just more laid-back than a Mootix, who has to be on the go constantly. I recommend when choosing a petpet, stray away from super hyper or active petpets and also stray away from a lazy petpet that has never bothered to pick up a book. Go in between with perhaps the new Hermiteese. The Hermiteese is of the intelligent type and would go great with a Breebly.

This brings us to discuss the Cooty. It is as if we are back in kindergarten where girls are scared of boys because they have the nonexistent disease called Cooties. Well, needless to say, the Cooty is where this make-believe sickness began. However, these critters actually carry a virus which will give your innocent petpet an inflamed rash if you are not careful in the choice of petpet. They enjoy fleeing around Neopia picking up small objects like sewing pins and buttons from the clothes of pets. Anything that they can carry they will skitter away with. Shrines of these small objects have been found in closets and scientists believe there was a tribe of Cooties in Prehistoric Tyrannia that built the Stone Arena piece by piece of mud, dirt and dust. It is a given that these creatures are intelligent and hard-working. They would go best with a petpet that also enjoys collecting objects and building things. One petpet that might work is the Altalaphus. It gets pleasure from simply pecking around Altador looking for crumbs of bread and cheeses, with which a Cooty would love to help!

Another well known petpetpet is the Vernax. Known mostly for its game, which is slightly puzzle-like, it has six legs that allow it to run quickly and a hard shell to avoid being crushed easily by your pet’s feet. If your pet seems to be walking unusually, as if its feet are sensitive and pained, then you most likely owe the cause of the pain to a Vernax. They are quick, sneaky petpetpets that cause trouble and pull pranks on blameless pets by making their paws itch. Therefore, I recommend you pair a Vernax with a playful, sometimes naughty, petpet. I believe the best match for a Vernax is a Babith. A Babith plays pranks on pets all the time and will dash under the nearest shelf or bed to hide so they can avoid getting in trouble with the pet’s owner. If you do decide to own a Babith with a Vernax, I advise extreme caution when leaving the two alone.

Does your pet and petpet enjoy entering Pie Eating Contests? Or going to festivals with delicious food and lovely desserts? If so, the Lady Blurg might just be the petpetpet for you! If I had to think of another word for a Lady Blurg, it would be couch potato. Their favorite pastime is most definitely sitting and eating. I would undeniably drift away from choosing an active, overexcited petpet because there is no doubt in my mind that they would argue. For the Lady Blurg I would complement it with none other than the Hasee. Hasees enjoy eating tropical fruits and perhaps the two could enter Petpet-Petpetpet Eating Contests. What fun!

Now we will discuss the Flankin. Has your petpet ever complained by whining and yelping? If it is a sudden and short yelp, then it is likely that they were just charred by a Flankin. These blazing little guys can be quite bothersome and sometimes dangerous to poor petpets. I would advise attaching a Flankin to a Moltenore. One petpet that cannot be burned by a fire petpetpet is the Moltenore, being made of fire itself. Matter of fact, they could enjoy a hobby of making s’mores with each other.

Then comes the Pinchit. This petpetpet lives up to its name by pinching the sore skin of petpets causing certain petpets to scamper around in circles of pain. However, this crab-like petpetpet, if paired with the right petpet, will be a reliable friend for your petpet. They scurry around on the floors of Maraqua, using their sharp claws to pinch at threatening creatures. A great match for a Pinchit is none other than the Darpinch, a naughty little Maraquan Petpet who likes nothing better than to pinch and play tricks on its owner.

One rather odd-looking petpetpet is the Jermite. Is your petpet’s hair getting slightly shaggy? Is it so long that it could be gelled into a Mohawk? If so, your petpet is at high risk of being bitten and bothered by the Jermite. I say it is odd-looking because it has two large antlers on its tiny head that it uses to maneuver through the long fur of petpets. Imagine it as a safari adventurer, using its knife to cut down trees and bush ahead of it to see farther in front of itself. However, if your petpet has short hair, the Jermite will have nothing to maneuver through. Jermites are great, loving petpetpets as long as the petpet has short hair. I recommend a petpet such as a Tenna or an Urchull, both of which have either short hair or no hair and easily make friends with their petpetpets.

Well, there you have it! Those, of course, are not all of the petpetpets that call Neopia their home, but they are a few and hopefully this article will help you to choose wisely when matching petpets and petpetpets. Soon, you might have to worry about matching petpetpetpets also! But, until then, just have fun with your pairing.

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