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Did You Have the Math, Or Did the Math Get You?!

by iironiic


GAMES ROOM - Would you rather study math facts, crossing your fingers in hopes for a shiny trophy, or would you rather learn a few math tricks with a calculator on a side? It's your pick!

If you chose the second choice, you have come to the right place. Don't think that I have low intelligence in math (I have straight 99 averages in math!). So feel safe about that.

This guide will show you the tactics of adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing quickly without the use of a calculator. It's best to keep a calculator on the side so you don't overwork your brain. Also, you don't want to rely on your calculator, because you will waste valuable time computing in your head.

Before starting my guide, let me introduce how the scoring goes. Note that each successful computation is worth two points (that means the Babaas will have to jump over the fence). Each round consists of nine Babaas, consisting of normal Babaas and Mutant Babaas. It is certain that the Mutant Babaas will show a harder problem than the normal Babaas. However, that's not always the case, so don't rely on this fact as well. At the end of the game, your score will be multiplied by a value between one through five, depending on the operation you choose to answer. According to the game, answering only addition problems will multiply your score by one. Same applies with subtraction multiplying by two, multiplication multiplying by three, division multiplying by four, and all operations multiplying by 5.

Now you're probably pleading me to get to the guide. Well, most of the tips came from a book I have read called Speed Mathematics. However, some of these tips are created by me.

Let's start with addition. Let's say you have 718 + 213 = ?. Normally, you will add 8 and 3 to get 11, carry the 1 over the tens place, then add 1, 1, and 1, to get 3, and finally add 7 and 2 to get 9, leaving the sum to be 931. This will probably take you about 5 to 10 seconds to get to that answer. I will show you an easier way, without using the calculator, to obtain that answer in less than 3 seconds! You have 718 and you have 213. You can split 213 into 200, 10 and 3. Then first add 3 to 718, leaving with 721. Then add 10 to 721, leaving with 731. Then add 200 to 731 leaving with 931. So when you have a problem like this, you would say, "718, 721, 731, 931". This process should take about 3 seconds.

Subtraction is a lot more difficult than addition. For example, if you have 1000 – 567 = ? you would normally have to take about 15 seconds to break up one of the tens into 10 ones, and yeah… you probably don't want to continue on. But it's easier if you do it the inverse way of addition. You can break up 567 into 500, 60, and 7, and take 7 away from 1000, leaving with 993, then take 60 away from 993, leaving with 933, then finally take 500 away from 933 leaving with 533. Look how much time you have saved from regrouping many times! You would say, "1000, 993, 933, 533!" Again this process should take around 3-5 seconds.

Multiplication is a little difficult. There are some cases when it's easy:

Multiplying by 11 is so easy! For example, if you have 17 X 11 = ?, you would take the 17, multiply it by 10, and add 17 onto the result, leaving you with 187. An easier method is to separate the 1 and the 7, add them to get 8, and then force them in between. So if you have 13 X 11 = ?, you would get 143, because 1 + 3 = 4. But there are cases when you have to add to the hundreds place. For example, if you have 19 X 11 = ?, then you would take 1 + 9 = 10 and you would add the 1 to the hundreds place. So the answer is 209. *checks with calculator* Yup! I was right!

Another scenario of easy multiplication is when you have something like 39 X 41 = ?. It may appear hard, but it's really not. Notice how relatively close 39 and 41 are to 40. Well, find 40 X 40 and subtract by 1. You would get 1599. Caution, 38 X 42 is certainly not 398. You have to take that difference and square it to see how much you subtract from 1600. In this case, you would take 2 squared, or 4 and subtract from 1600, leaving you with 1596.

Lastly, try remembering some facts from 1 X 1 to 15 X 15. They should be easy because most of them are forced in your brain when you are little. *evil laughter*

All of these processes should take around 5 seconds.

Division is the last operation. Here are some tips that may be difficult to remember:

First, recognize your facts again. Remember that 180/12=15, 42/6=7 and so on.

Another tip is when you are given something like 143/11, recognize that 143 is a 13 with 1+3=4 wedged between the digits. Also, If you have 143/13, you should instantly know that it's equal to 11.

Lastly, use a calculator. There will be problems that are in the insane level, like 38584/424=91. This is like Babaa's vengeance!!!

Last tips:

All of the math frenzy is finally over! Now lastly, I will give very little tips that may help you. Please use the Number Pad located on the right of your keyboard. It's in a calculator form, and nearly 95% of you probably have some experience with a calculator. Also, you can use the arrow keys to navigate between the Babaas (even before the level starts!) Start computing when it says Level 21 or something like that. Note that you have three lives. You lose one life if a Babaa shakes your Aisha. Also, relax and feel loose. Don't let the math scare you! It won't hurt! Lastly, have a calculator available (best one to use is a four function calculator; however, I have used a TI89 Titanium Graphing Calculator to achieve a bronze trophy score).

So, you finally finished reading my lengthy guide! Are you ready to dream about Babaas, or are you ready to face the math? Well, go for that trophy, and show those Babaas that math will not become one of the obstacles when playing this game.

Oh yeah, the Babaas and I would like to say "Good luck." It seems that the Babaas are somewhat against you. Show them that you are now not afraid of the math!

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